Gutenberg Platform Will Change Content Creation For Ever


The Gutenberg platform will alter the way creators publish content on WordPress. After months of preparation, WordPress is set to roll out an online platform that will change the history of the World Wide Web.

Gutenberg is a new WordPress tool that streamlines, modernizes, and simplifies content creation. Unlike the old meta boxes, Gutenberg is the simply way to locate, add and work with page elements. Unlike some platforms, Gutenberg allows you to explore your possibilities while keeping your publishing flow. Knoxweb have been gearing up for this new platform and make it easy for you to implement Gutenberg into your existing or new website.

Specializing in the Gutenberg Platform

Knoxweb has been on the pulse of new technology since opening its doors back in 1996. Always the first to find new ways to improve workflow and production, Knoxweb develops sites in Gutenberg and specializes in converting users to the Gutenberg platform.

Ease of Use with Gutenberg

The new WordPress Gutenberg editor is a huge change for WordPress users and although most people who use WordPress have extensive WordPress editor integrations, Knoxweb can help you with upfront planning for a smooth and seamless transition. It’s vital that you work with a professional Gutenberg platform expert who can make those changes for you.

The Old WordPress

In the old WordPress editor format the writing canvas has always been great. However, when it comes to multimedia, images, and social media embedded content, different approaches were required. These included:

• Pasted embed links
• Media library for multimedia and images
• Shortcodes for pluggins
• Subhead excerpts
• Side page Widget content

The Gutenberg platform is a new experience. Much larger than a new editor, Gutenberg will become an entire site customizer with endless possibilities for Knoxweb content creators

Building Blocks

Previously, content was held in one giant HTML file. For every enhancement something new had to be added such as widgets, embeds, custom post types and shortcodes.

Gutenberg blocks allow content creators to build content from one box, much like a Lego building set. Because of the straightforward instructions, you will be well on your way to creating beautiful content using the Gutenberg platform.

Changes in a Snap

Changing the font and dragging and dropping content into your canvas is fast and easy when you work with the team from Knoxweb. With the Gutenberg platform web pages come alive in front of your eyes instantaneously. Unlike the old WordPress where you had to save the pictures and check your post in another window, Gutenberg allows images to be seen immediately.

Inserting video players, buttons, an image gallery or altering your color scheme with Knoxweb’s help is a snap with Gutenberg.

Content creation just got easier. Call or click for more information regarding the Gutenberg platform and WordPress today.