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Is Your Web Design Up To Date and User Friendly?

web designWeb design is the most important part of any internet marketing campaign, and if yours hasn’t been updated for years, it’s time to call or click and schedule an appointment with Knoxweb for a website overhaul.

If your web design isn’t giving you great results on the search engines, you are losing business. Without an updated website from Knoxweb, you are truly shooting yourself in the foot. With a great web design that looks good on all devices you are well on your way to reaching the top of Google, Bing and the other powers that be that rule the World Wide Web.

There are many elements to consider when it comes to a web design. Unless you are an expert in web development, including mobile responsive web design, your new website won’t be doing what it is supposed to do.

Knoxweb has been building and updating websites since the internet began. Since 1996, Knoxweb has been helping clients over East Tennessee and beyond, boost their presence on the internet, with sound marketing strategies that render results.

Using the most up to date and advanced internet technologies, the team from Knoxweb has the experience and the expertise to provide you with the best web design for your needs whether your run a diner in Gatlinburg or a moving company in Sevierville.
Knoxweb understands each industry, and will give your web design just what it needs to boost sales.

These days it’s more than direct marketing. Your website tells potential clients and customers who you are and what your brand is about. Without a good web design and a sound internet marketing strategy, you will not be reaching the amount of people you should, or could.

If you have been following the Knoxweb Blog, you will know that a good marketing strategy includes a web design that is easy to use. A mobile responsive website should go hand in hand with your web design. Using two URLs for desktop and mobile use is a thing of the past and not only costs you time and money, but can hurt your results in the search engines.

A mobile responsive website gives the user a better experience. As you know, Google and the other search engines value mobile responsive websites and will reward your business if you are implementing a mobile responsive website into your overall internet marketing scheme.

A mobile responsive website is probably the most important component of your website but if your content isn’t up to scratch, Google won’t care. Your content needs to be fresh and unique if you want to attract the attention of the search engines. Knoxweb has a team of content writers that will write thoughtful and informative content using keywords and keyword phrases that everyone, including the search engines, will love.

Once your new website is complete, Knoxweb will help you get the word out with sound marketing strategies that work. If you want your marketing strategies to get you a better ROI you had better include social media marketing, email marketing, and video marketing, along with traditional marketing methods into the mix.

It’s an all or nothing world when it comes to the internet. Make sure that your website is up to scratch with the help of Knoxweb.

Call or click today for a no obligation web design consultation with the experts from Knoxweb. You will be amazed at how good you will look on the web.

Call or click for more information regarding web design, web development, internet marketing, and more today.

Website Design is Yours Outdated?

website design

Does your website design look dated? Are you still using Flash animation, even though it is useless on a mobile device? Are you ranking low, or not ranking at all, in the search engines? Do you have to pinch and squeeze the screen to read the content on your website? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time to call the team from Knoxweb.

Knoxweb is the premier Knoxville web design company and can take your antiquated website design and develop a brand new online location where clients and potential customers can find what they need without having to pinch or squeeze the screen.

If you are still using the same website design from 1999, you won’t be well liked by Google, or any of the other search engines for that matter. Because your website was designed for PC use, your website will not convert to a mobile device.

You’re Still Using What?

Using Flash is a sure way to steer your users towards the competition. Flash may seem cool on a PC or laptop, but it doesn’t convert very well on a mobile device, and although Adobe has created software for mobile phone users, it doesn’t often convert and can seem awkward.

According to Knoxweb, there are a couple of more reasons to forget about using flash for your mobile responsive website design.

No Support

Flash isn’t supported by iPod, iPhone or on an Android. It can be hard to use and difficult to see on a mobile phone, even if it does support it. If mobile users aren’t able to use the functions on your website, you will lose subscribers.

Time is Money

Flash is expense and difficult to update. If you want to make simple changes, forget about the ease of use that you have with CSS3 or HTML5, which takes about a minute if that. Flash could take you hours or quite possibly days to complete.

There is a Price to Pay

If you are still set on Flash for your mobile website design, consider the cost. Because Adobe owns Flash, developers must pay $199.00 for the license fee, not to mention the cost of upgrades.

Smart Phones are Everywhere

Everyone uses a Smartphone. In fact, seniors, who are usually in the lower percentage when it comes to adopting new technology, are more connected than ever, with the more educated and affluent reporting usage rates that are similar to those under 65. If you are targeting seniors over the age of 65, four out of ten people have Smartphones. Over double what it was in 2013.

If you are in retail and still using an old web design it could hurt your business. You may have a thriving bricks and mortar clothing store in Gatlinburg, but if you listen to the statistics, online shopping is quickly emerging as the most popular way to shop. If you don’t have an online store to compliment your bricks and mortar store, your sales could diminish.

According to Knoxweb, even the early mobile web designs can cause problems. Those that are specifically dedicated to mobile use, but can still be viewed on a PC, in most cases anyway, are sometimes hard to navigate on a laptop or PC. Those old hamburger style menus may look great on a mobile phone, but could cause problems on another device. Mobile design sites that are not responsive may require heavy scrolling on a laptop or PC.

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know that a responsive mobile website design will adjust to any device. Your Pigeon Forge Restaurant mobile web design will convert from a Smartphone to a PC with straightforward information that is easy to see and navigate through when you convert your old website design.

Still not convinced that your old website isn’t doing its job? Do a Google search on your business and see where you land. If users can’t find your business, you may be hanging up the closed sign for good.

Let Knoxweb help you build an online presence with a powerful website design that will increase your SEO.

The team really can help you boost your ranking. Call or click today.

Is Your Web Design Holding you Back


Your Web Design should be mobile, and by mobile, Knoxweb means your website must look good on all devices including tablets and Smartphone’s.

If you are one of the millions of people all over the globe that surfs the net on the go, you know how frustrating it can be to find a product or service that you want or need only to have to pinch and scroll. With that being said, you can imagine how users feel about your Web Design if they have to do the same thing.

According to Knoxweb, some of the largest corporations in the world are still not mobile friendly. Back in 2013, Forbes wrote an article stating that only 6% of the top Fortune 500 companies were mobile friendly.

During that time there were 100 websites evaluated where only 11 percent of the companies had a Web Design that targeted mobile device users. In the same group, only 56 percent had content that was formatted for mobile device searches. 45 percent of those evaluated did have a mobile Web Design that was dedicated to mobile device searchers while zero percent actually complied with the mobile configuration requirements set up by Google.

Fast forward to April 28 2015, a week after Mobilegeddon was put into place, and mobile Web Design was still not being implemented with more than 40 percent of all Fortune 500 sites holding back. Knoxweb explains that you would think larger businesses and organizations would have been well prepared for the change, but they were not. Some of those large companies included Packard Bell, Moz.com, and Skysports.com.

If you have been following the Knoxweb blog, you will know that mobile friendly means that a Web Design is readable without the need to zoom or tap. Tap targets are properly spaced on every page while avoiding horizontal scrolling or unplayable content. In layman’s terms that simply means that the Web Design needs to be readable from any mobile device.

In February of 2016, there were hundreds, if not thousands of large corporations that had still not complied with Google’s new algorithm, which is unfortunate as mobile click volume is now exceeding desktop click volume meaning that Google, Bing and other search engines are rewarding businesses and organizations that have a mobile friendly Web Design. Consumers are reaching for their Smartphone to check out prices and products while doing local searches for theater times and menu items making it imperative that your business have a Web Design that is easy to read on a small screen.

If you are still undecided about becoming mobile friendly, you will lose business. According to Knoxweb, businesses and organizations that were at the top of the search engines before April 21, 2015 are now nearly impossible to find because they do not have a Web Design that is mobile friendly.

The biggest question that you need to ask yourself is not whether you should be mobile friendly, but whether or not you should have Knoxweb build you a mobile app. Only the professionals from Knoxweb will be able to help you decide between a mobile friendly Web Design or a mobile app.

Stop being indecisive and call or click and schedule an appointment with Knoxweb about your new mobile friendly Web Design or mobile app. Call or click today.

Change the Direction with Web Design for 2016


If you promised yourself some Web Design changes for the New Year, contact Knoxweb who can help you come up with a new Web Design that will knock the socks off the competition. Knoxweb has the experience and expertise when it comes to an appropriate Web Design for your business or organization and can get you online with a Web Design that will definitely turn heads.

Your online presence is an extension of your business, and if yours is less than desirable, you could lose business. Even if your website is beautiful on a PC or laptop, but hasn’t been optimized for mobile use, your web presence will be diminishing by the days, weeks and months, especially when it comes to an organic search on Google.

If you have been following the Knoxweb blog, you will know that Google began penalizing businesses back in April of 2015. That’s right, if your Web Design is not mobile friendly, you will find yourself located on the back pages of the search engine, and if your products or services are common you will be even further back.

When Google first hit the scene, the goal was to make the search function quick and easy. Fast forward to 2016, and the mission is still the same, but a few things have changed, including searches on tablets and Smartphone’s. Because mobile internet usage is overtaking the World Wide Web, a mobile friendly website is just as important as the Web Design itself.

Web Design hasn’t changed that much since it first hit the scene over a decade ago, but the way that people use the internet certainly has. Web Design features must include elements that are mobile friendly. Making a Web Design awkward or hard to use on a tablet or Smartphone is committing virtual business suicide. The internet is the most powerful advertising tool a business or organization can use, and if you aren’t taking advantage of it, you shouldn’t be in business.

Knoxweb has the team and the knowledge to create a compelling Web Design for your company that will give the competition a run for its money. When you meet with Knoxweb for a no obligation Web Design consultation your wants, needs and budget will be discussed before any Web Design ideas are brought to the table. Knoxweb has been in the industry since 1996 and on the internet scene since its inception and understands the ever-changing world of online technology, so you don’t have to.

When you work with the team of professional Web Design experts from Knoxweb you will be amazed at how quickly everything comes together whether you are optimizing your existing Web Design for mobile devices, or starting from scratch with a brand new Web Design that will be modern, eye catching, and best of all, easy to use.

Stop living in the dark ages and call or click and schedule an appointment with the Web Design team from Knoxweb today. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to stick to your New Year’s resolution? Call or click now and change the direction of your business for 2016.

How Web Design Elements have Changed for the Better


Web Design elements have certainly changed over the years with Web Design companies having to deal with hundreds of changes since the beginning. Thankfully, Knoxweb has been around since 1996, and is continually keeping up with the world of Web Design.

Back in the early days of the World Wide Web, there were only a few web-safe fonts, layout tables, and rudimentary CSS that Knoxweb could use. This meant that Web Designers had a limit to what they could actually do when it came to Web Design Elements. However, things are quite different today with large cover photos and multi-megabyte pages that put the old school websites to shame.

The first website was published back in 1991 and was text based. However, the first website truly marked the beginning of Web Design and the digital revolution.

Before the later part of the 1990’s, “High-speed Internet,” didn’t exist. If you wanted to connect to the web, you had to deal with those dial-up modems that everyone loved to hate. Because of dial up, Web Design needed to be able to be built for low-speed internet connections comprising largely of text. These days people take for granted the Web Design elements layout that is all over the web today. While HTML began to allow for more complex Web Design capabilities, it was still very basic and consisted mainly of links, paragraphs, and tags for headers. Imagery, typography, and navigation were still just ideas that wouldn’t come about for a few more years.

The early days of Web Design were strictly for information, however according to Knoxweb; there are still some Web Design elements that remain relevant today. The first websites were optimized and lightweight allowing for a slower internet connection. Web designers were more concerned with connection speed than a user’s experience. Unfortunately, some websites that are built today are still living in the past, even with the lighting fast speed of the internet today.

The internet of today can handle websites that are media-rich, but there are still limits. Heavy graphic design and large media files can take forever to load, which will turn users away in droves, especially when it comes to Mobile Web Design elements. Thankfully, Knoxweb keeps the user in mind when designing complicated Web Design.

By the mid-1990’s, Web Design elements began to evolve in both appearance and structure with Web Designers starting to use layouts that were table based in order to organize the content. This allowed Web Design companies such as Knoxweb to be more creative. Although some websites were still text heavy, the text was now being divided into rows, columns, and additional navigational elements. Graphic Web Design elements also started to grow in popularity with dancing GIFS, animated text and those archaic page hit counters.

These days page structure is still important when it comes to Web Design elements, and is especially critical when it comes to Web Design elements such as call to action, content and navigation and as Knoxweb explains, is crucial if you want to have a presence with a Mobile Web Design. Knoxweb understands that the positioning of those Web Design elements is part of what will determine how a user will experience and interact with a website. While those considerations may not have been important in the mid 1990’s, they certainly are today.

If you would like more information regarding Web Design elements or Mobile Web Design, call or click and schedule an appointment with the Web Design experts from Knoxweb today.