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Using Keywords and Keyword Phrases for Online Marketing Strategies

online marketing strategies

Online marketing strategies aren’t easy to understand. In fact, they can be downright confusing. Knoxweb has the tools you need to make your presence known on the internet, and if your non-existent ranking on Google disappoints you, it’s time to call in the big guns from Knoxweb.

Knoxweb has been in the business of SEO since before its time and can help you rank at the top, and yes, you can do it organically with proven online marketing strategies.

According to Knoxweb, in order to rank better, you need to have online marketing strategies that include:

  1. Creating keywords and keyword phrases that will help you rank
  2. Creating unique and informative content using your keywords and keyword phrases
  3. Promoting the assets of your content
  4. Creating a website that your users will love and share

Finding the All Important Keywords and Keyword Phrases

When you work with the team from Knoxweb keywords will be sourced using tools such as Google Keyword Planner. Of course, these are just estimates, unless of course you ask Knoxweb to create a Google Adwords campaign for your business or organization. However, the Google Keyword Planner does have some competition.


Ubersuggest is another great way to find the keywords that best pertains to your products and services. It’s a great free tool that allows you to type in the keywords that you think your potential clients and customers would use. If you don’t want to create a Google Adwords account.

Knoxweb uses the best tools to help you get the SEO results your business needs for your online presence.

SEM Rush

With SEM Rush, you can see what the competition is using for keywords and keyword phrases. You’ll know exactly what the diner across the street is using for keywords.

If you are scratching your head about the waiting list for reservations, it could have something to do with the SEO that the most popular restaurant in town is implementing in its online marketing strategies. All you have to do is head over to SEMRush.com and type in the competitors name in the search bar.

Google Forums

Forums are one of the best ways to source keywords and keyword phrases as you are reading real questions. It’s easy to locate forums that are dedicated to your business. All you have to do is Google, “Your Niche Forums.” Check out the categories and click on the threads. You’ll find great content ideas from reading the headlines in the threads.

The Often Neglected Google Search Console

What can be the best tool in your box is often sadly neglected. If you already have traffic, it can be very effective if you have data that you want to extract. Ask Knoxweb about using the Google Search Console for your internet marketing strategy.

Finding keywords and keyword phrases is easy, but it is also time consuming, and if you are working 24/7 building your business, the last thing you want to deal with is your internet marketing strategies. You can hire someone in house, but is that person really qualified to implement those keywords and keyword phrases into your blogs and online content?

Knoxweb has the tools to build your business online using proven online marketing strategies that will save you money.

If you would like more information regarding web development, web design, mobile apps, video marketing, social media marketing any other online marketing strategies call or click and talk to Knoxweb. It really will make a huge difference in your online presence.

Call or click today.

Is Your Online Marketing Plan Working for Your Business?

online marketing

If your online marketing isn’t getting your business or organization anywhere, it’s time to call the experts from Knoxweb. Knoxweb has been in the web design and online marketing game since 1996, and can help boost your SEO with professional online marketing.

According to Knoxweb, if you don’t have a strategic online marketing plan it could hurt your company. Without being strategic, it will be difficult for your business or organization to get anywhere on the World Wide Web.


Knoxweb will help you set up and define your goals. With the right marketing plan, you can broaden your customer base, retain the clients that you have now, and allocate the funds efficiently. This will help determine whether you are making progress with your online marketing strategies or need to go in a different direction.

New Technologies

Thanks to online technology advances, businesses and organizations have more online speed, structure, and versatility. Online technology is a rapidly changing form of communication that is always affecting your Search Engine Optimization. Allowing a professional online marketing company to handle your blog, social media, and website content is the best way to go if you want to improve your SEO.

More Cost Effective

Online marketing really is the most affordable way to promote your products and services. It costs much less to set up a mobile website and post on social media than it ever did for one of those antiquated yellow pages ads or a radio or television commercial.

Thanks to advances in online technology, Knoxweb can even help you produce videos for your business or organization. Adding video to your website and social media content with Video Grabbers is an excellent way to boost your SEO and is very cost effective.

Monitoring Tracking

Knoxweb will help you track and monitor your website traffic. You no longer have to hire a costly marketing research firm to tell you if your marketing campaign is really working. Knoxweb will show you how to use analytics to your advantage, cutting out the middleman when it comes to your online marketing.

Wider Reach

When you use online marketing effectively, you can reach clients and customers that would have never known about your business had you not incorporated online marketing strategies into your marketing plan. Thanks to the internet, you can reach people all over the world. Even small businesses can attract new clients and customers to the World Wide Web.


Conventional marketing was always a one-way approach. If you send out direct mail, there is no way you can interact with your potential clients the way you can on the internet. Online marketing encourages people to interact with your business or organization through blogs and social media.

Speedier Impact

When you use online marketing effectively, you can make a sale immediately. With the help of Knoxweb, you can turn your online leads into sales quickly with the push of a button. When you add a buy it now button on your website, your business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Brand Awareness

When you start a marketing campaign online, you are always increasing brand awareness. When your customers and potential clients are online, they can see what you have to offer. This is especially important in today’s mobile environment. When you have a strong campaign, you are making it possible for customers to buy what they want instantly.

If you would like more information regarding online marketing, mobile web design or web development, call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with the experts from Knoxweb. It really will make a difference to your SEO. Call or click now.

Online Marketing Strategies and Tips 2017

online marketing strategies

Are your online marketing strategies letting you down? Are you spending hundreds, or maybe a couple of thousand dollars a month to buy links and ads only to come up empty handed? If you and your business aren’t seeing results from your online marketing campaign, Knoxweb has some tips that may help you and your online marketing strategies.

Ultimate Goal-What is the purpose of your website? Ultimately, you want to drive more traffic to your business or organization, but with all of the competition out there, how do you accomplish that? Start with your first goal; it could be more appointments for your hair salon or more phone calls regarding dental implants. When you start with a goal, you can build from there.

Content is King-If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you know how important content is. If your content isn’t unique and is copied and pasted from a competitor’s website you will be penalized. Google values content at the top of the list and if yours is a bunch of keywords crammed together, you will lose business. Content should be a priority when it comes to online marketing strategies.

Title Tag-Check out your website and look at your browser window. Does it describe what users are looking for? Is it unique? Are there keywords associated with that particular page of your website? If you are local, does your title tag include a local keyword search? If you answered no to any of these questions, talk to Knoxweb who can help you with your title tags.

Analytics-If you can’t measure your stats there is no way to improve them. Knoxweb can provide you with useful data that will help you boost your business. You can find out where your users live, where they come from, what they do, and how long they will stay. Google Analytics is free.

Call Tracking-If your website doesn’t have a dedicated phone number, there are companies that will give you a tracking telephone number forwarding the calls to your business phone number. These companies will also track how many calls you get, who made the call, and how long the potential customer was on the phone.

Use your Resources-Check out the free local business directories. There are some excellent ones that won’t cost you a penny. Start with the free listings before you fork out your hard-earned cash.

Your Competition Can Help-Search keywords that relate to your business or organization visit the competition and see what others are saying about your industry. Your competition can help you come up with ideas to help your business grow.

Blogging-Every business will see a benefit from business blogging. Blogging on a regular basis will grow your online presence. Blogs that contain long tailed keywords will help with SEO and just may get you a nice spot on the search engines.

Post Video-At the top of the online marketing strategies list is video, and although video for business has been around for over a decade, it is only in the past few years that it has become the wave of the future. These days’ people can access video on their mobile devices, and if they are shopping for a product or service, a video can help close the sale.

If you would like more information regarding online marketing strategies for your business or organization, call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb today.