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The Unwritten Laws of Social Media Marketing


If you have been avoiding Social Media Marketing like the plague, Knoxweb recommends that you rethink your marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest aren’t going anywhere, and if you plan to stay in business for the next 12 months, you need to incorporate Social Media Marketing into your business plan.

According to Knoxweb, the power of Social Media Marketing can actually elevate your customer base and your audience to a new level, but if you do not have previous Social Media Marketing insight or experience, it could become quite challenging.

In order to build your foundation when it comes to Social Media Marketing, you need to abide by a few Social Media Marketing unwritten laws that can help you and your brand succeed.

Listen more and talk less. When you read what others are saying and join discussions, you can begin to create content that will encourage others to like your page and hopefully buy your products and services.

Build a focused Social Media Marketing plan that will help create a strong brand. If you are trying to reach all demographics, you may end up being too broad.

Quality is better than quantity, especially when it comes to Social Media Marketing. It is much better for your business or organization to have 2,000 online friends who will actually read and share your content with their friends than 15,000 connections who you will never see again.

Knoxweb explains that Social Media Marketing will not happen overnight. Commit to the long haul and you will begin to see results.

By publishing good content, your online audience will share with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Good quality content is also shared on blogs as well. When you share and discuss it opens up new points of entry when it comes to the search engines.

Look for online influencers when it comes to your market. Search out the influencers who have audiences that are more likely to buy your products and services. Connect with the online influencers and build Social Media Marketing relationships with them. If they like what you have to say, you just might be on the influencer’s radar meaning that you are an interesting source of educational, entertaining, and useful information. If they share your content on their pages, your business could be in front of a brand new audience.

Be careful not to spend all of your time on the web promoting your services and products. Social Media Marketing is more than selling your wares. People will stop listening if all you do is talk about what you have to sell. Add value to your conversations and create amazing and unique content that can help you develop online relationships.

Make sure that you acknowledge your online relationships. If someone reaches out to you, start a conversation with them.

Make sure you are available. Never publish content and disappear. Publish meaningful content consistently and make sure that you participate. People online can be horribly fickle, and if you disappear, you will likely be replaced.

Practice the law of reciprocity and share content. You cannot expect your followers to talk about you or share your content if you do not return the favor. A large portion of your Social Media Marketing time should consist of talking and sharing other published content, not just your own.

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