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Do Business Blogs Really Work in 2019?

With so many ways to promote your business online, some companies believe business blogs have become a thing of the past, and much like the Yellow Pages, are no longer useful.


Some companies, both large and small, think it’s okay to run their entire business based on website and social media content. Because of those assumptions, most won’t find their domain at the top of the search engine lists.

Business Blogs Enhance Your Brand

Knoxweb has been blogging for businesses just like yours since 1996 writing fresh and unique content that people share.

Having social media pages are an essential part of digital marketing. Firstly, posting and engaging with fans and followers builds your online presence, secondly, it raises your rank on the search engines.

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know that Google doesn’t analyze social media pages, but the search engine results say something completely different. However, it’s not the post that is gaining the attention from Google, Bing and the other search engines, but the content that you share from your website that increases your rank and your click through rate.

Posting regular business blogs and sharing on social media shows the search engines that you are relevant to your industry.

Business Blogs Refresh Your Content and Boost Your Rank

Everyone knows that search engines thrive on new content. Stagnant pages rarely make the top of the list unless someone is paying to be there. Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly blogs tell Google that you are giving people new information about your products and services.

When you let subscribers and potential ones know what’s new in your industry, you are telling the search engines that you are relevant. Business blogs add value to your brand.

It’s the 21st century and shoppers are savvy. Most will research something before buying. Business blogs let them know about your products and services. You can post blogs about your operation, your company history, or simple tips based on your industry. There is no end to what you can share with the world with a business blog.

Business Blogs are More Than Landing Pages

Sometimes people get confused and try to pass off landing pages as business blogs. Landing pages are designed to entice the user to click through to another page, while business blogs share information about your company.

As Knoxweb has explained in the past, landing pages will help your rank as long as you keep them fresh. Stale landing pages do about as much good as your About Us page. Because they are always the same, they will never qualify as new and fresh content.

Business blogs tell the spiders that you are serious about providing your clients and customers with the best and most relevant information about your products and services. Not only do business blogs help your rank, but they also increase ROI.

All Business Blogs Are Not Created Equal

If you have ever researched anything on the internet, you know the difference between a professional and an amateur. Professional business bloggers write articles that are informative, grammatically correct, and unique.

Most often, poorly written business blogs are designed to sell products and services. Most are stuffed with keywords that make the blog uncomfortable to read. People will abandon your site in droves if you post business blogs and articles that make no sense.

Although you may pay a bit more for an English writer, it will definitely pay off in the end. Because a professional business blogger understands SEO and keyword placement, your articles sound professional while selling your products and services at the same time. Knoxweb has business bloggers who understand the net and what it takes to get to the top of the search engines.

What Business Bloggers Do

A professional blogger from Knoxweb researches the industry before tackling a blog or article. Professional business bloggers know how to research without copying and pasting. Plagiarism is rife on the net and is not favored by the search engines. In fact, Google will punish you if you copy and paste someone else’s content on your website.

Well versed in all topics, professional business bloggers also research your company, watch your videos, and look at your social media pages. Not only does this enhance your content, but it also builds your fan base as your blogs are written for people, not the search engines.

Business bloggers understand search engine optimization. A business blogger has the experience to write popular evergreen content that incorporates keywords and keyword phrases throughout the article. Every read is a good read with a professional business blogger.

Business Blogs for a Better Return on Investment

You’ve got six months to increase your ROI before the end of the year. Business blogs just make sense. Call for a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb today.