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Don’t Abandon your Email Marketing Campaign

email marketing campaign

If you have abandoned your email marketing campaign, you have made a big mistake. An email marketing campaign is just as powerful, if not more so, than it was a few years ago.

According to Knoxweb, the optimization opportunities are endless when you include an email marketing campaign into your online marketing strategies.

Email is a digital communications tool that people have been using for over 40 years. Although it may seem dated and irrelevant in a world of social media and mobile technology, email is still very relevant. Below are a few reasons that you should still be including email in your online marketing campaign.

Inbound Marketing on the Rise

Inbound marketing works as it attracts users to your site, hopefully converting those leads into sales. Knoxweb explains that email has an entirely new purpose when it comes to consumers. When a potential buyer fills out your information form, you can communicate with email marketing. Best of all, those email lists aren’t random and you didn’t purchase them. Those lists are from real people who have shown an interest in your products and services.


With an effective email marketing campaign, you can make sure that your emails are hitting your demographic. Talk to Knoxweb about email marketing software that allows you to personalize every email for amazing results.

With a contact form on your landing page, you can at least have the names and emails of the people who have shown an interest in your business or organization. Emails that are personalized see a click rate of 14 percent and a conversion rate of 10 percent. Subject lines that are personalized see a whopping 26 percent higher open rate.

People Check Email 75 Times Each Day

Because there are so many devices available to check email, people literally, have the world at their fingertips. With desktops, tablets, laptops and Smartphone’s taking over the entire globe email is being viewed every minute of every day, 75 times to be exact. If you aren’t working on an enticing email marketing campaign for your business or organization, you are missing out.

People are interested in their inbox and their email, but most importantly, they care who that email is coming from.


With an average Return on Investment of 4,300 percent, you would be sticking your head in the sand not to realize that email marketing works. Any marketing strategy that offers that kind of ROI is something that should be an absolute when it comes to your online marketing campaign.


Email marketing is affordable. Knoxweb can show you how to create an effective campaign that you can optimize with the rest of your online marketing campaign. Putting together an email marketing campaign will not cost as much as some of the other online ad avenues.

Social Media and Blogging

If you are active on social media and share your weekly blogs, including those weekly posts and tweets in your email marketing campaign, it will boost your SEO. By optimizing your content in your emails, you will see a better ROI.

Email marketing is as strong as it ever was, and if you aren’t using it anymore, call or click and talk to the team from Knoxweb who can help you build a solid email marketing campaign that will improve your SEO.

Call or click for more information today.

Email Marketing for Your Online Business Strategy

email marketing

Email marketing should be in your 2017 advertising plan, as it is just as important now as it ever was.

According to Knoxweb when you have a good email marketing strategy you can combine it with your newsletters, social media marketing, and even direct marketing.

Email marketing isn’t about spamming everyone on your contact list, and never should be. Spamming clients and potential customers can hurt your business, especially when it comes to your reputation.

According to recent statistics, email is used by over 2.5 billion people all across the globe with that number expected to rise to 2.8 billion by 2017. Email is still as popular as it used to be with people all over the planet sending roughly 195 billion emails every day with 109 billion being business email.

Knoxweb explains that email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers in a personal way, and in fact, is more successful than social media. Email marketing works the best when you personalize it and tailor make it to your clients and customers. Covering topics like sales, victories and changes to your company are some of the best ways to reach your clients via email. Below are a few more reasons that you should consider incorporating email into your marketing strategy if you aren’t doing so already.

Social Media

Social media is extremely important when it comes to your online marketing strategy, and is a great channel to use for interaction along with strengthening relationships with your customers and clients. However, when it comes to converting folks to members, supporters, or customers, email marketing is the only way to go, especially when you consider the all-important goal of conversion.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is inexpensive, fast, and easy. Email marketing allows you to reach a larger number of consumers that costs next to nothing per email. If you own a small business and have a small marketing budget, email marketing is the better choice. Radio, direct mail and television advertising cost money and can easily put you over your marketing budget.


When you market your business with email you can segment your users into groups and lists giving each list an email message that is specifically targeted towards them. This will resonate with your clientele while providing your audience with something they can value.

Writing posts on social media is still a great idea, but you are addressing your entire audience as a whole. When you use email marketing, you can address your users individually by name. You can split up topics for certain lists, which can arrive in personal inboxes. According to Asedra, a research marketing company, emails that have subject lines that are addressed to the recipient are 22.2 percent more likely to be viewed, and that statistic was back in 2012.

Incorporating email marketing into your business plan for 2017 really is the way to go, but if you are unsure, give the email marketing experts from Knoxweb a call. You can schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb who can come up with the best internet marketing strategy for your business or organization. Call and make an appointment today.

Five Reasons for Email Marketing Knoxville

email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your bottom line, and if you think that email marketing is going the same way that the trusty yellow pages did, you would be sadly mistaken.

According to Knoxweb, email marketing is one of the best ways to personalize your online advertising campaign and is an excellent way to create close relationships with your clients and customers.

Email marketing is one of the best tools you can use for your online advertising as it keeps you in touch with your loyal clients and customers while giving them a heads up when it comes to sales, promotions, and events.

The successful online marketers are the ones that have a strong email marketing list. Knoxweb explains that around 82 percent of companies surveyed used email marketing. Although social media is a powerful advertising platform, social media was far down on the list with just 67 percent. Below are a few more reasons to consider email marketing.

Everyone Still Checks Email

The first reason to consider email marketing is that everyone still checks the inbox. In fact, according to Knoxweb 91 percent of people in the United States use email on a daily basis. Email is an effective way for you to communicate with your clients and customers. Let’s face it, most work colleagues use email to send messages, not Facebook. When you get a package from Amazon, you won’t get a Tweet you will get an email.

Social Media Works Better with Email

Social media is an excellent way to spread the word about your business, and if you follow the Knoxweb blog, you know what a powerful medium it is. Social media allows you to share your blog posts and news about your business, but it works much better when you use it in conjunction with email marketing. Make sure that your email and social media lists are working together. You can make subscribers happy when you link content on social media into your email list.

Stay on the Radar

Social media is an excellent way to interact with people who are enthusiastic about your business or organization, however, be aware that Facebook filters the posts so you need to put some effort into your blog so that your subscribers are not always reading the same posts on every platform. When people are presented with opportunities for your company to read your emails, it gives you a better chance of making a sale.

Generate Revenue with a Click

When you have a good email list for your business or organization, it makes it easier to generate revenue with a simple click. If you have thousands of customers and clients on your email list, and you want to improve sales, all you need to do is send out a promotion to your subscribers. A certain percentage of your subscribers will make a purchase giving you a revenue boost.

Tailor your Messages

With email marketing you can easily target your clients and customers. Your subscribers will tell you what their preferences are when they open your emails and click on different links. With the data, you can create groups segmenting your subscribers. Once you have your groups you can send emails tailoring towards their wants and needs.

If you would like more information regarding email marketing, call or click and schedule an appointment with Knoxweb today.