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How Web Design Has Changed


If your Web Design hasn’t been upgraded in sometime, or never, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Knoxweb who can give your Web Design a facelift that will include everything it needs, especially if it is slow to load, doesn’t show up on any of the search engines, or just looks outdated.

Web Design has certainly changed in the last five years, in fact, Web Design is far different than it was even two years ago, especially with the arrival of the new algorithm from Google. The new algorithm, aptly called Mobilegeddon or Googlegeddon, was implemented in April of 2015. In layman ’s terms, it means that if you do not have a mobile friendly Web Design in place, your website will not be found on Google. Worse yet, Google may penalize you without a mobile friendly Web Design.

When Tim Berners-Lee published the first website back in 1991, he changed the internet forever. Since that time, it is mind-boggling how much the internet and Web Design has changed.

According to Knoxweb, who has been in the Web Design business since 1996, Web Design must be mobile friendly or no one will be able to find you on the World Wide Web.

It all started five years ago when mobile devices hit the ground running. Since that time, Google, the largest and most popular search engine in the world, has more or less decided what is important when it comes to Web Design.

When Web Design was first implemented, a home page was known as cyber content while websites mostly consisted of links and texts. Rarely would you see design elements or images. Fast forward to today and Knoxweb will tell you that although content is still king, your Web Design needs to include graphics, images and video to compete.

Flash was one of the most popular web technologies available in the mid to late 1990’s as it added interactivity using animation along with graphic effects that were embedded into the website instead of traditional photos and text.

Knoxweb explains that Flash was never the greatest solution when it came to Web Design because of accessibility, poor SEO, or search engine optimization, and other problems. By 2014, many devices no longer supported Flash technology. Today Web Design incorporates PHP and JavaScript to give the user a better World Wide Web experience. If your Web Design still has Flash, it is definitely time to schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb as Flash is not supported on Smartphone’s or Tablets.

Although elements such as embedded audio clips, animated GIF’s, scrolling marquees and guestbook’s become popular with builder tools such as Angelfire or Geocites, just like Flash, they too have become old hat. With the advancement of mobile friendly websites your Web Design should be fast to load and easy to use.

Smartphone’s and Tablets have changed the internet with more and more people reaching for their mobile device to search the web, buy products and services or to kill time and if your Web Design is not user friendly on a mobile device, you will be left out in the cold.

If your Web Design needs an upgrade to accommodate your clients and potential customers on Smartphone’s and tablets, schedule an appointment with Knoxweb who can determine what type of mobile friendly web design is best for your business or organization. Call for an appointment today.