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Is Your Mobile Responsive Website Working?

mobile responsive website

You may have the best mobile responsive website in the world, but if you are on the back pages of Google, you may be wondering why you spent all of that money. If you dug into your profit, but aren’t seeing results, you need to call Knoxweb.

Knoxweb are the mobile responsive website experts and can help you get the results you deserve, especially after paying a fortune for your new mobile friendly website.

Search Engine Optimization

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know how important good SEO tactics are to your overall marketing plan. If your content is the same as it was a year ago, chances are the only people visiting your website are current clients and customers.

Growing your business online takes optimization. When you properly optimize your mobile friendly website, you will be reaching more people who are interested in your products and services. However, unless you are publishing unique and fresh content, Google and the other search engines will see you as a dead site relegating you to the back pages of the search engines.


One of the best ways to keep your name ahead of the competition is with a weekly or monthly blog. With regular blog posts, you can attract the attention of the search engines. Those spiders love fresh and unique content that is both informative and educational. With properly optimized blog posts from Knoxweb, the search engines will index your site giving you a good chance at reaching the top of the page organically.

Social Media

Knoxweb cannot stress the importance of social media marketing. These days your business will suffer if you aren’t on Facebook or Tweeting at least once a day. If your mobile responsive website doesn’t have social media exposure, your expensive investment could end up as a loss at the end of the year. Posting, tweeting and adding videos to your social media pages will help people find your brand.

Video Grabber

Knoxweb has helped thousands of companies expand their online presence with video marketing. Video marketing is the only way to keep people interested in your products and services. According to recent research, more people will watch video than read text. Adding video to your posts will entice people to click through and see what your company has to offer. Video is King as far as Google is concerned and when you add videos that are properly optimized to your email marketing campaign you will see a bigger profit.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still very relevant, and will continue to be so throughout 2018. When you incorporate your overall marketing strategy with a sound email marketing campaign, you will begin to see a climb in your ranking.

Knoxweb can show you how to add video to your email marketing campaign. When you add video, your subscribers and those on your email list can watch you in action whether you are presenting your product, or staying behind the scenes. When you add a video to your newsletter or email marketing campaign, or your blog, you will see a boost in your click through rates.

If you are still wondering why your expensive mobile responsive website isn’t doing what the developers promised, call or click and talk to Knoxweb who can turn your dead in the water website into a popular place where you will see an increase in sales.

For more information regarding social media marketing, professional blog writing, SEO, Email Marketing or web development, call or click and talk to Knoxweb about revamping or rebuilding your mobile responsive website. It really can make a difference to your online presence.

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Mobile Friendly Website Do You Really Have One?

mobile friendly

Having a mobile friendly website is an essential part of marketing, however, not every website is mobile friendly. Company websites that make you scroll or pinch to see the screen aren’t very friendly to mobile users. In fact, a mobile website that isn’t really mobile friendly can hurt your business or organization.

According to Knoxweb, a true mobile website that is friendly to its users is called a mobile responsive website. A mobile responsive website gives users the best results as the website responds to the device that is being used. If you are on a Smartphone, you will be able to clearly read a menu or see a price list. An old school mobile website may give you a clear landing page that is mobile friendly, but will revert to the old PC style website once you click on a link.

If you are like most users, frustration is the only thing you experience when you have to zoom and pinch your mobile device just to read a description about those must have pair of shoes or even the movie times at your local theater. You would be surprised at how many large companies are still not mobile friendly.

Knoxweb recommends that you schedule an appointment with the web development team. The professional web design and mobile device experts will help you come up with a plan to make your website friendly across all platforms.

These days people use their Smartphone’s to access anything and everything, and if you are mobile friendly, you will see results. If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you will know that Google rewards companies that make their websites accessible across all devices.

Having a mobile friendly website not only boosts your SEO, but can also help people find you in the local area. These days there is no need to pull out the laptop or thumb through an old copy of the Yellow Pages just to find a good restaurant. Back in the day you couldn’t, “Yelp,” an eatery to find out if it’s a go or a no.

A mobile responsive website helps customers and potential clients find your dental practice or a local auto mechanic. If an emergency arises, such as a broken tooth or an oil leak you want those in need to be able to find you on the World Wide Web.

When you have a mobile friendly website that you optimize properly through social media, you can brand your business or organization. Branding your business across all platforms will help with your Search Engine Optimization and increase your online presence. Knoxweb can help you target your demographic through smart online optimization that will help your business grow.

If you are unsure whether you are mobile friendly, check out your website on a mobile device. If you have to pinch and squeeze the screen, you aren’t friendly to mobile devices. A mobile responsive website will respond to the device giving you an easy and friendly experience on a Smartphone, Tablet, or Smartwatch.

If you would like more information regarding a mobile friendly website, call or click and schedule an appointment with the mobile experts from Knoxweb.

It really will make a difference to your SEO. Call or click and schedule your no obligation consultation with Knoxweb today.

A Mobile Friendly Website before the Holidays


If you do not have a Mobile Friendly Website, but have an online store, there is still time to make your current site a Mobile Friendly Website. Christmas is just around the corner, but there is still time to convert your existing site into a Mobile Friendly Website with the help of Knoxweb.

Knoxweb are the experts when it comes to your Mobile Friendly Website and can help you convert your site into a Mobile Friendly Website that will attract more clients and customers.

Quite frankly, everyone needs a Mobile Friendly Website as most people are using their Smartphone’s and tablets to search for things they want to do, see, and most importantly buy. If your online retail store doesn’t have a Mobile Friendly Website, people who are shopping, especially during the holidays, will go elsewhere.

A Mobile Friendly Website means that your business or organization has the capacity to optimize your users experience regardless of what device your visitors are using whether it be a laptop, desktop, Smartphone, or tablet. If your website visitors are forced to pinch or zoom in to view your site, or if the exact version of your existing website does not display properly, it means that your website is not a Mobile Friendly Website.

The most important reason to update your website is user experience. You want people who visit your online store to have a pleasant experience. Anything less than, and you will lose valuable business.

As Knoxweb explains, a Mobile Friendly Website makes it easy for your visitors to access your business and your website. Fiddly websites are frustrating, especially if you have to zoom in on a Smartphone to browse an online shopping site, or any other website for that matter. You may have spent hundreds of hours on SEO or other online advertising for your business, only to have it be lost forever because you do not have a Mobile Friendly Website.

A recent study indicates that mobile usage is expected to penetrate the World Wide Web beyond 50 percent by 2016, and if you do not have a Mobile Friendly Website in place, you may as well close your doors.

In 2012, the experts predicted that mobile devices would overtake laptop and desktop usage by 2014, and that has certainly been the case. According to Knoxweb, the statistics are very clear that if you want to remain viable online, a Mobile Friendly Website should be an important part of your marketing strategy.

If you have an online store, or any other business or organization, you want to make sure that your business includes a Mobile Friendly Website before the Christmas rush. Most people who shop check prices on their tablets and Smartphone’s while they are on the road, and you want to make sure that you are at the top of the search engines so that people who are shopping in your local area can find you.

Knoxweb understands the new Google algorithms that were put into place back in April, and if you do not have a Mobile Friendly Website chances are you will be very difficult to locate as Google is now penalizing businesses who do not have a Mobile Friendly Website.

Don’t get left out during the holidays, and schedule an appointment for a no obligation Mobile Friendly Website consultation. Call now.

The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website


Knoxweb cannot stress the importance of a mobile friendly website, and if you read last week’s blog, you will have been made aware of the new algorithms put in place by Google. Googlegeddon has truly arrived and if you are not ready with a mobile friendly website, it is time to call in the professionals from Knoxweb.

These days more searches are being conducted from Smartphones and Tablets whether your clients or potential customers are looking for a local restaurant or a hair salon.

According to Knoxweb and recent studies, more people are opting for mobile devices when it comes to the World Wide Web. In fact, some folks do not even own a PC or laptop. If that is the case, you are losing business if you are not mobile friendly.

You would be surprised to learn that businesses all over the globe have been slow to embrace the trend with a mobile friendly website. In fact, even some of the largest Ecommerce players are still not mobile friendly.

In an article written back in 2009, it was predicted that mobile internet use would overtake laptops and PC’s by the year 2014, and from what analysts are saying, that prediction came true. In the same article, it stated that local searches were conducted on tablets and Smartphones.

If Googlegeddon didn’t force you into contacting Knoxweb for a mobile friendly website, maybe your search engine results will. Google will now be penalizing small and large businesses as well as organizations and individuals for websites that are not mobile friendly.

Knoxweb explains that optimization is imperative when it comes to the internet. If you do not have a mobile friendly website, you will lose sales. In fact, more than 60 percent of tablet and Smartphone users will leave your site if it doesn’t load in three seconds or less. If your site did load, but the shopping cart is not optimized, your buyers will quickly abandon the purchase.

Do a quick search on your mobile device, and you will be surprised at just how many people are not optimized for mobile use. According to Knoxweb, there are many reasons that your website should be mobile friendly.

Mobile users are quite different from those who surf on a laptop or PC. People who search the internet on a Smartphone or Tablet are typically looking for information quickly. Customers say that most of the purchases that they make on a mobile device are impulse buys with mobile users spending more cash on a purchase than those who buy items from PC or laptop.

Knoxweb explains the importance of optimizing your website by making it mobile friendly. If you have a shopping cart, you want the pathway to the purchase to be quick and easy.

With nearly half of the global internet searches being conducted from a tablet or Smartphone, a mobile friendly website is now becoming even more important than a desktop website version. Multiple analytic sites are reporting that tablet and Smartphone users are using their devices while commuting to work, watching television, while using a desktop and to kill time while waiting for an appointment.

When it comes to a mobile friendly website, you can count on Knoxweb to point you in the right direction. Call today for a no obligation consultation.

Are you Mobile Web Friendly?


Knoxweb can help if you are still having a difficult time leveraging your website to support Mobile Web. However, sooner is better than later as the World Wide Web landscape changed forever in early 2014 when tablets and cell phones exceeded personal computer usage in favor of Mobile Web.

Brands and businesses regardless of size have certainly been taking their time when it comes to embracing the potential of Mobile Web. However, most are being to realize that the internet is the foundation when it comes to all forms of operations, including marketing.

Schedule an appointment with Knoxweb who can help your business or organization integrate your website to Mobile Web. Your crucial assets including data, your website, applications, communications, customer service, and sales materials should all be accessible on any device whether it is a cell phone or a tablet.

Knoxweb explains that ninety-nine percent of people who are using their tablet or cell phone are accessing information and content with sixty-three percent surfing the internet. Sixty-two percent check email while 49 percent listen to music. Forty-two percent are now downloading mobile apps with nearly fifty percent making purchases.

However, Mobile Web is more than consumers logging into Facebook, conducting searches and checking email. More and more executives are leading the way when it comes to Mobile Web and mobile adoption, as more understand that the validation of digital assets for any brand or business needs to serve its target audience twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Business to business decision makers are relying more and more on tablets, cell phones, and Mobile Web. In fact, mobile is now the preferred method of communication for business executives doing research both during and after hours.

In a 2014 survey, it was discovered that ninety two percent of business executives own a Smartphone or IPhone for business use. Another seventy seven percent use their cell phones to research products and services for their business. If your company is not set up for Mobile Web, you could be losing valuable clients and potential customers.

Mobile Web is essential whether your business is focused on sales, marketing, customer relations, and SEO or business management. Mobile devices are now the preferred tool when it comes to communication and work and if your business is not yet optimized for Mobile Web you could be asking for trouble.

Smartphone usage is rapidly growing with college educated and financially well off folks jumping on the bandwagon. In fact, people aged between 50 and 64 have the largest increase in Mobile Web usage with thirty six percent more using their cell phone and tablet to make purchases, read reviews, engage in social media and to make reservations.

In 2014, Mobile Web revenue reached more than $260 billion worldwide. The bottom line? If your website is not mobile friendly and ready for Mobile Web use, you could very well go out of business. Think about it this way, if your business is not mobile friendly, you will be ignoring nearly one fifth of your potential users.

For more information regarding Mobile Web and how you can incorporate a Mobile Website Design into your business plan, schedule an appointment with the Mobile Web experts, Knoxweb.

Mobile Friendly Website Not Just for The Big Guys Anymore


Having a Mobile Friendly Website is almost as important, if not more important than your bank account. Think about it, if you aren’t improving your bottom line, your checking account won’t do you much good.

These days most people use their mobile devices from the moment they get out of bed to the minute they crawl under the covers, and if you don’t have a Mobile Friendly Website, you won’t see new clients and customers searching for online bargains. Those last minute shoppers are glued to a tablet or cellphone, and if your business or organization is not prepared with a Mobile Friendly Website those shoppers will head over to the competition. Your business needs a Mobile Friendly Website that will direct potential clients and customers in your direction.

When you schedule a no obligation consultation with the team from Knoxweb, your wants and needs will be discussed along with a timeframe, and most importantly, a budget. Some web design companies in Knoxville will charge you an arm and a leg, and if you need to make changes after your Mobile Friendly Website has gone live don’t be surprised if you receive a hefty bill at the end of the month. After the project has been discussed and you have come up with a time frame, Knoxweb will get to work to create a seamless Mobile Friendly Website that is skillfully integrated with the business website you currently use.

Knoxweb has the team that you need to create a unique Mobile Friendly Website that will have new clients and customers coming back for more. A Mobile Friendly Website is more than a landing page. The professionals from Knoxweb understand how to build a Mobile Friendly Website that is fast and easy to use. There is nothing worse than have a Mobile Friendly Website that is slow to load.

One of the key features of a Mobile Friendly Website is ease of use. Web surfers want to be able to see your products and services. Large buttons that are easy to see with Calls-to-action, CTA’s, are imperative, and should be included in your Mobile Friendly Website. If you’ve got big fingers those little buttons, make it hard to be exact when you click. Large easy to read buttons on your Mobile Friendly Website make it easier to click.

Keeping it simple is the key when it comes to your new Mobile Friendly Website. You want your users to be able to browse with ease. Vertical navigation is preferred if your potential clients and customers have to scroll. Just like a desktop website, your users should be able to locate what they are looking for with as few clicks as possible.

Having a click to call function on your Mobile Friendly Website allows your users to contact your business quickly in just one tap. Click to Call also eliminates the need to fill out forms on a small screen. People want to be able to call directly from your Mobile Friendly Website.

When it comes to a Mobile Friendly Website, Knoxweb has the answers and will come up with a business plan that will monetize your brand using the latest website technology available. Call for a free no obligation consultation and get your new Mobile Friendly Website started today.