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Why Digital Marketing Matters


If you are tired of dealing with a company that doesn’t understand 21st century digital marketing, it is time to schedule an appointment with Knoxweb.

The team is passionate about the digital world and always has something exciting to show clients, and potential ones.

Digital Marketing and Much More

Because the team thrives on all things new when it comes to digital marketing and technology you are getting the best when it comes to web design and mobile app development.

With Knoxweb you can even have a contact management system created for your brand. There really is no end to what this company can do for you when you become a client.

Mobile Apps to the Rescue

Because Knoxweb has been in the business since 1996 you know you are in good hands. Moreover, its sister company, Bluestone Apps, has been designing and developing mobile apps since 2006. With those statistics why would you want anyone else designing your new mobile responsive website?

In addition to a mobile responsive website you can also get an app built in just 90 days. That’s right with Knoxweb your new digital marketing tool will be ready for download in just three months. There isn’t any other company that can claim that and actually get it done.

Why Mobile Apps Rule

If you follow the Knoxweb blog you will recall that mobile apps are slowing surpassing mobile responsive websites when it comes to popularity. With a mobile app your clients and customers are able to get information in real time.

In addition, applications can run some basic functions without being connected to the internet. While mobile responsive websites are necessary they can’t do that.

Of course, this is just one reason to consider getting an app built for your digital marketing strategies.

Idea to App™ with Knoxweb

Bluestone Apps and Knoxweb have come up with a remarkable way to get your app launched in just 90 days. So extraordinary is the Idea to App™ that Knoxweb and Bluestone Apps have trademarked it.

What that means for everyone is a new tool for digital marketing. It also means a better way for your clients to communicate with your customer sales team.

In today’s world people want answers in seconds not minutes. With a mobile app for business your users will be happy and so will your bottom line.

If you haven’t thought about getting an app built talk to Knoxweb. You will be surprised at how awesome your custom made application will be and best of all you will see the results in just three months.

More Digital Marketing Tactics for Your Brand

As previously mentioned Knoxweb is always on the cusp of something new. If you have just read about a new digital tool you know that Knoxweb is already on it using it to help customers just like you with marketing strategies that are truly out of this world.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing

AI marketing has hit the road running and something that you should consider. Talk to Knoxweb about artificial intelligence marketing for your company.

AI marketing is used to make decisions, automated of course, that are based on data analysis, collection and audience behaviors. Your company can also use AI marketing to follow economic trends.

Text Message Marketing

While text messaging isn’t new, the first was sent in 1992, text message marketing came later thanks to the onset of digital marketing.

Using text message marketing is less intrusive than email and other types of marketing. Firstly people are more apt to open a text message than an email message. Secondly, there is no spam folder on your mobile device like your PC or laptop.

Voice Search Marketing

Voice search marketing is one of the well-loved new strategies. People love to talk into their phone, tablet or wearable requesting restaurant reservations, theatre times and weather forecasts. You yourself have probably used voice search marketing when looking for products and services.

Voice search marketing is different to text search marketing as people don’t type like they speak. In other words you need to create content that is friendly for both voice and text search.

Digital Marketing in the New Year

Digital marketing is always moving forward with Knoxweb at the forefront of all things new. Working with the team will improve your online presence, but that’s not all. Working with Knoxweb and Bluestone Apps will also give you a better return at the end of the year.

If you would like to make a better profit, schedule an appointment. Knoxweb is ready to help you with a digital marketing campaign that will blow the socks off the competition.

Schedule your consultation with Knoxweb today.