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2016 Web Design Trends Animation

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Web Design trends come and go, but as Knoxweb explained in the previous blog some website trends are here to stay. The last blog focused on UI Patterns for mobile websites. Below are a few more web design trends that you may want to consider for your new mobile responsive website.

Rich Animations

Unlike the dancing babies from the 90’s rich animations are being used to enhance the user experience using storytelling. Experiences are more entertaining and more interactive. However, as Knoxweb explains, it is important to consider where you are going to add the animation as it adds personality to the rest of your website. According to Knoxweb, there are two groups of animations:

Large Scale-These types of animations are used to give the user impact and will include pop up notifications and parallax scrolling.

Small Scale-These types of animations include hovering tools, spinners and loading bars without requiring user input.

Below are seven of the more popular types of animation techniques:

Loading Animations-Loading animations are used to delight and entertain users with a tedious experience. Loading animations are popular for one page websites, portfolios, minimalistic and flat designs.

Non scrolling-Hidden navigation menus are becoming more and more popular as hidden navigation menus save screen space. According to Knoxweb, animations are used to unveil a menu after clicking on a button. This prevents an awkward transition, such as hidden drawers behind hamburger menus.

Hover animations-A hover effect will give your user a more intuitive feel as they mouse over the content. People who are unsure about a certain feature on a mobile website will hover over it automatically waiting for instant feedback and gratification.

Galleries and Slideshows-Slideshows and galleries are effective if you want to showcase images without causing pain to your users. This type of mobile website is great for showcasing products, for photography websites and for portfolios.

Motion animation-Humans are drawn to motion making this type of website design trend a perfect tool to draw in potential clients and customers. Motion is great for menu items, CTA’s and forms.

Scrolling-Smooth scrolling is based on animation while giving the user better control as the pace can be determined unfolding the animation at the users leisure.

Background animation and Videos-Simple animated backgrounds will add visibility to your website, but should be used in moderation. Background videos and animations can be annoying and/or distracting. The key is working on individual section of the website to create a gentle ease of movement with the whole image.

Of course, other web design trends are becoming increasingly popular such as Microinteractions. Microinteractions happen everywhere. It starts when you wake up in the morning to turn off the alarm clock to the end of your day when you check your email before you go to bed. Each movement is done without thinking. Microinteratcions are now included in mobile apps and devices and can help with lots of things including:

  • Communicate status and feedback
  • See action results
  • Help users manipulate something on the website

When it comes to microinteractions, it is important to keep it simple, as you do not want to overwhelm your users. The text will need to be conversational, not robotic.

If you would like more information regarding web design trends for your new mobile responsive website, call or click and talk to the team from Knoxweb today.

Web Design Trends that May Surprise You


Web Design is constantly changing, and if you need some help with your Web Design, Knoxweb can help. Knoxweb are the experts when it comes to Web Design and can help you come up with a plan to make your Web Design work for you.

It’s a new year and with that comes new Web Design trends; however, not all Web Design trends are right for your business or organization. Knoxweb explains some of the Web Design trends that you will be seeing in 2016.

This year will see plenty of new trends and techniques as far as Web Design is concerned. However, the dominant theme, according to Knoxweb, will most likely be more of what you saw towards the end of last year. Those trends include slide style websites, vertical patterns, more video and material design interfaces.

If you surf the World Wide Web, you will know that scrolling and vertical patterns are big news, especially when it comes to mobile devices. This means that more and more businesses and organizations are contacting Knoxweb for websites with vertical flows.

Experts believe that mobile traffic could outdo desktop and laptop traffic in 2016, which is definitely a reason for the Vertical Pattern and Scrolling trends. Some years ago, most web designers believed that the scroll in web design was on its way out, however because of the smaller screens, Knoxweb is creating user interfaces that are vertical in nature.

Another trend that made its presence known at the end of 2016 was the card-style interface. Card style interfaces are seen everywhere from websites to Mobile Apps. Card-style interfaces help keep your information organized, are user-friendly and engaging. The other big plus with card style interfaces is that they will work nearly seamlessly on all devices because the cards can actually stack down or across the screen.

Video will have a huge impact in 2016 with Web Design Hero Video Headers. Thanks to better video plug-ins and high-speed internet connections Web Design is literally headed to the theater. Knoxweb makes it easy for your website to include a movie-style experience for your users. Video clips have grown from small to nearly full-length preview video clips. The images used in the clips are crisp, sharp and in HD or high definition. This creates an online video experience that is new to most users.

One of the biggest Web Design trends last year was tiny animations. Moving elements were and continue to be everywhere this year from hero-style animations to tiny divots that you nearly miss. Tiny animations are growing in popularity while shrinking in size. Animated user elements make it fun for users while engaging them at the same time. It provides your clients and customers with a little element of surprise.

Along with animation is interaction. Interaction is the staple when it comes to mobile interfaces and mobile apps. Good interactions are small providing added value to your users. From a simple alarm to a text message, these small interactions will shape how your clients and potential customers interact with your Web Design.

If you would like more information regarding Web Design for 2016, call and schedule an appointment with the professional team of Web Designers from Knoxweb today.

Web Design Trends for Your Business in 2015


Web Design Trends come and go, but unless you are a professional web designer, knowing what works and what doesn’t could affect your business.

According to the dictionary, a trend is the general direction in which something is changing or developing. Web Design Trends can accurately predict how websites will work in the future.

Knoxweb explains that it is imperative for a Web Designer to think like a user, rather than a Web Developer or Designer and has some ideas about what Web Design Trends will be popular in 2015.

Pictures literally are worth a thousand words and that is certainly true when it comes to Web Design Trends. 2015 will continue to embrace the, “Flat Design,” focusing on simple elements such as flat colors and typography, while phasing out gradients, drop shadow, textures, and other depth adding tools all too familiar when it comes to three dimensional and out of date websites.

Knoxweb agrees that Microsoft Internet Explorer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it may not be the company’s preferred browser with rumors that Microsoft is working on a browser aptly named Spartan. This new Chrome-style lightweight browser could mean the end of IE 6 to IE7.

Lettering has been big for quite some time with even more growth when it comes to Web Design Trends in 2015. This year, website lettering will be the deciding factor when it comes from distinguishing between ready-made templates and high quality Web Design. Knoxweb are constantly keeping up with Web Design Trends in 2015 with lettering that has moved from the coffee shop into the Web Development room.

Responsive Design has really shaken up the World Wide Web, but Micro-Design is a way of surviving the problems that can occur when it comes to responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design allows a website to detect what size the screen is while automatically adjusting to fit. This gives users the best experience regardless of the device or screen size.

Because the screen space is somewhat limited when it comes to mobile devices, advertisers have had a tough time producing video ads for cell phones and tablets. In a previous blog, Knoxweb spoke about the huge growth of video on the internet, especially when it comes to advertising. Although, that is one area that has been lagging behind when it comes to mobile video,  things will change in 2015.

According to Knoxweb, other Web Design Trends to look for in the coming months include new social media networks and mobile apps that will become more user friendly while bridging the narrowing gap between the digital and real world.

PayPal will also see a decline in the next 12 months with companies such as Stripe PaySimple and Shopify changing the way users invoice and accept payments.

Art Direction will become one of, if not the most important aspects when it comes to Web Design Trends. Those free or cheap online templates will become dated as Web Designers use a more holistic approach when it comes to consistency.

You can count on the professionals from Knoxweb to come up with a unique marketing strategy that will take your business well into the 21st century with the latest Web Design Trends.

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