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What Does a Mobile App Cost 2017

mobile apps

Ask any mobile web design expert about mobile app cost, and you will get the same response, every app is different. According to Knoxweb, it’s like asking the price of a new car. It all depends on what kind of vehicle, or app in this case, that you want to create. The cost of a mobile app could set you back a few thousand or a few hundred thousand dollars depending on the variables of the mobile app.

Prices remain sporadic because mobile app technology is fairly new, but constantly evolving. A good example would be the hybrid app, which helped lower the cost of small business mobile app development from $49,000 to $38,500 back in February of 2015.

Knoxweb has been in the web world since 1996 and has the experience and the tools that allow affordable app production for your business or organization. As new strategies and tools emerge, the cost of app production will continue to drop because mobile web developers have the ability to leverage the tools for time frame and overall cost reduction. As mobile continues to evolve it will become easier and more affordable to develop apps. That means your business or organization will not have to wait months to see their mobile app in the app store.

Plug and Play

Knoxweb explains that plug and play allows small business owners to build their own app. You will find dozens of premade functions including clean templates and much more. However, although it may seem like doing everything in house is a good idea, you may want to consider finding a reputable mobile app development company that will work with you. Knoxweb cuts out the middleman and does everything in house so you don’t end up spending more than you have to.

If you want to protect yourself, it’s important to do your research. Your due diligence will pay off when it comes to the true cost of a mobile app.

Ask Questions

Regardless of who you are meeting with to discuss your mobile app, even if it is on Skype or video chat, you need to be prepared with a list of questions. Knoxweb recommends that you be prepared and if any of your questions are met with hesitation it’s time to move on to the next mobile app development company on the list.

Some of the questions to consider include:

  • Who will be in charge of the project?
  • Who will actually be working on my app?
  • What mobile apps have you designed or created
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take to build the mobile app?
  • What code will be used, native or hybrid
  • How much will it cost to build the iPhone app?
  • How much will it cost to build the Android App?
  • Who will handle development and engineering?
  • How will the app development cost be calculated?
  • How can I work on the cost of my mobile app?
  • What is the average price for a mobile app with your company?

The overall price is just the tip of the iceberg. In the next Knoxweb blog, you will learn more about the cost and time frame of each stage of development and what you are really paying for when it comes to a mobile app.

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Mobile Apps Future 2017 and Beyond

mobile apps

The world of mobile apps has certainly changed, especially when you consider that mobile apps haven’t been around for that long.

According to Knoxweb, when Steve Jobs introduced the very first Macintosh he predicted the explosion of this new digital system. Jobs proclaimed that it would be like a record store where you could download software over phone lines. Mr. Jobs saw app stores and mobile apps emerging quickly. The first emerged from the game Snake debuting in 2008.

Fast forward to 2017, where mobile apps are used for everything from gaming and telephony to utilities. There are apps used to dominate your experience, and apps that are your, “Home screen.” These days’ mobile apps are used to maximize your experience without taking over your attention. So what’s next?

Content Volume

Because there is so much content produced, it will eventually lead to managing mobile apps differently. A new concept that is proving to be quite persuasive and something that is already being used by Facebook and Twitter is the, “Card.” The card allows your content to be presented consistently, and with mobile becoming more wearable, it is imperative that intelligent aggregation takes place in order to fuel the innovation of the mobile app.

Every Screen

Knoxweb explains that multiscreens will become every-screen with mobile app developers designing a single mobile app for all devices and not just mobile and desktop. Web designers are coming up with a single experience that will allow the user to stretch across any web connected terminal. This type of application would be used with the card system so that users can connect anywhere in the world.

Customizable Mobile Apps

Some analysts believe that apps as you know them now will no longer exist being replaced by services and brand names that will provide you with actionable insights 24/7. It will be like your own personalized newsfeed that is loaded with the products and services that you want and use. Everything will be presented in real time when you need it most.


Marketers are discovering that one of the biggest ways to entice people of all ages is with Emoji apps. The apps that gained popularity with the coveted millennial market are influencing younger and older generations as well. Generation Z, the eldest of the millennial’s’ with men and women in their mid thirties, grew up with social media and a digitally connected world.

Connecting with text, images, and emojis that give users emotions such as a heart, a smile, or a wink is fun and breaks up boring text messages. Smart businesses and organizations are using emjois to communicate with their desired demographic infiltrating mobile devices.

One of the most popular communication trends is now the popular way to brand products and services. Facebook offers brands opportunities to showcase products and services with emojis in its messaging app.

The future of mobile apps remains to be seen, but according to Knoxweb will continue to become increasingly seamless, regardless of the device that is being used.

If you have been considering a mobile app for your business or organization, Knoxweb can help. Call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb to discuss mobile apps.

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What’s New with Mobile Apps in Knoxville


Technology is continually changing, especially when it comes to the World Wide Web. Mobile Apps in Knoxville have already taken the planet by storm, and could help you boost your annual sales.

Every year it seems as if more and more Mobile Apps in Knoxville are making it possible for mobile device users to shop, order food, save money, track workouts and much more.

The powerful combination of Mobile Apps and Smartphone’s have created a digital sphere that is hardly slowing down, in fact, Knoxweb explains that Mobile Apps are more popular than they ever and will continue to dictate how people interact with information.

This year expect more cross-platform tools when it comes to Mobile Apps in Knoxville. Knoxweb will tell you that there are so many devices available this it is nearly impossible to find one enterprise running on one single platform. From iOS to wearable technology there will be even more cross-platforms available in 2016. That means that Mobile Apps will not be restricted to a single device such as a tablet or a Smartphone.

With over a billion Smartphone’s around the world, users are demanding that Mobile Apps work faster. Knoxweb is developing Mobile Apps in Knoxville that work faster than ever. That means that the period between the launch and the initial idea is quicker in order to deliver consistent value to people using your new Mobile App.

Although Mobile Apps  in Knoxville are relatively new, the best businesses and organizations are already collecting data to determine how their users are interacting with technology. User analytics help companies understand what their customers and potentials clients like and don’t like and what should be done to make the Mobile App experience more beneficial. If your Mobile App isn’t supplying people with what they want or need, they will quickly look elsewhere.

Cloud technology isn’t going anywhere, especially when it comes to Mobile Apps. With an ever-increasing amount of Smartphone’s and other mobile devices available, Mobile Apps in Knoxville that have the ability to synchronize with other Mobile Devices are the key when it comes to Mobile Apps.

Mobile Apps in Knoxville allow for better advertising, marketing and purchasing. A good mobile app has the potential to bring in money from a wider net of prospects. Knoxweb can monetize your mobile app so that you can be exposed to more potential clients and customers.

Mobile commerce is becoming more and more popular with mobile banking. People can now make payments, deposit checks, and transfer funds using a tablet or Smartphone. These days buying something with your mobile device is almost as common as a credit card. The professional Mobile App developers from Knoxweb are continuing to develop Mobile Apps that make it safer, faster, and easier. As Mobile Apps in Knoxville become more popular, so does the need for security. Thankfully, Knoxweb is continually concentrating on cyber security to keep your Mobile App safe.

The new innovations, such as wearable mobile devices are expected to soar with people embracing this type of connectivity.

As the year continues, it is important to remember that Mobile Apps in Knoxville aren’t going away, and if your business wants to take advantage of the growing mobile environment, it is important to schedule an appointment with Knoxweb who can determine what type of Mobile Apps would be best for your particular needs. Call and schedule a no obligation Mobile App appointment with Knoxweb today.

The Best Mobile Apps for Business or your Organization


If you have been trying to come up with an idea for the Best Mobile Apps for your business, contact the team of professionals from Knoxweb who can help you design and create the Mobile App for your specific needs.

There are literally millions of various Mobile Apps for Business out there; with more popping up every day, but how do you determine what Mobile App is best for your company or organization.

The Best Mobile Apps for Business have revolutionized the way that people conduct business, with the demand for apps skyrocketing. Most companies use Mobile Apps to cater to the needs of their customers and clients while keeping them engaged, while some use Mobile Apps for Business to entice potential clients to come onboard. Regardless of what your Mobile Apps for Business needs are, Knoxweb can help.

When you schedule an appointment with Knoxweb for Mobile Apps for Business the professional team of web developers and web designers will come up with a strategic plan to help you get the ball rolling. Your wants and needs will be discussed along with a timeline, and most importantly, a budget.

Getting the right Mobile Apps for Business can help you boost your revenues, but unless you work with an expert Mobile Apps for Business development company, such as Knoxweb, you may be spending a fortune without getting the results that you should from your new Mobile Apps for Business.


The first thing that you need to consider when you are hiring a corporation for Mobile Apps for Business is skills and technical competency. Knoxweb has the in-depth knowledge required for Mobile Apps for Business.

Knoxweb has been in business since 1996, before anyone even know about Mobile Apps for Business, and is continually educating its team with ongoing classes and seminars to make sure that their clients and customers are getting the latest and best Mobile Apps for Business available.

You may think you are getting a great deal from a fairly new company, but when it comes to Mobile Apps for Business, it’s always best to choose a company such as Knoxweb who have the experience and the methodology to create Mobile Apps for Business that will suit your particular needs.

Knoxweb’s experience in working across multiple mobile platforms and verticals means that your new Mobile Apps for Business will be detailed, well thought out, and most importantly, affordable.

One of the most important parts of any new Mobile Apps for Business is communication.Knoxweb has the communication tools that will keep you up to date and informed when it comes to the progress of your Mobile Apps for Business. Good customer service is imperative when it comes to Mobile Apps for Business even after your new Mobile App has been launched. Knoxweb will provide you with continuous customer support and will be there for you and your business.

KnoxwebIf you would like more information regarding Mobile Apps for Business, schedule a complimentary no obligation consultation with the team from Knoxweb who can help you design Mobile Apps for Business that will put you ahead of the competition. Call for a consultation today.

What You Might Not Know about Mobile Apps for business


If you have been hearing more about Mobile Apps for business, but aren’t sure if you need one or if your company could benefit from a Mobile App talk to the team of professional web developers and mobile app developers from Knoxweb who can help explain the pros and cons of professionally built Mobile Apps for business.

Small and large companies to help make it easier for people on the go to access your products and services use a mobile app. Knoxweb understands the importance of a solid mobile strategy and Mobile Apps for business may be part of that marketing scheme.

In a recent study it was determined that Apps are becoming more important than websites as most people are spending more time on a computer, and that includes Smartphone’s and tablets, than any other medium including television. The same study found that people in the United States are spending five + hours on digital with over three hours on a mobile device. Incredibly, that figure was up by 575% from 2010 to 2013. You can only imagine how many Mobile Apps for business have been accessed since that time.

In other research, App analytics conducted by the analytics firm Flurry tracked over 300,000 apps and discovered that the average amount of time spent every day on a Smartphone or tablet was two hours and thirty-eight minutes. Flurry also discovered that more than 80% of that time was spent on Mobile Apps for business.

When you talk to Knoxweb about Mobile Apps, your wants and needs will be discussed along with your goals when it comes to the digital world. Some companies choose to design Mobile Apps for business that provide some sort of service for clients and customers while other companies have Mobile Apps for business built that give people opportunities to win free food, movie tickets, coupons and other free stuff just for downloading certain Mobile Apps for business.

When Knoxweb designs your Mobile Apps for business, you can let your customers know about a service or offer just by using the Mobile Apps for business notification feature. Using the notification feature, you will quickly discover that Mobile Apps for business are about ten times more effective than traditional email marketing.

With your Mobile Apps for business location feature, you can direct your potential customers to your nearest store regardless of where they are located at any given time.

If you want your customers to see your products in action, they can use your Mobile Apps for business video, shopping or product list enticing them to buy whatever product or service you are selling right on the spot.

There is nothing more important than positive feedback. If your Mobile Apps for business has a discussion or chat room or a fan wall, you can get feedback from your customers that will help you build a stronger relationship in order to build your brand identity and your client base.

Mobile Apps for business designed by Knoxweb will also enable your customers to phone the right person using the one-touch call and Mobile Apps for business directory feature.

If you would like more information regarding Mobile Apps for business, schedule an appointment with the Mobile Apps for business experts from Knoxweb today.