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The Hottest Social Media Sites for Social Media Marketing

Much has changed in the world of social media marketing. Gone or the days when MySpace dominated the landscape. Even the largest social media site on the planet, Facebook, has seen a change in the times and a change in user base.

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According to Knoxweb, who have been involved with social media marketing from the beginning, knowing where to put your ad dollars in 2019 is important.

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will remember that mobile TV is expected to be more popular than conventional television in 2019.

Maximizing Your Brand on Social Media

Knowing how to maximize your brand on social media while engaging with fans and followers with a unique user experience is complicated. Not only do you have to research where your target audience is spending his or her time, but you also need to research time management. How many social media websites can you really manage at the same time?

2018 Saw an Increase in Social Media Marketing

In 2018, smart businesses turned to Knoxweb for advice on social media marketing. 2018 was a big year for website development and website design. With that being said, what social media sites held the lead throughout the year?

Below is a list of the top 21 websites that dominated the landscape in 2018.

Facebook is Still Number One for Social Media Marketing

Facebook still reign’s supreme as the largest social media website in the world, Facebook caters to 2.23 billion users per month. Promoting your business on Facebook is a great way to expand your online profile.

Businesses that utilize Facebook pages are actively promoting their business on the popular website and seeing results. When you post unique and fresh content on FB, and incorporate Facebook Live and Facebook Watch into your overall marketing strategies, you will see results.

YouTube Still Creating Waves for Social Media Marketing

YouTube comes in second with 1.9 billion users per month. With users watching over a billion videos every day, it’s foolish not to contact Knoxweb. Knoxweb and Video Grabbers are the best way to give you a nice chunk of subscribers.

Because Google owns YouTube. You can bet you will have a listing at the top of the most popular website. Remember, YouTube is also a search engine and the second largest on the planet. Talk to Knoxweb about advertising on YouTube in 2019.

WhatsApp is climbing in Rank

Over 180 countries across the globe subscribe to the free messaging app. Although WhatsApp started as way for people to communicate on a personal level, business colleagues started using the mobile app as well.

People use the WhatsApp site to buy clothing locate a restaurant with five stars or to get in touch with customer support. Quietly building its business profile, WhatsApp allows companies to create a business profile. In the same way, this allows your business to provide up to the minute customer service.

The Messenger Stand Alone App for Social Media Marketing

With 1.3 billion users per month, Facebook Messenger. The messaging feature on the world’s most popular social media site has become a standalone mobile app on its own. By expanding its features, businesses can send newsletters, create chatbots, and advertise. Ask Knoxweb how you can incorporate the Facebook Messenger App into your overall online marketing plan.

WeChat is Growing with Social Media Marketing

With 1.06 billion users every month, WeChat started out like Messenger and WhatsApp. The all in one platform allows people to call, message and shop online. You can transfer money, make offline payments and book a cab. You can call Uber, and even use WeChat to make hotel and restaurant reservations. Most popular in China, WeChat is a must if you do business in Asia.

Instagram and Facebook Together as One

The popular video and photo sharing social media mobile app allows user to share content using videos, photos, and text. The site enjoys one billion users every month. With stories and live videos, along with the newly launched IGTV for long form content,

An Instagram business profile page lets you analyze your page and your profile. This allows you to see which posts are working and which ones aren’t. Likewise, you can even schedule posts on Instagram with third party tools.

Want to know what other sites to watch for in 2019 for social media marketing? Check out another Knoxweb Blog and find out.