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Sporty Fox

App for the Team members of Sporting Clubs.


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Tag Makr


A first of its kind, Vanity license plate combinations database. 1000s to choose from. DMV links for applying in USA or Canada.

Have you ever wanted to apply for a vanity plate, but weren’t sure where to start, or what combination to use as your own, look no further than TAG-MRK8. You can use one of our combo’s for your vanity license plate, or get ideas to come up with your own combination.

Hot new way for driver’s to express themselves on the road to their fellow driver’s. Become a part of an exclusive community that express themselves in 7 characters or less.

We all Win

Have you ever looked around your business and wondered why no customers are coming in? Have you also thought, how can I attract more customers when we need to or have excess goods to sell? We have asked ourselves these questions as well since we own a small business as well. That is why we created We All Win or WAW to address these problems.

As business owners, we understand how hard it is to plan staffing numbers and how to draw in customers during slow times. This new app and website will help you solve these problems and more while keeping within your budget.

Go Dex Poke Chat

1st of its Kind, Vanity Plate Combinations Database. You know you have seen it. A great looking Vanity License Plate with a combination you just can’t get out of your head. Have you ever thought about how someone can pass along a whole sentence of a message in just 7 characters. TAG-MRK8 is here to help you decide some combo’s. Our database has 1000s upon 1000s of vanity plate combinations that you can choose from with a full access. And while you’re looking for the one, that suits you best, have fun figuring out what all of them say. DMV links for availability tools of each DMV have newly been added. Apply for our tag to use as your own, with the touch of a button through the links. Happy Swiping.


Coaches and High Schools can use this app to communicate with college recruiters that are watching your sports players from your school sports teams. Send transcripts securely to the college recruiters and keep them updated in one location of all your players. Recruiters have a portal to login and manage and view transcripts.

Theft Protect

Step 1: Install Theft Protect – Sony TV application on TV.

Step 2: Install Theft Protect Application for Android on your phone

Step 3: Now Start the Theft Protect – Sony TV application on TV it will generate the security code

Step 4: Now start the Theft Protect application for phone and register with security code shows on TV. After successfully registration on phone the TV screen move to background and your lock service going to start.

Step 5: Now in Theft Protect Phone application you can see the Lock button when you tap on that button after sometime your TV will lock. You can also unlock TV using unlock button which only appear after the tap on lock button.


Buy and Sell items featuring Kenya Africa. Search for items to buy or sell your items online. Your items will be featured worldwide. Jambo is taking you to Africa right on your phone or mobile device.