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The Importance of Video Marketing in 2021



Knoxweb understands the importance of video marketing. In fact, just as the decades old web company predicted, video marketing has become the most important tool when it comes to advertising in the digital age.

If you are like most people, you prefer video to text and to photos. People seem to like video more than the written word and base their online sales habits by watching what they buy, not reading about it, or looking at it in a picture.

Video Marketing with Video Grabber in 2021

Knoxweb and Video Grabber are more affordable than you think. This makes it easy to produce videos for your small or large business.

Analysts are saying that users will spend 100 minutes every day consuming video content. With stats like that, video marketing is the smart way to spend your advertising dollars.

Webinars and Video Marketing with Video Grabber

One of the best ways to market your products and services is with webinars. These educational and informative videos can be produced live or prerecorded.

If you are a service-oriented business, webinars are one of the best ways to boost your reputation and your brand. Do your research when it comes to selecting topics and don’t forget to prepare with a solid script before you yell, “Action.”

Going Live Should Have a Plan

Live video is more popular than ever. With websites like Facebook, Instagram and now TikTok, you and your team can go live whether you are hosting an event or teaching a class online. Musicians and teachers love the live feature, as it is so easy to use.

From product demonstrations to weekly Q & A sessions and more, the possibilities are endless when it comes to going live on social media.

Take Advantage of Video for Marketing

Taking full advantage of video marketing is essential. Create interesting and lively videos that your fans and followers will enjoy. Boring videos will not get a second look and neither will dull video clips.

Be sure to light your set and be sure you have a script beforehand. While this is sometimes impossible if you are going live, you still need to have an outline of what your video is going to be about.

Don’t forget to include a link or follow button so that people can subscribe and share your videos.

Video Marketing and Simplicity

Long and boring videos won’t make the cut. Knoxweb explains that it’s important to stick to one topic per video. This makes your point, or points, clear to the viewing audience.

If you are shooting long format videos, 20, 30 or 60 minutes, keep your audience educated and/or entertained. Your long form videos need to be visually captivating if you want fans and followers to stick around for an entire hour.

Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will remember how important it is to plan before you start shooting. An entire day, and good lighting if you are shooting outside, can be wasted if you don’t plan ahead of time.

Larger productions require a larger crew. Be sure you have taken that into account when you start planning your shoot.

If you are filming outdoors be sure to do a location scout when you start preproduction. This prevents any mishaps on the shoot day such as background noise and the wrong lighting.

Video Marketing with Knoxweb

If you would like to learn more about video marketing with Knoxweb, call and talk to a team member.

From video marketing with Video Grabber to mobile websites, you can take care of all of your digital needs with one company.

Call and talk to a professional about video marketing with Video Grabber from Knoxweb today.