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Facebook Advertising Works but Are You Doing it Right

Facebook Advertising

Knoxweb has been talking for years about the power of Facebook advertising, and if you subscribe to the Knoxweb Blog, you will have learned that Facebook advertising can work for your business, but how you organize your campaign can have a dramatic effect on your efforts. If you are targeting the wrong demographic or not using the tools properly, you could be missing the boat.

It’s All About Planning

According to Knoxweb, it is vital that you plan your strategy before you fork out any cash. Facebook ads are affordable, about $2.00 a day, but your ad dollars could turn out just like your morning coffee. Satisfying at the time, but not doing you much good right now, unless of course you are still feeling the caffeine rush.

Knoxweb have been in business since 1996 and are far ahead of the curve when it comes to Facebook advertising. Knoxweb can help you come up with a strategic online marketing plan, including advertising on Facebook that will help you increase your fan base and your income.

Shopping on Facebook

Facebook is becoming more popular for online shopping. Who would have thought three years ago that you could buy and even sell your products and services on a social media site? These days if you ask the average person if they have ever bought something on Facebook, the answer would probably be yes.

With Facebook, the user never has to leave the site. Consumers can buy and sell products and services within the social media site. It’s like a big shopping mall where you can buy and sell, socialize with friends and even, “Go to the movies.” Facebook makes it easy to sell just about anything and best of all, people can purchase directly from your Facebook business page.

Set Up is Easy

Setting up a business page for Facebook is easy. Just follow the instructions and you will be well on your way to increasing your end of year sales. Once you are up and running and you are comfortable with your page ask Knoxweb about Facebook advertising.

The experts from Knoxweb can check out your Facebook business page and your website to make sure that you are ready to handle the traffic. With social media, you never know what you are going to get when it comes to sales. It really is like a box of chocolates. If you get 2,000 orders, or even 500, are you ready to handle it? The last thing you want is bad reviews.

Now or Never

People want what they want now. People who buy on Facebook will read what others have to say, and if your customer service isn’t right on point; you could find yourself on the negative end of the comment thread. You want to make sure you can fulfill your orders regardless of the product or service. If your customers aren’t receiving their goods in the amount of time specified, it could ruin your online business.

Knoxweb will make sure that your business is ready to handle what could be massive amounts of business with your website and your Facebook page. You must have everything in place before you even consider placing a Facebook ad. It may be cheap, but if it doesn’t work in your favor, it could be a waste of money, and most importantly, time.

A Good ROI Means Planning

Having a plan for your Facebook Advertising campaign is crucial if you want to see a good ROI. A good return on investment comes with careful planning, and that is where Knoxweb comes in.

Knoxweb can help you optimize your Facebook Ad campaign without having to spend thousands. Once you have your ad date set, Knoxweb can get ready with a blog, social media posts and other online optimization tools that will get the ball rolling giving you the best bang for your buck when it comes to Facebook Advertising.

Get onboard with your online strategy and talk to Knoxweb. It really could change your entire outlook on social media and Facebook.

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Facebook Advertising 2018 What you Need To Know

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising has certainly improved over the years and only promises better results in 2018. According to Knoxweb, Facebook just may be the place to put your advertising dollars in the New Year.

When Facebook first showed its face in 2004, the Facebook Advertising platform on the most popular social media site in the world had just begun. Fast forward to 2017, and the King of social media has become the most phenomenal social media marketing platform in digital marketing history.

2018 promises to be an even bigger year when it comes to advertising your business or organization on Facebook.

Followers of the Knoxweb Blog will know that video is the most popular platform for online advertising and for Facebook Advertising. In fact, people who use Facebook watch more than 150 million hours of video clips every day. As a result, FB has been improving its in-house video players offering both organic and video content ad buyers a much better avenue to show video.

Speaking of organic, according to Knoxweb, video clips on Facebook for Facebook Advertising will receive 135 percent more when it comes to organic reach. Your business can improve its paid posts and organic reach by posting thoughtful promotional videos that will convert potential customers into buyers.

With the help of Knoxweb and Video Grabber, you can improve your prospects and your engagement. People who use Facebook will also remember a message with a video more so than a text or even a photo. People remember a video clip seven times more than text.

Video Grabber allows you to use different ad techniques to boost your brand online with ad formats that will attract the attention of your demographic, but it’s not just video that can help your social media marketing in 2018. According to Knoxweb there are several ad formats used by Facebook for Facebook Advertising.

Some of the ad formats to look for include:

Slideshow ads-These types of ads use lightweight video that loads faster. Slideshow ads are also a great transition for businesses that want to produce more video.

Carousel ads-These types of ads use multiple offers or multiple images at the same time. This gives the user a richer experience.

Collection ads-These types of ads allow potential customers to browse through multiple informational pages or products in the app. This allows for less friction.

Dynamic ads-These types of ads use single ad templates to advertise multiple products or to create different segments or customized pitches.

Canvas mobile ads-These types of ads transform Facebook ads into a single image or video scrolling experience that is perfect for showcasing your business or organization.

Link ads-These types of ads include customizable CTA buttons that are used to direct prospects to your website, offer, or a landing page. Not only do link ads encourage participation, they also increase your conversion rate.

Lead ads-These types of ads capture leads directly avoiding the need to leave the ap. Understanding what types of ads are best for your best will see a better ROI.

2018 will be here before you know it, and if you want to improve your ranking and your sales with Facebook Advertising, call or click and talk to Knoxweb about social media marketing. It really can help your business or organization grow.

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Advertising on Facebook Will Increase Sales

advertising on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is quick and easy, and best of all; it won’t cost you a fortune to advertise on Facebook. For as little as $50.00 per campaign, you can boost your online presence, and increase your sales.

Facebook really is the King of social media, and according to Knoxweb, Facebook gives you the best options when it comes to online advertising because you target your demographic. However, there are quite a few other reasons to consider Facebook Advertising for both small and large businesses and organizations.

People spend time on Social Media

The average person in the United States spends about 50 minutes a day on Facebook. Users share and like content. Every 60 seconds, Facebook users share and like more than 4 million posts, and with a good Facebook advertising plan from Knoxweb, you can tap into that engaged user base.

Organic is on its Way Out

If you have a Facebook business page, you may not understand that fewer than 0.5 percent will see your Facebook updates. For a few years now, Facebook has been reducing business page posts in news feeds, another reason you need to advertise on Facebook. Spend $50.00 and you will get your business page ad out to 10,000 people targeting you demographic.

Targeting is Awesome

Facebook targets more than you may realize. Business owners can target Facebook ads by age, location, gender, location, behavior, interests and connections. With Facebook advertising, you can reach your audience with powerful targeting options that you probably aren’t aware of. With Facebook ads, you can:

  • Use custom audiences to help build loyalty
  • Become creative with life events
  • Tap into recent purchasing behavior
  • Create lookalike audiences
  • Layer your targeting options

Call Buttons

With 1.39 billion Facebook visitors every month, and that’s just mobile visitors, call buttons are truly innovative as they will get you more leads, which will hopefully lead to sales. The old way of desktop search conversions is over. With Facebook ads, you can target mobile users with a call button on your Facebook page.

Facebook Tools are Easy

Advertising on Facebook is easy when you use the Facebook advertising tools. The IOS Tool allows you to manage and create Facebook ads from any mobile device, while the Text Overlay Tool allows you to promote your posts. Simply put, that means you can posts what you normally would, and pay to expand your user base. The Social Stats tool is perfect if you do business in different locations. If you sell on Etsy or Ebay, you can choose your locations, evaluate from a map, and set your demographic preferences with the Social Stats Tool. Ask Knoxweb about Facebook tools for advertising on Facebook.

Social media is complex, but one thing is for sure, Facebook still reigns supreme, and when you advertise on Facebook, you will begin to see why.

If you would like more information regarding advertising on Facebook, social media advertising, website development or online marketing, call or click and talk to a professional social media expert from Knoxweb. Knoxweb really understands the World Wide Web, especially social media, and can help you take your business to the next level with Facebook advertising.

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Social Media Advertising for Everyone

social media advertising

Social media advertising is something that should always be left up to the professionals from Knoxweb. Knoxweb are the social media experts and have been in the web business since 1996, and have a full understanding of the deep waters of social media advertising.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are just a few of the most popular social media sites on the World Wide Web, but unless you have a firm grasp on who is going where, you could find yourself targeting the wrong demographic.

Targeting the right people when it comes to social media advertising is the first hurdle. Talk to your team about your demographic. If you are targeting teens and young adults, you may want to consider starting a Snapchat campaign.


With Snapchat, you can tease your audience with quick snaps and stories about upcoming promotions. With Snapchat, you can rev up your target market with new products and sales. Snapchat also has some very cool features that allow you to personalize your photos and your videos.


If it’s the women you are after, Pinterest is the place to go. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites and is loved by women all over the planet. If you are unfamiliar, Pinterest is like a giant corkboard where you can create pins virtually anything and everything.


If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you will know that Facebook remains the most popular social media website in the world, and if you aren’t using it to its full advantage, you could be losing business. Facebook ads can be targeted to your specific demographic and can cost as little as $5.00 per day. Talk to Knoxweb about Facebook advertising as it really can boost your presence on the number one social media site, Facebook.


YouTube is king when it comes to video, and even though Facebook is now going full speed ahead with its video feature, YouTube is still at the top. Knoxweb has a team of professional social media mavens who can help you put together a YouTube campaign that will help you and your business or organization get on the web. People like to be visually inspired, and if you can come up with a great advertising campaign, with the help of Knoxweb of course, you could go viral.


If you are a business-to-business based company, Knoxweb recommends LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best social media website when it comes to advertising to like-minded people. The largest and most professional network, LinkedIn’s advertising platform allows you to reach like-minded business people. With Knoxwebs help, you can create text and other types of social media advertising spots on LinkedIn.


Although Snapchat is chasing the heels of Twitter when it comes to popularity, Twitter is still one of the most popular places where you can make social media advertising work for you and your business. When you schedule an appointment with Knoxweb for online advertising, you can work together to create social media advertising spots that people will find interesting, entertaining, and informative. With just 55 characters allowed, it is important to get your message across immediately.

Social media advertising is here to stay, and if you would like more information regarding Facebook advertising, or any other social media advertising, call or click and speak to an expert about social media from Knoxweb today.

Jump on the Facebook Advertising Bandwagon


Facebook has taken the world by storm, and if you haven’t jumped on the Facebook Advertising bandwagon, you could be missing out.

Regardless of your demographic, every business owner should consider Facebook Advertising, and that is where Knoxweb comes in. Knoxweb can help you build a mobile friendly website that includes weekly blogs. Those weekly blogs will automatically feed to your social media pages organically. However, if you would rather pay for Facebook Advertising, Knoxweb can help with that as well.

Although organic Facebook Advertising has declined, you can still reach your target market, but it does take time. If you decide to spend just a dollar a day on your Facebook Advertising campaign, you will get a lot more interaction. Facebook explains that you will reach on average around 16 percent of your fans. If you boost your Facebook Advertising with a clever post, you will reach more people who are likely to share your posts, pictures, and videos.

If your Facebook Advertising goal is to drive more traffic to your website, Facebook has a, “Drive Traffic to Your Website,” option in the advertising portal that will enable you to optimize your Facebook Advertising campaign.

With the Facebook Advertising advanced options, you and your business can drive the people who are actually interested in your services and your products right to your website with the help of Knoxweb.

For example, if you own a clothing store that caters to the teen market, you can use Facebook Advertising to target your demographic, which in this case, would be teenagers. The aim of non-organic Facebook Advertising is to understand and know who your customers are so that your products and services sell themselves.

When you work with Knoxweb for Facebook Advertising, the team of professional Facebook Advertising experts can help you create content that is compelling in order to drive your target market to your website.

Knoxweb can also show you how to gauge your Google Analytics in order to determine how long a user will stay on your website while helping you set up Facebook Advertising conversion tracking. If you have tried and failed in the past, Knoxweb can help you understand your users and get them to stay on your website for longer periods.

According to one website, Kiss Metrics, over 30 billion content pieces are shared on the massive social media site every month. That means if you start Facebook Advertising with your content, you can become more visible while reaching more people. With the help of Knoxweb, your brand will receive more exposure enabling more people in your demographic to share your content. That really is the best thing about social media.

Facebook Advertising allows you to post compelling content that people really want to read or see. If your content is awesome, users will want to share.

If you decide to use non-organic Facebook Advertising, Knoxweb will teach you how to focus on great content giving you the best value for your dollar. Instead of writing daily posts that are so-so, Knoxweb can show you how to write a weekly post that will get better traction and better results. When your Facebook Advertising posts attract more attention, people will begin to share your posts and start talking about your company and your brand.

If you would like more information regarding Facebook Advertising, schedule an appointment with the experts from Knoxweb today.

Is Facebook Advertising Hurting your Business


When it comes to Facebook Advertising, you need to work with the professionals from Knoxweb who can help take the burden out of Facebook Advertising. Social Media is imperative if you want to grow your business, but unfortunately, unless you can spend hours on Facebook Advertising, you could make mistakes that will cost you.

Facebook Advertising can be very powerful, but unless you have the experience, as Knoxweb does, you could be learning a tough lesson. Below are three common mistakes that businesses and organizations make when it comes to Facebook Advertising.

Stop Targeting People who aren’t Interested in your Business

Unfortunately, some companies are spending far too much time targeting non-fans. According to Webtrends, businesses and organizations that target fans will have a 700 percent click through rate. Although that doesn’t always transfer to sales, it does get people on your page. Knoxweb has the expertise to target your audience with relevant Facebook Advertising that will get you noticed.

Avoid the Superbowl Syndrome

KnoxwebSuperbowl Sunday attracts larger companies who can afford to buy one or two add slots as they will reach over 90 million people, however, unless you have a spare million or two to spend, spending a fortune on Facebook Advertising will not get you the results you want or need. Knoxweb understands that the more relevant audience you have for Facebook Advertising the better. Target towards your users and you will spend less of your Facebook Advertising budget.

All businesses and organizations have less than a second to get attention, and if you are ad is appearing everywhere and isn’t relevant to your target audience your potential customers will go to the competition. When you communicate relevance and target a specific audience with a few smaller ads, instead of one million dollar Superbowl Sunday ad, you will see better results.

Test Those Images

A picture truly does paint a thousand words, especially when it comes to Facebook Advertising. Never assume that you know it all when it comes to images. An image that you think will get tons of click throughs and shares is not a good idea. If you test your assumptions, you truly are missing the Facebook Advertising point as well as the opportunity.

Knoxweb understands how important it is to split test your Facebook Advertising images and ads. Before you spend your ad dollars on Facebook Advertising do a test so you can gauge what types of pictures your audience likes best. In other words, post pictures with catchy descriptions or ask your users what images they like best. Remember, posting is free, but Facebook Advertising isn’t. When you post a dozen or so pictures on your page such as animals, people smiling, food or any other images that pertains to your business, regardless of how far out there they may seem you will know what types of images will work best in your Facebook Advertising campaign.


In a recent survey conducted by Webtrends the images that attracted the most attention were pictures of animals, quirky holiday decorations, and interesting photos of food. Nobody really knows why the people who were involved in the survey chose those particular images, but the point is, you can save money when you choose photos that have been tested organically in your Facebook Advertising scheme.

If you would like more information regarding Facebook Advertising, schedule an appointment with Knoxweb today.

More than Just Facebook Advertising


Facebook Advertising can be confusing, but not when you schedule a no obligation consultation with the team of Facebook Advertising from Knoxweb.

If you have been in business for more than a decade, you are probably used to the old school ways of advertising; however, the yellow pages are no longer viable if you want to reach your target market.

Facebook Advertising is one of the best ways to get your business noticed, as it really is word of mouth advertising for the 21st century. Using Facebook Advertising for your business not only increases your online presence, but also increases your bottom line.

Paying for Facebook Advertising doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially when you work with the professional team of Facebook Advertising consultants from Knoxweb. Knoxweb is always thinking ahead when it comes to advertising on the World Wide Web. Because Knoxweb keeps up with the times, the team of Facebook Advertising consultants can tailor make a Facebook Advertising strategy to fit your business or organization.

One of the most important things to consider if you are planning a Facebook Advertising marketing plan is your target market. You want people who are searching on Facebook to be able to find your page so that you can have conversations with people who are interested in your products and services. Once people like your page, you can share with them, and see what posts they find most interesting. With the help of Knoxweb, you can reach large numbers of people often with messages and posts that are tailor made to suit their interests and their needs.



Your Facebook page is an online extension of your company or organization and when you utilize Facebook Advertising into your plan, you will begin to realize how important it is and why you hadn’t used Facebook Advertising in the past.

When Knoxweb helps you set up your business or organization page, it is important that you include your new business Facebook page address on your business card for maximum exposure. Also, include it on your website and other marketing platforms including other social media sites.

Facebook really is the best social media site to set up camp when it comes to your business, as there are more than 125 billion people worldwide who use the social media site for personal and business purposes.

Of course, there is more to marketing than Facebook Advertising especially when it comes to making a connection outside of the realms of Facebook. Although it will probably never happen, it is important to have a list of email leads in case Facebook decides to close up shop one day. Smart business owners realize that they will be in trouble if they solely depend on Facebook Advertising.


Knoxweb explains that one of the best ways to utilize Facebook Advertising for leads is to create giveaways, newsletters, and contests. This proven system means that you will be able to gather the email addresses you need to use outside of Facebook. However, make sure that you use those leads properly and resist the urge to hammer your fans and friends with constant emails trying to sell your products and services.

If you would like more information regarding Facebook Advertising, contact Knoxweb today.

Should you Pay for Facebook Advertising?


Facebook Advertising is essential, especially if you want to attract new clients and customers. Knoxweb understands the power of Facebook Advertising and advertising on other social media sites and has the tools you need to get you started with Facebook Advertising.

A little over 11 years ago, Facebook took the world by storm and has grown to become the largest social media website on the planet. On its ten-year anniversary, February 11, 2014, 57 percent of adults in the United States and 73 percent between the ages of 12 and 17 are loyal Facebook users. The figures don’t lie, and if you want to cash in on any demographic, talk to Knoxweb about Facebook Advertising.

There are several ways that you can use Facebook Advertising to benefit your business or organization. You can pay for Facebook Advertising, which could cost as little as $1.00 a day, or talk to the team of social media experts from Knoxweb who can help you learn how to boost your bottom line with organic Facebook Advertising.

Organic reach is actually the total amount of unique visitors who saw your post without paying for Facebook Advertising, while paid reach is the number of unique visitors who saw your post because of your paid Facebook Advertising.

Knoxweb explains that when you run an ad on Facebook, there are quite a few ways that you can target a specific audience. One of the most popular ways to boost sales and services is to use interest targeting.

Remember, the actions of your audience still matter, and you should still use the share tools when you post content, however unlike the early days of Facebook Advertising, how many likes your business page has is no longer that relevant. If you are getting any type of traffic to your website because of organic Facebook Advertising, it is most likely from other people who are liking or sharing the content that the find in their own news feed.

Paid Facebook Advertising can be extremely effective, and although you may still be holding off thinking this too shall pass, Knoxweb strongly disagrees. The new reality is that Facebook has a massive audience that any brand would love to reach. If you have an opportunity or a great promotion, it isn’t a bad idea to consider a small Facebook Advertising buy targeting a specific audience. Once your Facebook Advertising promotion is completed, you can see whether it outperformed your other advertising channels.

Back in November of last year, marketers were claiming that organic Facebook Advertising was dead because Facebook would be cracking down on promotional posts beginning on January 1. However, Knoxweb explains that you can still organically promote your business or organization as long as you use smart marketing.

The new Facebook policy means that marketers will have to be smarter when it comes to posting. Posts that are blatantly advertising a service or product will be deemed as such and require paid Facebook Advertising. The new policy gives Facebook users a clear distinction between non-promotional content and paid Facebook Advertising. Clever companies will use the new policy as a way to separate direct sales from clever storytelling.

When it comes to organic Facebook Advertising, it’s all about higher quality content. Fans want to see brands tell stories. Both Harley Davidson and Redbull have had success with Facebook Advertising by refocusing their unique and highly appealing content.

If you would like more information regarding organic Facebook Advertising and paid Facebook Advertising, schedule a no obligation consultation with the team of social media experts from Knoxweb today.

Facebook Advertising Needs to Be Done the Right Way

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is the best way for any business to get the word out.

Social Media has certainly come a long way since the first social media website took the stage back in 1999. Friends Reunited was actually the first social network that achieved any sort of recognition. Friends Reunited was a website that was founded in Great Britain. Used to relocate old school friends, Friends Reunited was developed by Julie and Steve Pankhurst after she began to wonder where her old school friends might be. Of course, the success of Classmates.com in the United States helped her exploit Friends Reunited bringing in businesses and companies much like Facebook Advertising does today. Friends Reunited has had several reincarnations finally rebranding itself as DC Thomas Family History in 2013, mainly because of Facebook Advertising.

Social Media allows people to discuss and share information about their lives using pictures, videos, words, and audio. Social Media is also the biggest place for friends and family members to share products and services. Word of mouth advertising has always been big, but since the dawning of Facebook Advertising, it has grown by leaps and bounds.

Knoxweb has been at the forefront of Facebook Advertising and advertising on other social media sites such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Digg. Knoxweb can guide you get through the dozens of social media websites such as Pinterest, LiveJournal, Second Life and Reddit helping you make the best decisions when it comes to monetizing your brand.

Of course, Facebook Advertising is the best way for any business to get the word out about products and services, but unless you have the time to post status updates, Facebook Advertising could actually harm your business.

If you neglect Facebook Advertising, your users will begin to shop elsewhere. Even your most loyal clients and customers need to be kept abreast of the everyday goings on when it comes to your business or organization.

According to Knoxweb, every brand has a formula when it comes to success, but recent statistics show that you should be posting on your business Facebook Advertising page once or twice a day.

Your users may like you, but quite frankly, it is all about the Facebook Advertising newsfeed. Once a user has liked your business Facebook page, most will most probably never visit again. Multiple studies show that 90 to 95% of Facebook fans will never go back to the site once it has been liked.

This means that your only opportunity, and perhaps your biggest is to engage your users in the newsfeed, and the only way that you can do that is via posts. The Facebook Advertising algorithm for the newsfeed rewards businesses when they engage with their users on a consistent level. According to Facebook, the main goal is to, “Show the right content to the right people at the right time so they don’t miss the stories that are important to them.”

Knoxweb explains that it is important to establish a good relationship with your followers. Find out what they like, share and comment on. The better relationship you have with your followers the more likely your posts will show up in the Facebook Advertising newsfeed.

If you would like more information regarding Facebook Advertising and how it can help your business or organization, schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb today.

How Facebook Advertising Really Works

Facebook Advertising is the best way to improve your bottom line, but unfortunately, if you are like most companies, you probably have no idea how to make it work to your best advantage, but Knoxweb does.

Knoxweb has been around since 1996, and yes, before Facebook existed. Knoxweb has done its homework and understands how Facebook Advertising works, and best of all, if you work with the professional Social Media Marketing team from Knoxweb, you won’t have to pay extra to make your social network pages such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and of course Facebook, work for you.

If you want to make Facebook Advertising work for you, talk to the team from Knoxweb who can help you take advantage of organic, or free, Facebook Advertising.

Posting daily updates can be time consuming, and unfortunately, most companies do not have the time or inclination to keep up with status updates and responses. Not keeping up to date with friends on your social media pages can be damaging to your business. Even worse, those businesses that use automatic updates can make your friends on Facebook turn to your competitors.

Knoxweb understands that boring posts can make your friends turn the other cheek, and that is not a good thing. By creating truly awesome content, you can increase your value while improving your online persona.

When you work with Knoxweb for Facebook Advertising, the professionals will show you how to embed your posts. Let’s face it, most of your clients and potential customers are going to seek out other social media sides. With Knoxweb, you can extend your reach when your posts are embedded to other sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, not to mention the dozens of other social media sites that are likened to your brand.

The Facebook algorithm works when others like your comments on Facebook. The more people who are reached, the more likely your posts will show up on Google and other search engines. When Knoxweb shows you how to encourage your fans to share and like your posts, you will begin to see results.

The most important thing about Facebook Advertising is to remember not to beg. Asking for fans and friends to like your status update can actually hurt your brand.

Mix up your content and give real reasons for people to share your content. Get the conversations going and you will see your ranking on the search engines grow by leaps and bounds. Give incentives and ask questions when posting status updates. When you personally engage your users, you will begin to see how Facebook Advertising really works.

Add images and videos to your content. Mix it up and add new products and services that your users truly want to share. Great content means more users, and isn’t that what Facebook Advertising is really all about?

Remember, it’s not all about you. Google likes it when your blog includes links to other websites, and the same can be said about Facebook Advertising. Sharing other brands and publications shows your users that you are on the pulse when it comes to the latest trends. Loving others pages may entice those same popular brands to share your posts. By building successful relationships with other fan pages, you just might see an increase in your bottom line.

For more information regarding Facebook Advertising, schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb today.