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Social Media in 2019 Are You Ready?

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Although most consider 1997 the year that it all began, social media has actually been around since 1979 with users logging on to Usenet to share news with other news groups. However, it wasn’t until 2006 when Facebook rolled out that social media really became popular.

Since that time, social networks control the web with full-blown channels that communicate with their target audience. With mobile apps and additional diversions online, it’s tough to advertise on social media, especially when it comes to trends.

According to Knoxweb, who has been in business since 1996, Brands that want to capture the attention of the consumer need to evolve so that they understand how users utilize the platform.

Some Social Media Trends in 2019 to Watch For

1. Rebuilding Trust with Your Social Media Networks

Because consumer confidence is standing on shaky ground having a sound social media marketing campaign is crucial. If you have been guilty of falsely advertising your products and services on social media, disguising that it is a paid for ad for example, users will feel like they have been duped.

Worse yet is brands that bombard platforms with ads that are targeted to a particular demographic. If you are guilty as charged, it is time to rebuild that trust in 2019.

Knoxweb recommends that you connect with your audience on a more personal level. Being swamped with social media ads and being marketed without realizing it is a sure way to lose fans and followers.

2. Tell Your Story with Social Media Marketing

Telling stories is what social media is all about. Telling friends, family and fans and followers stories through videos, pictures, and posts allows users to get an up-close and personal look at each other’s lives. If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know how important video is to social media.

With new ways of storytelling, such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Stories, you and your brand are changing the way that users consumer content on social media. When you embrace the trend, you will see a boost in your following.

Try sharing stories that touch your audience. By making your brand human, you are inspiring users to try out your products and services as stories are real, personal, and immediate.

3. Make Your Brand Known

When you create a strong and strategic story with an equally strong narrative, you are creating conversations between your product and the consumer. Creating a conversation, builds a captivating story for your brand.

By leading your followers with actions, you can stand out from the constant barrage of messages from the competition. Ask Knoxweb how you can create a compelling narrative to your brands stories using Video Grabbers.

4. Quality Not Quantity

Like most things in life, it is quality, not quantity.  You reduce the risk of being stuck alongside uninspired and mediocre content with fresh and unique content. Social media marketing requires skill and finesse, without you’ll just be one of the sheep.

Users want fresh and unique content. If your page isn’t up to scratch, your users will go elsewhere. By posting creative content, you are showing your consumers that you are willing to go one-step further. When you create purposeful and creative content instead of a bunch of meaningless posts you’re on target. A bunch of meaningless posts won’t do you any favors.

5. Personalize Your Brand on Social Media

Because you are putting a human face to your brand, you are building loyalty and trust. Personal branding is imperative when it comes to social media marketing. This is especially important for unknown and small businesses. By giving your brand a human element with personal branding, you are naturally connecting with consumers. Hiding behind your company logo doesn’t work anymore, and it certainly doesn’t work for social media.

Knoxweb recommends that you promote your brand on a personal level. If this makes you uncomfortable, find someone on your team who can give your audience a front row seat to what goes on behind closed doors. Also, consider hiring guest speakers or producing a podcast. Brand influencers build brand reputation.

Want to learn more? Call Knoxweb and find out how you can boost your online profile and don’t forget to check out the next blog where you will learn more social media marketing trends for 2019.

You don’t have to be Afraid of Social Media

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If your social media accounts are driving you crazy, call or click and talk to a professional from Knoxweb who can help you decide what social media accounts are best for your business.

Knoxweb explains that not all social media accounts are the same, especially when it comes to attracting more clients and customers to your business or organization. If you are really searching for the best ROI, or Return on Investment, recent research has indicated that the social media sites that you think are the best for your business or organization may not be all that they are cracked up to be.

Every social media site has unique functions, however, according to Knoxweb you have to understand how your content will fit if you want more clients or customers.

The Most Popular Social Media sites

Every day more and more social media sites are popping up as people are using them to communicate with each other on a daily basis. Recent studies show that the most widely used sites are the sites that are used for sharing visual content.

Instagram and Pinterest are becoming more and more popular as people share eye-catching content. In fact, Mediabistro revealed that some folks are spending more time on Instagram and Pinterest than they do on Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn combined. With that in mind, Knoxweb recommends spending more time incorporating visual content into your companies brand for the best results possible.

Best Ways to Include Visual Content

Photo sharing in real time is one of the most, if not the most popular way to share content on the World Wide Web. Posting pictures of your products or services, or staff members on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook can do wonders for your pages. You can even boost your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, by letting people share your photos on their own websites and social media pages.

Create Videos

Videos are still the most popular way to share content. With Facebooks auto play video application; you can add videos to your business page allowing your fans to share them.

Upload your videos to YouTube and you will get double the exposure when you optimize your videos on Pinterest and Instagram. YouTube videos do extremely well on Google and other search engines in the search engine results.

Make your Facebook Page Stand Out

When it comes to social media, one of the most important things to note is Facebooks news feed. Constantly updating the design and the look of the news feed to deliver content that is relevant to users is what Facebook is known for, and if you understand Facebook Advertising, you will be able to hone in on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to boosting your presence on the internet.

If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you will have learned that Facebook Advertising is the way to go as brand content is now reaching just two to six percent of the audience that you are targeting. Knoxweb advises you to use auto play videos and larger photos along with current events and high quality content that users will want to read, see, and share.

Understanding social media isn’t that hard when you work with the team of social media experts from Knoxweb. Call or click and schedule an appointment with Knoxweb who can help you navigate the social media waters. Call or click now.