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More Social Media Trends for 2019

In this week’s blog, Knoxweb continues its social media marketing trends.

social media marketing

Influencers are Vital for Social Media

While continuing to grow on social media, influencers are those social media people who have gathered a community of like-minded people. Much like a tribe, their followers, which can be as many as a million, turn to their liked pages for guidance. Fans trust the people they follow and look up to them for advice on products and services.

When done correctly, an influencer gives your brand a human voice and while it may not be as direct as conventional marketing, it does create unique ways of connecting with your followers.

Selfie Videos for Social Media Marketing

It really is all about the selfie and with selfie videos taking center stage, getting into the thick of things will help your social media marketing. These self-recorded videos draw high interest on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Nearly every social media platform welcomes selfie videos from users.

Because the format allows you to communicate with fans and followers in a deeper way, you are personalizing your brand. Keep your selfie videos short and to the point to attract more likes, comments, and shares.

Be attentive to your marketing on social media as you can easily put off the younger generation. Millennials are very cautious about buying and want an authentic and unique experience before they purchase your products and services. Selfie videos help you become more trustworthy.

Social Media Marketing and Segmenting

Every business has multiple groups. From the younger generation to seniors, your audience is different. By segmenting your fans and followers into groups, you are becoming aware of your users interests.

You can tailor your groups into age, location, likes, and dislikes. This helps your social media marketing become more relevant to each demographic.

When you assume that your audience has the same interests, you are limiting your potential. By adjusting your narrative for each group or segment, you are reaching all of the groups who follow you on social media.

Social Media Marketing and Personalization

These days’ users expect businesses to offer discounts and coupons enticing them to purchase. If you want to sell more products and services, Knoxweb recommends that you target your advertising with a personal touch.

From Facebook to Twitter every social media site has audience filtering when you purchase advertising on social media. Options range from age to Geographic’s. When you personalize your brand, you are refining your audience. It isn’t a coincidence that you’ll be bombarded with mattress ads if you were just shopping for one on Google. It’s called hyper-targeting and it works.

Ask Knoxweb how you can balance your personalized social media marketing without being too salesy and pushy.

Know Your Social Media Platforms

To successfully advertise on social media you need to consider whom you are marketing to. If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you will know that every site has its own demographic.

While Facebook appeals to nearly everyone, except for the younger ones who prefer Snapchat, Pinterest users are predominately female with over 80 percent of them pinning and creating new boards every day. When you target your brand to your audience, you are well on your way to a healthy bottom line at the end of the fiscal year.

Social Media Marketing Trends and More

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Social Media Marketing Secrets You Need to Know

Social media is constantly changing. With Facebook adding new fun options and Twitter doing the same, it’s tough know where to put your energies when it comes to social media marketing.

social media marketing

Because social media marketing takes time it can be a real headache for people who already wish there were 25 hours in a day.

According to one of the oldest and most established web companies in East Tennessee, Knoxweb has been at web development and design since 1996, social media marketing takes an expert. When you work with the team from Knoxweb, you will have the inside scoop on social media marketing. Below are some things to expect from social media marketing in 2019.

Social Media Marketing and AI

According to Knoxweb, artificial intelligence is just like other things, including electricity, which started power use over 100 years ago. Just like electricity, artificial intelligence is being used in nearly every industry including transport, medical and manufacturing. AI is changing the way the world sees economy. Knoxweb understands AI and connects your company with AI tools and opportunities.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI makes computers and other things smart. AI includes vision, natural language and more. Knoxweb explains that artificial intelligence helps computers learn without being taught. Machine learning is huge at the moment. Ask Knoxweb how you can incorporate artificial intelligence into your social media marketing.

Engagement and Social Media Marketing

Engaging with fans and followers is crucial. In fact, earlier this year, Facebook introduced a new algorithm that focuses on meaningful interactions. In layman’s terms that means Facebook is favoring content that sparks conversation. This has inspired page administrators to post content that is more engaging.

Because these days it’s much tougher to reach your audience organically, you must aim for content that is interesting and appealing. You want to engage your users with fresh content that encourages people to like, comment and share your posts.

By engaging with your fans and followers, and potential ones on a more personal level, you are eliminating the salesy approach. Instead of hoping for more likes and shares, be thoughtful with your content. Add pictures and videos, which will boost your engagement by up to 50 percent or more.

Social Media Marketing is a Gold Mine

If you have been wondering how those social media ads are working for your competitors, just look at the statistics.

In 2017, a survey found that 59 percent of consumers around the globe used social media for product inspiration while 24 percent used platforms on social media to check out promotional offers. 16 percent of consumers on the planet clicked ads that were relevant to what they were looking for.

Because social media already helps consumers in product discovery, businesses are promoting products, videos, posts, and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Those posts usually close the sale. In fact, an astounding 55 percent of those surveyed purchased the product that they discovered on social media later on.

Video and Social Media Marketing

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you know how important video is to digital marketing. Incorporating video into your social media posts warrants a higher click through rate. People relate to pictures, with moving pictures edging out still photography. Ask Knoxweb about Video Grabbers.

Video Grabbers are the easy way to grab your social media audience. From the storyboard to final production and going live on social media, video grabbers are affordable, especially when you consider how many products and services you will sell. People are more apt to purchase a product when they see an explainer or how to video. Ask Knoxweb how you can incorporate videos with Video Grabber into your web content.

The End of Television as You Know It

Experts predict the internet will catch up to TV quicker than once thought. In 2019, it is predicted that people will spend roughly 2.6 hours every day online watching web videos. Because of this, advertisers will probably be spending less money on television advertising and more on social media marketing, web ads and web video. Are you prepared to do the same?

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