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Voice Search SEO Has Changed the World

Voice Search SEO isn’t something marketers just made up to get you to spend more money on your digital marketing.

Quite the contrary, voice search SEO is real and is something that you should be incorporating into your website content.

Voice Search SEO Has Changed Search

Before mobile took the world by storm, people would type in the same query for a desktop and a mobile search. However, what Google and searchers began to realize was that saying something into a microphone was different than what was typed into a PC or mobile device keypad. Voice Search SEO must be incorporated in your digital marketing strategy or you will lose sales.

In 2015, sixty percent of people who used Smart phones used a voice search. Today as many as thirty percent of users are using voice to search for products and services.

What is Voice Search?

When you pick up your phone and ask Google, “What day does Christmas fall on in 2018?” Google and other IA devices will find what you are looking for instead of you having to manually type in your search on your PC or mobile device.

It’s All About Semantics

Google factors in more than just keywords and looks at previous patterns or search to deliver the results. This is based on what the search engine believes that the user is looking for. Called semantic search, the function helps users find the products and services that they are looking for.

Cater Your Content To Your Customers

Optimized content for voice search is different to SEO for a manual search. The days of keyword stuffing and content that doesn’t make sense is over. Knoxweb will help you learn how to write unique and quality content for the user, not the search engine.

Ask your customer service department and your sales team what questions consumers ask most. Incorporate those questions into your content to boost your voice search SEO. Use normal language. Think about what questions your clients are asking, and use those keywords in your text.

Mobile First or You Will Lose your Rank

Google has given people fair warning about mobilegeddon. Back in 2015 when the new algorithm was finished and started punishing businesses that didn’t have a mobile website. If your site is slow to load, looks bad on a mobile device or is hard to navigate, people will seek out the competition.

Being mobile friendly is even more important now that voice search is taking over. More than half of the population use voice search behind the wheel.

Voice Search SEO is changing Search

Changing SEO for the better, voice search is easier to use and helps Google find what you are searching for. Even fast typers still type slower than they speak. According to Knoxweb, people speak around 150 words in the same about of time that it would take to type 40.

Everyone is invested in voice search SEO. Ask Knoxweb how you can incorporate voice search into your digital marketing campaign. Voice search isn’t going anywhere. Just look at Siri and other home devices that are all over the country and you will realize that voice search SEO is imperative for your overall online marketing campaign.

If you would like more information regarding voice search SEO, website design or development, SMO or any other type of digital marketing, call or click and schedule an appointment with Knoxweb today.