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Here at Knoxweb, our team of experts are on standby to help.

Kevin Schick, President

Kevin Shick


Brent Homer, Lead Project Manager

Brent Homer

Lead Project Manager

Bhupender Dahiya, Developer

Bhupender Dahiya


Larry Allen, Project Manager & Developer

Larry Allen

Project Manager & Developer

Davis Pratt, Creative Director

Davis Pratt

Creative Director

Jason Pedigo, Graphic Designer

Jason Pedigo

Graphic Designer

Jo Paul, Marketing Director

Jo Paul

Marketing Director

Brenton Baker, Project Manager and Developer

Brenton Baker

Project Manager & Developer

Tyler Gregory, Concept Specialist

Tyler Gregory

Concept Specialist

Jesse Long, Project Manager

Jesse Long

Project Manager

Chris Frye, IT Support

Chris Frye

IT Support

Caleb Burnham, Concept Qualifier

Caleb Burnham

Concept Qualifier

Billy Kyle Roach, Facilitation Expert

Billy Kyle Roach

Facilitation Expert