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Becoming Mobile Responsive and User Friendly in 2021

Your website says it all and if yours is screaming 1997, it’s time to call the team from Knoxweb.

For 25 years, the team of web developers and web developers in Knoxville has been making businesses relevant and unique on the internet. Helping others become mobile responsive is only part of the picture.

From the humble beginnings of the World Wide Web to Artificial Intelligence, mobile responsive websites and Mobile Apps, Knoxweb has literally seen it all. When you work with Knoxweb, you won’t have to go anywhere else.

Digital Marketing for the New Age

The digital age is expanding with mobile responsive websites, voice search, artificial intelligence, and social media taking center stage.

Incorporating all of those ingredients into your marketing recipe can be a disaster if you don’t do it right. Your online reputation is everything and if yours takes a hit because of something that was said or done, you could be in trouble.

Having a solid marketing plan from the beginning is an essential part of the puzzle. If you aren’t sure, follow the Knoxweb Blog for tips, or schedule a no obligation consultation.

From web design and development to video marketing and mobile application development, you won’t find a better team to help you organize your digital marketing strategies.

Mobile Responsive is the Key

According to your web developer in Knoxville, it really does start with your site design. Things have certainly changed and if your site takes longer than 5 seconds to load it’s time to make some changes. Better still; start all over with a brand new mobile responsive website.

A mobile responsive website responds to all devices. With a mobile responsive website, it doesn’t matter if you are using a tablet or a laptop. Everything is seamless and cohesive with a responsive website. Thankfully, you will never have to manipulate your screen with a mobile responsive website.

A Mobile Application for Better Results

Mobile applications have changed the way people live their lives. These days you can use an app to make your grocery list or balance your checkbook. While there are millions of apps available, there is certainly a place for new ideas. Knoxweb can help you build your app to grow your business and to sell more products and services.

Content is Key for Internet Marketing

Unlike some web design and development companies in Knoxville, Knoxweb does it all. If you don’t feel confident writing the content for your new mobile responsive website, Knoxweb will do it for you.

Knoxweb can even write a weekly or monthly blog so you won’t have to. Having a professional writer at the helm for your content is one of the best ways to attract attention.

Social Media and Internet Marketing

Social media is also a big part of the picture when it comes to internet marketing. Keeping up with your pages is essential if you want to maintain a good online reputation.

Respond to comments and be genuine. If you are a medical service provider, social media is one of the best ways to personalize your practice. Make sure you are unique and don’t post or tweet the exact same thing.

Video Marketing for Overall Strategies

Knoxweb and Video Grabber turn mundane advertising campaigns into eye-popping online productions that boost sales.

From the script to the final edit and beyond you won’t be disappointed when you work with the cast and crew from Knoxweb. It’s important to note that video attracts more attention than text and photos put together and is an excellent way to grow your business.

New Technologies and the New Frontier

With Siri and Alexa in on the act, voice search marketing is huge. Getting in on the ground floor is important if you want to master this yet to be exploited online marketing avenue. Voice search marketing is only going to get bigger with more and more people using voice to locate products and services.

Whatever the technology you can bet that Knoxweb will have a leg up on the website development competition. Forever furthering the education of the team, Knoxweb always has your interests at heart.

Become Mobile Responsive and Part of the 21st Century with Knoxweb

If you aren’t responsive, but would like to be, or just want to learn more about web marketing in 2021, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb.