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Facebook Advertising Works but Are You Doing it Right

Facebook Advertising

Knoxweb has been talking for years about the power of Facebook advertising, and if you subscribe to the Knoxweb Blog, you will have learned that Facebook advertising can work for your business, but how you organize your campaign can have a dramatic effect on your efforts. If you are targeting the wrong demographic or not using the tools properly, you could be missing the boat.

It’s All About Planning

According to Knoxweb, it is vital that you plan your strategy before you fork out any cash. Facebook ads are affordable, about $2.00 a day, but your ad dollars could turn out just like your morning coffee. Satisfying at the time, but not doing you much good right now, unless of course you are still feeling the caffeine rush.

Knoxweb have been in business since 1996 and are far ahead of the curve when it comes to Facebook advertising. Knoxweb can help you come up with a strategic online marketing plan, including advertising on Facebook that will help you increase your fan base and your income.

Shopping on Facebook

Facebook is becoming more popular for online shopping. Who would have thought three years ago that you could buy and even sell your products and services on a social media site? These days if you ask the average person if they have ever bought something on Facebook, the answer would probably be yes.

With Facebook, the user never has to leave the site. Consumers can buy and sell products and services within the social media site. It’s like a big shopping mall where you can buy and sell, socialize with friends and even, “Go to the movies.” Facebook makes it easy to sell just about anything and best of all, people can purchase directly from your Facebook business page.

Set Up is Easy

Setting up a business page for Facebook is easy. Just follow the instructions and you will be well on your way to increasing your end of year sales. Once you are up and running and you are comfortable with your page ask Knoxweb about Facebook advertising.

The experts from Knoxweb can check out your Facebook business page and your website to make sure that you are ready to handle the traffic. With social media, you never know what you are going to get when it comes to sales. It really is like a box of chocolates. If you get 2,000 orders, or even 500, are you ready to handle it? The last thing you want is bad reviews.

Now or Never

People want what they want now. People who buy on Facebook will read what others have to say, and if your customer service isn’t right on point; you could find yourself on the negative end of the comment thread. You want to make sure you can fulfill your orders regardless of the product or service. If your customers aren’t receiving their goods in the amount of time specified, it could ruin your online business.

Knoxweb will make sure that your business is ready to handle what could be massive amounts of business with your website and your Facebook page. You must have everything in place before you even consider placing a Facebook ad. It may be cheap, but if it doesn’t work in your favor, it could be a waste of money, and most importantly, time.

A Good ROI Means Planning

Having a plan for your Facebook Advertising campaign is crucial if you want to see a good ROI. A good return on investment comes with careful planning, and that is where Knoxweb comes in.

Knoxweb can help you optimize your Facebook Ad campaign without having to spend thousands. Once you have your ad date set, Knoxweb can get ready with a blog, social media posts and other online optimization tools that will get the ball rolling giving you the best bang for your buck when it comes to Facebook Advertising.

Get onboard with your online strategy and talk to Knoxweb. It really could change your entire outlook on social media and Facebook.

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Social Media Advertising is More Than Selfies

Social Media Advertising

Your social media advertising campaign can be tough to put together, especially if you run a small business. Unfortunately running a social media advertising campaign takes time and if you don’t have enough time in the day for your normal business tasks, your social media marketing could hurt your bottom line.

Knoxweb are the social media advertising specialists and will help you come up with a great campaign that will boost your online presence. Knoxweb has the tools and the team to help you become more visible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest.

There are literally hundreds of social media websites on the World Wide Web, but if you don’t know what sites are best for your demographics and your target market, you could actually damage your business or organization.

According to Knoxweb, every business has social media position, but managing your LinkedIn, Digg, or Tumblr account is a job in its own right. Larger businesses may be able to afford a social media advertising department, but if you are like most small businesses that burden will usually sit on the shoulders of someone who holds another position in your company, or yourself.

Social media advertising really is a tool that can grow your brand quickly while attracting new clients and customers, but it does take time and effort to get you there.

Knoxweb explains that there are some reasons to consider when it comes to hiring a professional for your social media.

These days’ social media is vital and should be a big part of your marketing strategy. If you run ads on radio or television, you would never consider creating your own spots so why would you take the reins on a social media advertising campaign.

Knoxweb has tons of resources available to commit to helping your business grow online. Knoxweb has the latest marketing tools, the best technologies, and the most up to date analytical tools that will measure your online success. With Knoxweb, you will be able to measure your success by seeing what pictures and posts are generating the most responses. This literally means you have the ability to tailor make your social media as you go along.

Because Knoxweb has been around since 1996 and has grown right alongside social media, the team can help you decide what platforms would be best for your company. Instagram, the fastest growing social media site on the planet, is more than teenage girls taking selfies. In fact, men account for nearly half of the Instagram demographic with over 30 million registered users. Knoxweb has the knowledge to get your business or organization where it should be without spreading your brand too thin.

When you work with the team of social media advertising experts from Knoxweb, you will be made aware of your online competition.

Knoxweb knows how to create content that is both creative and unique. Unfortunately, too many companies post the same information that is already all over the net. Regurgitating your information can actually hurt your business, especially when it comes to the search engines. Knoxweb will help you create unique and engaging content with images, blogs, graphics, and designs.

If you would like more information, regarding social media advertising for your business call or click and speak to a social media advertising guru from Knoxweb today.

Is Facebook Advertising Hurting your Business


When it comes to Facebook Advertising, you need to work with the professionals from Knoxweb who can help take the burden out of Facebook Advertising. Social Media is imperative if you want to grow your business, but unfortunately, unless you can spend hours on Facebook Advertising, you could make mistakes that will cost you.

Facebook Advertising can be very powerful, but unless you have the experience, as Knoxweb does, you could be learning a tough lesson. Below are three common mistakes that businesses and organizations make when it comes to Facebook Advertising.

Stop Targeting People who aren’t Interested in your Business

Unfortunately, some companies are spending far too much time targeting non-fans. According to Webtrends, businesses and organizations that target fans will have a 700 percent click through rate. Although that doesn’t always transfer to sales, it does get people on your page. Knoxweb has the expertise to target your audience with relevant Facebook Advertising that will get you noticed.

Avoid the Superbowl Syndrome

KnoxwebSuperbowl Sunday attracts larger companies who can afford to buy one or two add slots as they will reach over 90 million people, however, unless you have a spare million or two to spend, spending a fortune on Facebook Advertising will not get you the results you want or need. Knoxweb understands that the more relevant audience you have for Facebook Advertising the better. Target towards your users and you will spend less of your Facebook Advertising budget.

All businesses and organizations have less than a second to get attention, and if you are ad is appearing everywhere and isn’t relevant to your target audience your potential customers will go to the competition. When you communicate relevance and target a specific audience with a few smaller ads, instead of one million dollar Superbowl Sunday ad, you will see better results.

Test Those Images

A picture truly does paint a thousand words, especially when it comes to Facebook Advertising. Never assume that you know it all when it comes to images. An image that you think will get tons of click throughs and shares is not a good idea. If you test your assumptions, you truly are missing the Facebook Advertising point as well as the opportunity.

Knoxweb understands how important it is to split test your Facebook Advertising images and ads. Before you spend your ad dollars on Facebook Advertising do a test so you can gauge what types of pictures your audience likes best. In other words, post pictures with catchy descriptions or ask your users what images they like best. Remember, posting is free, but Facebook Advertising isn’t. When you post a dozen or so pictures on your page such as animals, people smiling, food or any other images that pertains to your business, regardless of how far out there they may seem you will know what types of images will work best in your Facebook Advertising campaign.


In a recent survey conducted by Webtrends the images that attracted the most attention were pictures of animals, quirky holiday decorations, and interesting photos of food. Nobody really knows why the people who were involved in the survey chose those particular images, but the point is, you can save money when you choose photos that have been tested organically in your Facebook Advertising scheme.

If you would like more information regarding Facebook Advertising, schedule an appointment with Knoxweb today.

Facebook Advertising Tricks and Tips


Facebook Advertising has certainly changed with Mark Zuckerberg and company making it easier for small businesses and large corporations to advertise on the largest social media site in the world. However, according to Knoxweb, you should know some things before you incorporate Facebook Advertising in your marketing plan.

If you believe that Facebook Advertising could benefit your business, but aren’t sure how to go about it, the professional team from Knoxweb can help with a few tips that just might bring you more clients and customers.

One of the most often asked questions is, “What is the difference between the news feed advertisements and the ads that you see on the right column?” As mentioned above, Facebook is constantly looking for ways to help companies and the new look ads on the right hand side, just announced, appear larger, but they are still on the side of the page.

Facebook Advertising posts that appear in a news feed are more likely to get leads, as long as your company can hone in on the right target market.

Essential elements in your Facebook Advertising ad include the name of your page, a large image, a message, and a title that will link to your landing page as well as a description.

If you haven’t already created a business Facebook Page, now is the time to do so. Make sure that you have the ability to access your ad manager and your page using the same email address. Facebook Advertising that appears in the news feeds is great, but it is imperative that you have a business Facebook page in order to create your ads, as they will appear from your page as a suggested post.

With Facebook Advertising news feeds, your business page will get better visibility. Knoxweb recommends using a larger ad as it will also give you more space for unique content. You can also feature a larger image along with your Facebook Advertising campaign ad if you plan to you Facebook Advertising; it is well worth the effort when it comes to managing your business page.

Knoxweb suggests that before you launch a paid Facebook Advertising campaign that you test your elements. Try multiple ideas to see which ones give you the best results on your Facebook business page.

Because you don’t know who will respond, write both short and long message posts. Regardless of how long or short your post is, your Facebook message should include a main offer and explain why people should click on your ad. Try not to sound like you are spamming and make it clear why you are better than the other guy. You only get five or six lines to spell it out before the Read More button so you want your text to pop. Although a phone number is optional, some people like to see it before they read more, especially if you are talking about a product or service that they want or need.

Once a potential customer clicks on the read it more link you will want to include a call to action inviting people to share, like, or comment on your post. Also, include the option to download a coupon or freebie or entice them to enter a contest. You can even have people subscribe to your newsletter from your post.

For more information regarding Facebook Advertising, schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb today.