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How Business Blogging Has Changed Over the Years

Business blogging has changed and if you are still writing your own business blog or hiring a cheap company from India to do your business blogging for you, Google isn’t going to like you very much. In fact, if your blogs break the SEO rules you will be punished for it.


Knoxweb are the experts and know how annoying search engine optimization can be, which is precisely why they are in the business of web development, design and marketing. You may have the most beautiful mobile responsive site in the world, but nobody will see it unless you have an online marketing strategy.

When Done Right Business Blogging Works

Follow the Knoxweb Blog and you will learn the keys to successful SEO marketing in 2019. While some digital marketing companies claim that both keywords and SEO are dead, Knoxweb knows that isn’t the case.

Business blogging still does the same thing that it did 10 years ago but has changed. Because people search the internet for answers, business blogging makes sense. A business blog updates your website because it is giving the search engines fresh information, as a result, the more you blog the better your ranking.

How Business Blogging Has Changed

Quality rather than quantity is the key to successful digital marketing. Because the web is filled with content using the same topics as your brand uses, quality is essential.

A decade ago, people would write hundreds of articles for business blogs. Writer would use the same keyword over and over again. The more pages you offered the better SEO. Google and the other search engines stopped this with algorithms that detect spammy articles.

How Business Blogging Hasn’t Changed

While quality content has always been at the forefront of good search engine optimization, the focus has changed. Good business bloggers write for humans and the search engines. A good business blogger answers the questions that readers want answered.

Regardless of where your blogs are posted, you must answer the queries your audience has. You can offer solutions to questions posting YouTube videos. Also, post on social media and share your weekly blog with fans and followers.

A Professional Blogger Understands the Net

Unless you have the knowledge and experience, you probably will not rank very high on Google or the other search engines. You may think your content is high quality, but if you are not adding SEO components to your blog, your rank will suffer.

Professional business bloggers compose authentic content that is thoughtful and original. Try doing a search on the internet, and you will find a dozen or more articles that are just slightly different versions of each other. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must hire a professional blog writer to get the job done.

What Business Blogging Does for Business

A good business blog writer composes articles and blogs that are well researched. A blog that is well researched and well written captures the attention of the search engines. Professional article writers also compose evergreen content that doesn’t age with the times. Evergreen content is favored over articles and blogs that are dated.

Focusing on high quality content that is free from plagiarism, grammatical and spelling errors attracts the search engines. When you create authentic and evergreen content, you are reaching the right people and hopefully out marketing the competition.

Business Blogging for Your Online Profile

Business blogging helps your online profile as you can share it wherever you like. Once your blog has been posted on your website, you can access tools that allow you to post and share your articles and blogs on social media. You can Tweet your blog or share your article post on Facebook. The more you share your business blogs, the better your return on investment.

Don’t forget to include your business blog link on your written marketing material as well. When you share your business blog, you are increasing your fan base. The more fans you have the more your business blog will be liked, commented on, and shared.

If you would like more information regarding business blogging for your brand, call and schedule a no obligation digital marketing consultation with Knoxweb today.