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Are Landing Pages Really Necessary in 2018?

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a necessity. A landing page is an integral part of your online marketing campaign. According to Knoxweb, having a landing page captures the the users attention. By directing a potential client to a specific page, you have a better chance of converting that click.

What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are used to promote a specific product or service on your website. A landing page takes the user to a specific page instead of the homepage. Known as a lead conversion form, a landing page encourages users to take action.

Does my Business Need a Landing Page?

Absolutely. Knoxweb recommends several landing pages that will drive traffic to your homepage and your website. While landing pages are used to target specific audiences, you can also ask them to subscribe to your blog. Email campaigns are also a great place to use a landing page.

Capture All Important Email Addresses

Landing pages are also used to collect email addresses. This is one of the best ways to generate leads. One of the best assets you can have for your business is an A list of contacts for people who have either shown an interest or made a purchase in the past.

Landing Pages Lead to Clues

Your landing pages will give you insight when it comes to website engagement. A landing page will capture the all-important lead, but it can also help you determine how users are interacting with your business. With a landing page that is set up correctly, you will gain insight into which users engaged the most.

A Home for Special Offers

Landing pages work well with special offers. If a special offer is set up behind a landing page, it can be a very good lead generator. When you offer something special to a new email or blog subscriber, your visitor is paying for the product or service, and in a sense, paid your company by supplying you with contact information. This in turn allows you to increase your prospect list for future use.

No Distractions with a Landing Page

The World Wide Web is on information overload while making it tough to stay focused. When you send your visitors to a page on your site, there will be link distractions. These options are distracting your message. A landing page keeps visitors focused.

Landing Pages help Prospective Buyers Make a Decision

It’s an indecisive world with people being overloaded with information. Landing pages force your visitors to make a purchasing decision on the spot. A well-designed landing page from Knoxweb is organized leaving no doubt, when it comes to your CTA.

Creating Effective Landing Pages

In order to create a landing page that people will actually want to land on you will need great copy and a clear call to action. The professionals from Knoxweb will create excellent copy for your landing pages that will give you an exceptional return on investment.

Knoxweb understands landing pages and has the knowledge and the experience to create a cost effective landing page that will improve your end of year sales.

Landing pages really are the best way to optimize your conversions. Sending potential clients to a unique page leads the user to a specific CTA or call to action. Knoxweb is up on the latest landing page trends and can help you expand your online presence.

If you would like more information regarding a landing page call and talk to Knoxweb.

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