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Social Media Strategies You Can Bank On in 2018

If you are a subscriber to the Knoxweb blog, you will have learned how important social media is to your digital advertising campaign.

social media strategies

With well thought out social media strategies, you can attract the clientele you want while increasing your end of year earnings.

Best Platforms for Social Media Strategies

Although there are several social media marketing platforms, each one has its own strengths and will be more tailored to your products and services.

Don’t forget, it’s always better to gradually work through your networks rather than posting dozens of profiles on different sites at the same time.

Facebook and Social Media Strategies

It’s hard to ignore the platform that attracts billions of users every day. With Facebook Advertising, you can target your demographic. In addition, family and family members, friends, and friends of friends use Facebook. Facebook helps build trust with your fan and subscriber base.

Below are Some Tips for Building Social Media Trust with Facebook:

  • Share photos of your team, your workplace, and your customers
  • Link industry relevant posts and articles to your social media pages
  • Provide updates about your business
  • Ask clients and customers for input and feedback
  • Show off hard work with a team member of the month on your profiles
  • Give the Facebook Live Q and A session a go
  • Offer tips or other user-friendly advice that people can like, comment and share
  • YouTube

Knoxweb understands the power of video marketing. Equally as important is that more people are watching video than reading text. Consequently,  you have a better chance of making the connection while converting views into sales. Too often people dismiss the power of video marketing.

Video Grabbers from Knoxweb give clients the opportunity to show off their wares while increasing the chance for conversion. By being visually impactful, you can focus on your sales and services while working towards a better ROI.

Expand your Content on YouTube With:

  • Office Tours
  • Testimonials
  • How to Videos
  • Demonstrations and Example Videos
  • Useful Tips for Your Products and Services

Furthermore, entertaining and educational videos help people understand your products and services. Also, videos add 41 percent more traffic to your website.

Twitter and Social Media Strategies

Tweet and you’ll get results. Twitter is a great social media channel for all types of small and large businesses. Because the tweets you share are more refined, you’ll engage more quickly with clients and customers. Finally, don’t forget to include branded hashtags in your tweets. As a result you will see more engagement.

Hashtag Your Twitter Posts Using:

  • Hashtags that are relevant to your industry #Knoxvilledigitalmarketing
  • Content from influencers and peers in your industry
  • Hashtags to respond to questions or concerns about your products and services
  • The live tweet option at industry events and conferences
  • Hashtags to answer questions and handle customer service

Instagram Social Media Strategies

Using Instagram is an excellent way to show off your brand. Whatever your focus, Instagram can help you attract more likes, comments, and shares. Don’t forget, Facebook owns Instagram so you are getting double your efforts for virtually the same amount of time. Be careful not to overdo it with the filters. Although you can have some fun with Instagram, you will need to maintain your professionalism and authenticity.

Use Instagram To:

  • Post pictures of clients and customers
  • Share behind the scenes pics
  • Run competitions
  • Offer coupons
  • Brand hash tags
  • Promote events

Finalizing your Social Media Strategies

Once you have decided where to put your social media efforts, it’s time to finalize your social media strategies. Firstly, you need to understand your audience; secondly, you need to consider your USP or unique selling point. By sharing what you can offer to potential clients and customers you are building a social media campaign that others will like, comment, and share.

Want to boost your presence on social media? Talk to the experts from Knoxweb who can show you how to create social media strategies for your chosen profiles. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your ROI.  In fact, you can count on it.

Because it’s time to step up to the plate with social media, call and schedule a no obligation marketing consultation today.

Is Your Online Shopping Cart Ready for 2018?

online shopping cart

If your online shopping cart isn’t performing at the most important time of the year for your business, it’s time to contact Knoxweb who can help you update your online shopping cart so you won’t be disappointed when the next Cyber Monday rolls around.

Amazon may have done wonderful things from Black Friday to the busiest shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday, but if you didn’t crack the century mark in sales, your online shopping cart needs an update.

Knoxweb understands a thing or two about the online shopping cart business and has been designing, developing and building websites featuring the latest ecommerce technology since 1996. For over 20 years, Knoxweb has been helping companies just like yours expand their business using the World Wide Web.

Your ecommerce online shopping cart should be at the hub of your business, especially if you don’t have a bricks and mortar store. On the other hand, even a conventional retail store can benefit from adding ecommerce to their business. If you are wondering why the soap shop across the street is taking deliveries every day, but you aren’t seeing anyone in the store, you can bet they have an awesome ecommerce store to supplement their bricks and mortar traffic.

When you contact the experts from Knoxweb, your online marketing strategy will be overviewed to make sure it supports your online shopping cart. You may have the best online shopping cart in the world, but if people aren’t visiting your site, what’s the point.

Once you have implemented your new shopping cart into your website, Knoxweb can help you optimize your website using social media, email marketing, video marketing, as well as conventional marketing techniques.

When you work with Knoxweb, your shopping cart will be customized to your wants and needs. A new online shopping cart from Knoxweb will be flexible allowing for any changes that may occur. If business is booming, you will want your shopping cart to be able to handle the rush.

The ecommerce software provides different things for different businesses. Not only is it a product or services catalog that acts as an interface to your website, but it also handles your back end inventory and payments.

With hosted ecommerce software from Knoxweb, you can let the experts, and the software, do the work so you can get down to the business of running your company.

Of course, if you want total control of your online shopping cart, ask Knoxweb about a standalone shopping cart that can be added to your website. This type of ecommerce software is an excellent choice if you are a small business owner that owns his or her own secure website. Knoxweb will act as your in house technical team to manage and operate your online shopping cart.

Don’t let your holiday sales ruin your online marketing plan for 2018. Call or click and talk to the ecommerce experts from Knoxweb about your online shopping cart. You really can have a bigger and better 2018 when you update your shopping cart.

Call or click today.