Video Marketing is Number One for Online Strategies

Video marketing is the fastest growing form of digital marketing, and just like voice search for text, is something every business should include in their online marketing strategy.


If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you will know that content that includes video is more likely to be watched, liked, and shared. As a result, you will see more conversions and a better ROI.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a type of digital marketing and advertising that allows businesses and organizations to create how to videos, product videos and video reviews. Incorporating video marketing into your overall strategy is the best way to attract new subscribers to your blog while improving your bottom line at the same time.

Testimonials from your live events, explainer videos, and corporate training videos are just some of the ways that you can incorporate video marketing into your overall strategy. With professionally produced videos from Knoxweb, you could even go viral.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

When you incorporate video into your content, you are tapping into an SEO goldmine. Not only will your click through rates increase, but so will your open and conversion rates. With professionally produced videos from Video Grabber and Knoxweb, you will see your rank go up on the search engines. Because YouTube is owned by Google, you are doubling your chances of a rank increase.

Conversion Rate Booster

Fifty seven percent of people who buy products and services online are more likely to purchase after watching a video about the item. Explainer videos and how to videos help you close the all-important sale.

Video Marketing is Easily Accessible

With the variety of platforms available for video marketing, including YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, and Twitter to name just a few, keeping video marketing out of the equation is committing business suicide.

Knoxweb can help you come up with a detailed campaign to source the best platform for your products and services. With video, you can reach your consumers anywhere in the world.

Marketing with Video is Effective

Retention rates go up when businesses include content that can be seen and heard. In fact, 80 percent of people would rather have both. Combining audio and visual is a powerful way to turn those viewers into sales. Video is also more cost effective, and will save you money, especially when you compare the costs to traditional forms of marketing.

Video is Emotional

You are appealing to the emotional side. You can attach characters to the products, which will appeal to the emotional part of your brain. Connecting with music, dialogue, and pictures, helps convey your message the right way.

Developing a Strong Video Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign for your business with Video Grabber and Knoxweb is the best way to include video in your overall online strategy. Knoxweb are the experts. The team will conduct competitive analysis and market research while getting an overall view of your digital marketing efforts.

By determining, what your audience wants find out, you can convey your message with a strong call to action. 

If your video marketing campaign is falling flat, call or click and talk to the experts from Knoxweb. When you work with Knoxweb, you will see real results and a boost in your SEO.

Call or click for a no obligation video marketing consultation with Knoxweb today.

Keywords are Still Important for SEO

Keywords are still important for SEO. Knoxweb has been working with keywords and the web since 1996 and is always on the top of things when it comes to digital marketing, and that includes keywords.

Very Important for SEO

Keywords are still important for SEO. However, keyword placement is much different from what it used to be.

So What Are Keywords?

SEO keywords start with a single word, or can be a phrase. Sentences with more than one word that are used for keywords are called long tail keywords, or keyword phrases.

Keywords help a target audience locate the best content for your website. Using keywords that are optimized and researched will act as a connection to your demographic.

Keywords are Important for SEO and Not Obsolete

If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you will have learned a long time ago that keywords are anything but dead, the only thing that has changed is the way they are tracked. Google wants to be sure that people can find what they are looking for. When a user types in a particular keyword, it makes it important for SEO. Without keywords, potential clients and customers won’t even know you exist.

Voice Search Important for SEO

Voice search is the most popular way to communicate. Although voice search has been around for a decade or so, it is still something that makes you feel like you are straight out of a science fiction movie. It also requires different keywords as people do not talk like they type.

Because people have become long winded, they speak longer sentences when using voice search. People who use the internet have become detailed searchers and very conversational.

Back in the day you might say, Elizabeth Taylor’s husbands. Today people ask Google, “Who was Elizabeth Taylor’s first husband?” This may pose a problem for some, but the SEO professionals from Knoxweb understand the difference between voice search and a typed search.

Keywords are More Important than Ever for SEO

Forget about the importance for a moment and look outside the box. If you knew how your clients felt about your business, you may operate it differently. To gain insight, you need to look beyond the translation and learn the intent of the keyword and the keyword phrase.

Keywords Are the Prize

A popular keyword is what all web marketers are aiming for. Proper keyword and keyword placement will set your business up for success. However, if you want to attract the right demographic, you must incorporate the RIGHT keywords and keyword phrases into your content. Do some research, and you will discover that there is always more than one keyword regardless of the product or service.

The Right Keywords that Are Important for SEO

Knoxweb understands the humanity of content. Knoxweb knows how to use keywords and keyword phrases so that they read and sound natural. By gaining empathy for your clients, you are getting to the soul of the sale.

The professional blog writers from Knoxweb will build a list and source phrases and keywords that will effectively market your products and services. If you already have a website, the content creators from Knoxweb will gather your data to calculate which keywords and keyword phrases are driving traffic to your website and which keywords and keyword phrases should be left out of the mix.

Keywords are still very important for SEO. Call Knoweb and learn how you can increase your rank on the search engines and better your business.

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The Best Digital Marketing Advice on the Planet is Here

If your digital marketing campaign is getting you nowhere, Knoxweb has the answers.

digital marketing

Knoxweb has been in the online marketing game since 1996 and is constantly keeping abreast of the technological changes that seem to occur on a daily basis.

The Foundation of Digital Marketing

Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing campaign. If your website isn’t current and mobile friendly, it will hurt your ranking on the World Wide Web. Ask Knoxweb how to update your website to include video with video grabber, a weekly or monthly blog, an email newsletter, and monthly landing pages to keep your website fresh.

Fresh Content Vital for Digital Marketing

Google, Bing, and the other search engines love new content. Adding a blog and a monthly landing page to your website will help the spiders find unique and fresh content. Businesses rarely update static pages such as about me or the products and services pages. Because you are consistently updating your website, Google will love you.

Knoxweb has a team of professional blog writers who will research and update your content helping the search engines locate your website. If you have a blog, you know how tough it can be to keep it fresh on a regular basis. Consequently, it can be a struggle to keep up with your monthly landing pages and e-newsletters as well.

Build a Strong Presence Online

Once your website is updated and user friendly, it’s time to start marketing. Think of your digital marketing campaign as the frame that builds on the foundation. Updating your website is great, and the search engines will find you, but you have to optimize if you want people to find you on the web.

With social media, email marketing, voice search and other tools you can optimize your website. By optimizing your website through other channels such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, you have more opportunities to be seen. All of those different URL’s that are attached to your post on another channel will show up on a search.

Digital Marketing and Conventional Marketing

Conventional marketing is still important. If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know just how essential conventional marketing is to your entire campaign. The experts from Knoxweb recommend creating text that will drive your subscribers to your website. Include your Facebook and other Social Media icons and entice them to sign up for your blog.

You can offer discounts and coupons to people who sign up and share your information. Always include your email and website address; as a result, you will see more visitors become subscribers.

Video Marketing is Everything

Your digital marketing campaign isn’t complete with video marketing. Video marketing should be included in everything you do. Video Grabber is the only platform needed to create informative, educational, and sometimes humorous videos that will increase your ROI.

Statistics show that more people will click through if you have a video on your website or in your email messages. By incorporating video in text messages and email messages, your potential is limitless. Adding professional video with your services, or a how to video about a new product that you are featuring, shows your professionalism. As a result, your SEO will shine. Don’t forget to add a link to your videos in your direct mail communication.

Overall Digital Marketing Campaign

When you outsource your online marketing needs with Knoxweb, you can get back to the task of running your business.

When you work with Knoxweb, everything is for you. From Development to conception and finalization, your digital marketing campaign will be ready to show the world.

It may be the middle of June, but there is still time to get in the black. Knoxweb has helped hundreds of companies just like yours increase web presence and earnings.

Get the help you need. Call Knoxweb for a no obligation digital marketing consultation. Your cup will runneth over.

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Text Messaging For Business is Stronger than Ever

If you have been reading the Knoxweb Blog, you will know that text messaging for business is growing by leaps and bounds.

text messaging for business

Using text messaging for business is the best way to contact your clients and get some new ones at the same time.

What is Text Messaging for Business?

Business text messaging is more than sending short codes to your mobile marketing list. These days, business text messaging goes above and beyond messaging customers directly. Messaging works better and is much faster than email marketing. Just like voice search, using text for business is an excellent way to boost your return on investment. It provides direct access to your company and your customer service department.

Text Messaging is the Future

When it comes to customer service, text messaging for business is the future. While text messaging provides a new level of customer support to clients, it is much more personal than an email, or even a phone call. Because your text messages arrive in the same box as your family and friends messages, you are benefiting relationships, just by being associated with them.

Messaging for Business is Much Easier

Text messaging for business is more convenient and easier to use than ever before. Everyone uses a Smartphone these days with text messaging being the preferred method of contact.

Text Messaging is More Personal than Chatbots

If a client has a special request,or needs an answer quickly, text messaging is the way to go. Human interactions give customers a special connection that artificial intelligence cannot. Remember, by definition, AI is just that, artificial. In addition, text messages are usually associated with messages sent from friends and family, so they will be more likely to acknowledge your text message.

When you chat with a real person, you are getting the entire conversation. Chatbots only allow for a certain number of requests. Texting allows businesses to have open-ended conversations, customizations, and follow-up. Business text messaging allows new opportunities to build your brand.

Text Messaging is Universal

Text messaging is a universal platform with most people texting every day. Recent surveys’ show that Americans text once every day on a Smartphone. It requires no special downloads, installations or configurations. Cutting out those steps is very beneficial to businesses as it provides a familiar environment.

Knoxweb are the digital marketing experts, and have been helping companies just like yours, boost their ranking. You can be at the top of your game with proven marketing techniques that yield results when you work with Knoxweb.

If you want to incorporate business text messaging into your digital marketing campaign, or would like some advice regarding any other type of online marketing, call or click, and schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb.

Since 1996, Knoxweb has been helping companies just like yours see a better return on investment.

Call or click for a no obligation text messaging for business consultation with Knoxweb today.

The Future of Digital Marketing Remains Uncertain

The future of digital marketing remains to be seen, and while video marketing and voice search seem to be leading the pack, there will probably be other digital marketing trends that have yet to be discovered.

digital marketing

Knoxweb has seen it all from the days of dial up to search engines that are now non-existent. While rapidly changing technology has left some digital marketing companies scratching their heads, Knoxweb has the inside scoop.

Voice Search and Digital Marketing

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know that voice search is the way of the future. Search engines are gearing up for the future of voice search, and your business should be too.

Your content needs to be modified for mobile search using long tail keyword phrases that you would naturally speak.

Video Marketing

If you are like most people, you prefer video to text. Statistics don’t lie with most consumers preferring video to written content. While video content is widely used in social media posts, it can also be very beneficial for text message marketing and email marketing.

Video grabber is the smart way to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy. With video marketing, you can improve your ranking and your presence online.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Yelp, SnapChat, Pinterest and Google+ are just a few of the places you can optimize your content. With smartly written educational posts, your users will be more apt to like and share your content.

Using social media can be tricky. The professional social media marketing gurus from Knoxweb have what it takes to make your social media optimization, or SMO, seamless, fast, and easy.

Email Marketing

Used in addition to other digital marketing efforts, email marketing has a powerful effect. When you come up with a smart email marketing campaign your subscribers will thank you for it. In addition, email marketing can boost your subscribers on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram well.

Don’t forget to include video in your email marketing campaign. While strictly text messages may go straight to the bin, an email message with video has a better chance of being opened.

Blogging for Business

Not all blogs are worth reading. You can spot an unprofessional blog writer instantly. Non-English speaking writers, who cost less than professional English bred and born writers, know how to compose educational, entertaining, and thought provoking content that is easy to read.

Talk to Knoxweb about a professional blog writer who can help your business maintain a professional tone while enticing potential clients and customers.

When it comes to digital marketing you must keep up with the technology. Increase your ROI and your web presence with Knoxweb. It’s fast, easy and affordable.

Conventional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Direct mail still works and is a great way to incorporate other advertising mediums into your overall marketing campaign. Brand your business with postcards that mention your social media pages and your website address. Offer incentives to people who subscribe to your blog and other pages.

Conventional marketing, when used the right way, pulls in potential clients that are not internet users.

Call or click and schedule a no obligation digital marketing consultation with Knoxweb today.

The Future is Here with Voice Search

Voice search. According to Knoxweb, you are going to be seeing those two words quite a bit with the VS market being worth over 600 million by 2019.

voice search

With voice assistants and AI taking over, your business will need to be prepared for voice search.

How Voice Search will Affect Your Business

Voice activated search is huge because it is convenient. Most people can only type about 40 words a minute. However, you can speak 150 words every minute, and although that may seem basic, it is much more significant than most realize.

Voice activated search is used to find local businesses, restaurants, and service companies. Google explains that people who use voice activation are expecting businesses to do the same when it comes to providing information for voice search.

In fact:

  • Fifty two percent of people who use voice want information on sales, deals, and offers
  • Thirty-nine percent want business hours, location and contact information
  • Thirty-eight percent want to access customer support and service
  • Forty two percent want to find event and activity information

SEO for Voice Search

Knoxweb explains that searching with voice is rapidly progressing making SEO optimization imperative for your business.

Expand Your Online Presence with Voice Search

Your business must be listed online if you want it to be compatible. These listings will appear on Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, the Yellow Pages, and of course Google.

Your page needs to contain the following information:

  • Name phone number address
  • Contact details, email address, and website address
  • Organization or business categories
  • Hours
  • Videos and images of your business
  • Location accessibility information
  • Products and Services
  • Business information

Be Consistent

You want your information to be accurate and consistent across all sites. You can either automate the process, or do it manually.

Boost Your Rating

Your star rating helps people learn more about your business. The higher the star rating, the higher your voice search ranks.

To boost your rating, make sure that your business is being reviewed. Seventy two percent of consumers trust local businesses that have positive reviews. Positive reviews equal a better rating.

Below are some Review Tips

  • Collect contact info and ask for reviews
  • Give incentives to customers who write reviews
  • Ask your clients to check in on Facebook and Instagram
  • Respond to all comments, even the negative ones
  • Respond within 24 hours

As discussed at the beginning of this article, voice search is convenient and easy to use; however, speech patterns differ from text that is typed. As a result, adjusting your strategy for voice search is the key if you want improve your SEO for voice search.

Long Tail Keywords

Keep your tone conversational. Type your long tail keyword phrases, as you would say them. For example, “How do I get rid of ants?” could be said like, “How to remove ants?” When researching keywords, include interrogative text such as, “When do I, what is and how to.”

Google My Business Optimization

Local SEO is getting ready for voice search. With Google My Business, you can make full use of the new features that have been rolling out all year such as Google Posts, Google Q&A, and the all-new Google Service Menu.

Voice search is growing rapidly. Call Knoxweb and schedule an appointment with the SEO experts who can help you improve your online presence with the power of voice search.

Call for a consultation today.

Gutenberg Platform Will Change Content Creation For Ever


The Gutenberg platform will alter the way creators publish content on WordPress. After months of preparation, WordPress is set to roll out an online platform that will change the history of the World Wide Web.

Gutenberg is a new WordPress tool that streamlines, modernizes, and simplifies content creation. Unlike the old meta boxes, Gutenberg is the simply way to locate, add and work with page elements. Unlike some platforms, Gutenberg allows you to explore your possibilities while keeping your publishing flow. Knoxweb have been gearing up for this new platform and make it easy for you to implement Gutenberg into your existing or new website.

Specializing in the Gutenberg Platform

Knoxweb has been on the pulse of new technology since opening its doors back in 1996. Always the first to find new ways to improve workflow and production, Knoxweb develops sites in Gutenberg and specializes in converting users to the Gutenberg platform.

Ease of Use with Gutenberg

The new WordPress Gutenberg editor is a huge change for WordPress users and although most people who use WordPress have extensive WordPress editor integrations, Knoxweb can help you with upfront planning for a smooth and seamless transition. It’s vital that you work with a professional Gutenberg platform expert who can make those changes for you.

The Old WordPress

In the old WordPress editor format the writing canvas has always been great. However, when it comes to multimedia, images, and social media embedded content, different approaches were required. These included:

• Pasted embed links
• Media library for multimedia and images
• Shortcodes for pluggins
• Subhead excerpts
• Side page Widget content

The Gutenberg platform is a new experience. Much larger than a new editor, Gutenberg will become an entire site customizer with endless possibilities for Knoxweb content creators

Building Blocks

Previously, content was held in one giant HTML file. For every enhancement something new had to be added such as widgets, embeds, custom post types and shortcodes.

Gutenberg blocks allow content creators to build content from one box, much like a Lego building set. Because of the straightforward instructions, you will be well on your way to creating beautiful content using the Gutenberg platform.

Changes in a Snap

Changing the font and dragging and dropping content into your canvas is fast and easy when you work with the team from Knoxweb. With the Gutenberg platform web pages come alive in front of your eyes instantaneously. Unlike the old WordPress where you had to save the pictures and check your post in another window, Gutenberg allows images to be seen immediately.

Inserting video players, buttons, an image gallery or altering your color scheme with Knoxweb’s help is a snap with Gutenberg.

Content creation just got easier. Call or click for more information regarding the Gutenberg platform and WordPress today.

Local Link Building for Your Business

Local link building is a viable way to attract more clients and customers.

Local Link BuildingKnoxweb explains that local link building is constantly improving so that users can find what they are looking for. Local Search Engine Optimization is valuable to businesses that are looking to establish local organic search engine viability.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, “Build all links” was the mantra if you wanted to succeed. Fast forward to today and it is quite clear that link quality, not quatity is what will get you web traffic.

What is Local Link Building?

Local links come from the local area. For example, a doctor in Las Vegas Nevada may have local links from the LV paper, the college or other businesses located within the city. Using local links helps people in the local area find your business or organization.

Where Do I get Quality Links?

Local Events and Charities

If you sponsor a concert series, little league team, a sports team from your local high school or sponsor local charities, ask for links. Because most of these organizations receive news coverage and have websites you will see results. This leads to high quality links. Instead of that plaque they give you every year, ask for a link.

Your High School or College for Local Link Building

Your alma mater just may want to feature you and your business in their directory. If you are somewhat of a success, consider offering the institution a college scholarship in exchange for a link.

News Site Links

If a news site has mentioned your business or organization ask for a link. Reach out to the writer and ask to make minor adjustments, just be careful with the word, attribution.


When done right, a local scholarship is a great way to increase company awareness. This is a great way to obtain those edu. back links that can be incredibly valuable.

Press Release

Writing press releases and linking to other quality businesses and organizations is an excellent way to get your name out there. Local outreach is the key. Advertise a local writing contest and give an award for the best essay. Ask Knoxweb to create a landing page on your website explaining the contest, eligibility, rules, the timeline, and most importantly, the award.

Promote your Blog Local Link Building

Promote your blog with local and relevant content. Target the discussion forums and city pages for blog promotion. Make sure the information is useful to readers. You want posts that are informative, educational, and entertaining. Avoid posts that are advertorial, or you will be called out by the moderator.

Facebook Ads

Although Local Link Building isn’t guaranteed with Facebook ads, they can be an excellent way to attract your target market. If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know that Facebook ads allow you to attract your demographic. Facebook ads also stay on the site even after your campaign as run its course.


You can build authority and pick up quality back links with a newsletter. Consider compiling the content you already have into an eBook. Blog posts and interesting content will give you a starting point for an e-book that will attract the links that you want and need.


Every local business does business with other businesses. Restaurants, contractors, plumbers and builders all work with other companies. Ask one of your suppliers for a testimonial and link it back to the site. Ask the company to do the same for your brand. Establishing goodwill with local businesses is one of the best ways to increase sales using Local Link Building.

If you would like more information regarding Local Link Building, call and talk to the professionals from Knoxweb. As a result, it will make a difference to your online presence.

Call or click for a consultation today.

Memorial Day Are You Celebrating for the Right Reason?

Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day weekend, but it’s much more than the official first weekend of summer. Memorial Day weekend is a day of remembrance and is dedicated to veterans who have fallen while serving for the United States of America.

Some confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day, but the two federal holidays are quite different.

How Did Memorial Day Begin?

Memorial Day, called Decorations Day, is dedicated to the people who have died while serving the United States of America.

The first to recognize Decoration Day as a Holiday in 1873 was New York. In 1890, the rest of the Northern states proclaimed Decorations Day as an official holiday. The south did not acknowledge the holiday and started there own Decorations Day to honor those who had fallen during the Civil war.

Where Did Memorial Day Begin?

Many cities across the United States claim Memorial Day as their own.

The town of Columbus Miss held a ceremony at a local cemetery to honor the Confederate soldiers who died during the battle of Shiloh. However, when they saw the nearby graves of the enemy, the Union, they placed flowers on their graves as well. Consequently, Columbus proclaims the official first Decorations Day as their own.

Columbus and Macon GA along with Richmond VA, Carbondale, Illinois and Boalsburg PA all claim to be the originators of Memorial Day.

The Pomp and Circumstance

On May 30, ceremonies were held with state legislation passing the proclamations to designate Memorial Day as an official holiday in the late 1800s. Veterans walked in parades while town leaders gave speeches.

Even in 1971, the day of remembrance had not been officially named as a federal holiday. Some states still refer to Memorial Day as Decoration Day.

Many southern states have their own holidays to honor the fallen Confederate soldiers. Alabama celebrates Confederate Memorial Day on the 4th Monday in April while Mississippi celebrates on the last Monday in April. South and North Carolina observe Confederate Memorial Day on 10 May. Louisiana celebrates on 3 June with Tennessee calling the same date Confederate Decoration Day.

Declaring Decorations Day

Regardless of the exact date or location, Decorations Day began after the Civil War. General John Logan, who was the National Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, proclaimed that, “The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet churchyard in the land.” The General declared it Decoration Day, as it wasn’t meant to be the anniversary of any battle in particular.

The speech given by General James Garfield was the first Decoration Day at Arlington Cemetery where over 5,000 people celebrated. People decorated graves of the 20,000 Confederate and Union soldiers who were buried there.

When you dig into those barbecued ribs this weekend, take a moment. Be with family and friends, and remember what the holiday is for. Also, remember, had it not been for the veterans you may not be celebrating at all.

Have a Happy Memorial Day from Knoxweb. Stay safe and enjoy, but most importantly remember why you are celebrating.

Four Strong SEO Trends for 2018

If you started 2018 with a strong SEO campaign, but aren’t too sure if it is worth your time and effort, it’s time to call Knoxweb.


Knoxweb understands search engine technology, and can set you up with an SEO campaign that will see results.

Knoxweb has been helping small and large businesses grow with sound digital marketing techniques that will increase your ROI.

Below are Some SEO Trends to Watch For:

Digital Assistants and Voice Search

Voice search is changing the way people communicate. In fact, Google says that one out of five searches are voice queries.

Knoxweb expects voice search to be even bigger in the coming months. That means you need to be smart when you set up your search engine optimization strategy. With voice search on the rise, your content needs to contain long tail keyword phrases.

Think about what you ask a digital assistant and take your clues from there. You want your prose to match the natural language of the digital assistant. People want quick answers and they want them now. A professional writer from Knoxweb writes content that provides the best answer for the algorithms.

Link Building

Link building is still relevant in today’s digital world. However, according to Knoxweb, those links need to provide value to the user. If your links aren’t adding value, potential clients will go elsewhere. Google warned publishers about too much guest posting and will be looking closely at guest blogs to control questionable and spammy links. When a diversified link building campaign is put together, you will see results.

SEO is all about relationship building in 2018. Knoxweb can help you develop powerful contacts along with links that will be beneficial to your brand in the long term.

It’s All About the User

User experience is crucial for search engine optimization in 2018. Google has made it evidently clear that the focus is and always has been on the user. Delivering an amazing user experience will get you more subscribers.

A good UX starts with speed, navigation, and readability. If your site is slow to load, you need to talk to Knoxweb.

Because more people are going mobile for information, you must provide a user experience across all platforms including desktop and mobile.

Visual Search is on the Rise

Combining user experience and technology, visual search is taking searching to a new level. While the internet becomes visually focused, you have the opportunity to include your company on the visual search wagon train.

Google, Pinterest, and Bing are just a few large companies that have developed visual search engines to capitalize on the growing trend.

SEO needs to go beyond text with rich visuals that engage and entice the user. Visual searches are imperative when it comes to search engine optimization.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition. Having a professional team of SEO experts will make life easier for both you and your brand.

So what are you waiting for? You can still turn your business around before the end of the year with sound SEO strategies that are tried and true.

Call Knoxweb for a no obligation consultation. One call really can change the life of your business.

Call or click and talk to Knoxweb about SEO marketing today.