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Why your Business Needs Pinterest in 2018

Business needs PinterestYour business needs Pinterest because it helps potential clients and customers find things. When you focus at least some of your marketing efforts on Pinterest, you will see an increase in your ROI.

Still not convinced? Below are a few more reasons Knoxweb recommends Pinterest for business.

In Demand Audiences

Sixty seven percent of people under 40 are pinners, which is up from 27 percent last year. Fifty four percent of women aged 34 to 55 are on Pinterest with 35 percent of users having an annual income of more than $100,000 a year. Hispanics and men are also joining, with over half of Hispanics on Pinterest joining the virtual billboard last year. Male Pinterest users have jumped to 120 percent this year as well.

Investing Pays off Long Term

Unlike other forms of online marketing, Pinterest pins last forever. When you pin something on your Pinterest business page, make sure that it is high quality. You want your pins to be evergreen giving you more bang for your buck.

Pinners Love Your Marketing

Another reason your business needs Pinterest is marketing. Two thirds of all content on Pinterest comes from a business, and it’s not a coincidence. People who use Pinterest want to connect with your brand, and when asked if they would rather follow a celebrity or brand, 83 percent chose a brand. The same is true for the beauty industry with pinners following their favorite beauty products as opposed to a famous makeup artist.

Pinterest Influences a Purchase

People who use Pinterest are loyal; however, that loyalty isn’t just limited to pinning and browsing. A large percentage of pinners use Pinterest when making a purchasing decision. Eighty seven percent of pinners have actually bought a product because of the virtual billboard with 93 percent using Pinterest when planning a purchase in the future.

Pinterest Drives Traffic

Second only to Facebook when it comes to driving traffic, Pinterest receives about 5 percent of referral traffic with Facebook driving nearly 25 percent of all referrals on the World Wide Web. Reddit, Google+, StumbleUpon, and Twitter each refer about a 1 percent share of the referral market.

Pinners Load Up the Shopping Cart

The average order from a Pinterest referral is $58.95, Facebook averages $55.00 in order value from referral traffic. Just another reason your business needs Pinterest for online marketing.

Trend Setter

Pinterest is a true trendsetter where users can catch a glimpse of what products have gone viral and which ones are about to, especially in the beauty, food, home and garden or fashion industries. Pinterest crawls the popular products and keywords in real time. When you incorporate Pinterest Pins into your marketing strategy, you track which products are hot, and which ones are losing traction. This is just another reason that your business needs Pinterest.

More Purchase Power

Nine percent of pinners make more money than non-pinners. Businesses who are trying to reach this demographic have a better chance on Pinterest as this audience spends less time watching television. You are also more likely to find them pinning than flipping through a magazine or periodical. You’ll spend much less when you Pinterest for business.

People Check Pinterest While Shopping

People use their mobile device while they are shopping. This makes it a powerful medium when it comes to online advertising. When you add high quality pins to your boards, you have a better chance of converting that pin into a sale.

Pinterest Inspires People

Sixty five percent of Pinterest users say they use the virtual billboard to collect and save things that bring inspiration to their lives, whether it is a great idea using a new product, or a video explaining how a new service works.

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