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Blogging for Business Why it Works

blogging for business

Blogging for business could be one of the most effective ways to optimize your business or organization online. When you blog for business, you can reach people that you may not reach on social media.

Unlike a personal blog, where you share details about your personal life, a business blog will highlight your company. You can talk about your products and services and explain why your business is the best.

Not everyone is on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and if you have clients who would rather stay away from social media, start a business blog and be sure to ask your clients and customers to become fans of your blog.

If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you will know how important blogging for business really is, but there are some things about business blogging that you may not know.

Increase Web Traffic

Although you could pay for traffic with paid ads, or buy an email list, doing so will not increase your web traffic the way a business blog will. With a business blog, you are increasing your web traffic, as you are adding posts that will appear like pages on the search engines. If you can’t remember the last time you updated your About Us or Mission Statement pages, Google will have a hard time finding you. A new and fresh blog post will help the crawlers on the search engines boost your ranking.


Google rewards businesses and organizations that add new content on a regular basis. If you have a business blog that you write weekly or monthly posts for, you will see better SEO results.

According to Knoxweb every time you post a blog, another page is indexed on your website. That means you have another opportunity to raise your rank on the search engines and drive organic traffic to your site.

If you do have social media pages for your business, share your blogs as it helps to expose your company to an entirely different audience. With a business blog, you do not have to come up with unique content every time you write a post on your Facebook page or every time you tweet, all you have to do is share your weekly or monthly blog.

Establish Authority

A good business blog will answer the questions that your customers and leads have about your business. If you are in the service or sales industries, you will begin to see those leads become customers. Writing educational blogs for your company can help clear up things that may not be clearly understood in your About Us or Products and Services pages.

Long Term Results

After you have been blogging for business for a few months, you will notice a rise in your SEO giving you long-term results. Ask Knoxweb how you can create a blog for your business that will give you a leg up on the competition. Blogging for business really does work.

If you have been considering a blog for business, but don’t know where to start, call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with the professional web design and web development company in Knoxville, Knoxweb. Knoxweb has the expertise and the experience to help you become an expert when it comes to blogging for business.

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What’s the Fuss About Blog Writing?


If you have been wondering what all the fuss is about Blog Writing, call and schedule an appointment with the Blog Writing experts from Knoxweb who can help you understand what Blog Writing is all about.

Knoxweb explains that the primary function of Blog Writing is to attract more customers and clients to your website. These days Blog Writing is crucial when it comes to both your website and your social media profiles.

The primary thing you need to remember when it comes to Blog Writing is your audience. Although your Blog Writing is meant to generate leads while boosting your web traffic, it is crucial that you remain true to your business. Knoxweb understands Blog Writing and has the expertise to get your message across without sounding to, “Salesy.”

The majority of people who read your blog are not interested in sales messages. To get your message across, the professional Blog Writing team from Knoxweb will never think like a salesman, but will create a blog for your business and organization that can help build trust and authority.

Unfortunately, some business owners believe that it is easy to start Blog Writing. After all, it is just putting together a few words on a page, right. Wrong. Knoxweb will tell you that hiring a professional for your business Blog Writing is probably one of the smartest decisions that you can make when it comes to your business or organization.

When you hire a professional from Knoxweb for Blog Writing, you can expect your company and your industry to be well researched. The Blog Writing team from Knoxweb knows how to craft an interesting story in each post that will attract the attention that your company or organization wants and needs. Knoxweb will create quality content that is relatable and engaging.

Quality content is not only valued by your customers and clients, but also valued by the search engines. Google loves fresh content and when you hire a professional from Knoxweb for Blog Writing, you can expect your audience to grow while boosting your search engine ranking.

Most people know that keywords and phrases are important when it comes to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, but unless you know how to create a title and a blog post using the appropriate keywords, you will lose readers. Skilled blog writers understand the complicated world of SEO and will make sure that everything that goes on your blog page is unique and fresh. Good Blog Writing will motivate your readers with a blog that sounds natural, and although keywords are being used, the article or post will make sense.

You may have already assigned a staff member to do your Blog Writing for you, but who will be doing his or her job while your new blog writer is researching and writing content? Focusing on a business blog could interfere with other duties affecting customer deadlines and your bottom line. Hiring a professional from Knoxweb for Blog Writing saves you and your staff time and money.

If you would like more information regarding professional Blog Writing from Knoxweb, call or click and schedule a no obligation Blog Writing consultation today.

Build your Brand with Blog Writing


When it comes to blog writing, Google has certainly changed over the years, but one thing that hasn’t is fresh content. If you do not have the time to update your blog at least once a month, you will start to see your ranking go down on the search engines. As Knoxweb explains, blog writing needs to be fresh, educational, informative and in some cases, entertaining.

The internet is like a graveyard when it comes to blogs with people updating when they feel like it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work when it comes to blog writing for your business or organization. If you want your customers and potential clients to come back for more, it is important that you keep your blog updated with information that people actually want to read.

A blog is an easy to use, simple platform that connects you with your customers. Your blog should share relevant information that is timely. However, unless you have the time to do hours of research, which is something that Knoxweb can do, you will come up short.

Blog writing is your communication channel, and if it sitting on the World Wide Web in the blog graveyard, you will lose your search engine ranking.

Search engines love valuable and fresh content. Your blog is the fuel when it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization and those search engines will reward you when you keep your blog current.

Of course, you do not have to be a professional when it comes to blog writing, however, unless you have the time to write your blog and do the research, blog writing should be left to a company who can write timely blogs that are informative, SEO friendly and fresh.

According to a recent Hubspot survey, sixty percent of companies who blog, or hire a blog writing company, will get more clients and customers.

Your blog is the heart and soul of your online content efforts when it comes to marketing as it is fodder for your social media pages including LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course, Facebook. Your blog can also be useful for direct mail, e-books, and the newsletters that you email to your clients and customers each month.

Blog writing also gives your business or organization a voice giving you the ability to talk about new services or products and allows you to comment on market trends and news topics. Blog writing also allows you to show people what you and your company are about while growing your brand at the same time.

When you hire Knoxweb for blog writing, you can be assured that every blog will be written with keywords in mind. Keywords are what people type in the search bar when looking for something in particular on the net.

Blog writing helps you build relationships, confidence and sales as customers will think of you as a reliable source when it comes to information relevant to your particular industry. Blog writing also helps sharpen your focus while helping you stay ahead and on top of trends.

If you don’t have a blog, or have been less than diligent about your blog writing, schedule an appointment with Knoxweb who can help get you back on track when it comes to blog writing. Call or click today.

Expert Search Engine Optimization


Unless you are an SEO expert, or a Search Engine Optimization guru, your website is probably not working as well as it could. Search Engine Optimization is something that is best left to the experts, and that is where Knoxweb comes in.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is used to help improve your rankings on the search engines. A good SEO company, such as Knoxweb, will help you improve your rankings on the search engines using relevant keywords so that the people who are interested in your products and services can find you.

When you work with the team of Search Engine Optimization experts from Knoxweb, your website will be filled with un-paid, or organic SERPS, or search engine results pages using keywords that have been carefully selected for relevance.

Knoxweb explains that SEO has two areas, off-page optimization, and on page optimization. Off Page Optimization predominantly refers to back links that point to other websites and links to content on the other pages of your website, while on-page optimization refers to the elements that are on your website using textual content, HTML code, and images. However, unless you know what you are doing, you could be penalized for having too many back links. Only Knoxweb can optimize your website so that it adheres to the strict algorithms of Google and the other search engines.

Because Google is consistently attempting to make it easier for users to find content that they are genuinely interested in it is important to make your website pop with high quality content that uses keywords in an interesting way. The last thing you want is to hire a Search Engine Optimization writing sweatshop that produces blogs, articles and website content that is full of keywords and sentences that make no sense at all.

When you work with the team from Knoxweb, your content will be well researched, interesting, and entertaining. SEO content writing can be extremely useful as long as it makes sense to your clients and potential customers.

Basic Search Engine Optimization or SEO is fundamental and necessary if you want to make a dent in the search engine listings.

When you schedule an appointment with Knoxweb for SEO, your website will be remodeled or built in a way that your visitors and customers, as well as Bing, Google and the other search engines, will be able to find you. What’s even more important is that Search Engine Optimization, when done properly, will make your web presence much more profitable.

Knoxweb explains that the most important thing to remember when it comes to Search Engine Optimization is to create a seamless user experience. Nowadays that is even more important thanks to the changes in Google’s Algorithm back in April.

When you work with the team of Search Engine Optimization experts from Knoxweb a new website will be created that will communicate your exact intentions to the search engines so that people can find your website. Not only will it be optimized for the search engines, but it will also be mobile friendly.

If you have been following the Knoxweb blog, you will know how important it is that you have a mobile friendly website. If you don’t you will be penalized by Google.

For the best Search Engine Optimization, schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb today.

You Can’t Ignore Blog Writing for Business


If you haven’t heard about blog writing, you must be kidding yourself. Blog writing for business is the best way to improve your Search Engine Optimization whether you are a small business, a large company looking for new leads, an organization that wants to spread the word, or an individual who wants to market a new product.

Blog writing for business is used by Knoxweb as a marketing tactic. When you hire Knoxweb for blog writing for business you will improve your online presence.

A blog post is something that is posted on your website to attract attention. Unlike white papers and long form articles, blog writing for business is short form content.

When you incorporate blog writing for business into your website, your posts should be about something that is related to your business. For example, a plumber would post blogs related to plumbing and perhaps tips that would be useful to customers. A restaurant might blog about new menu items, events that are coming up or even their own recipes for sharing. Blog writing for business should always be about matters that relate to whatever it is that your business does.

Your online presence is imperative if you want to be found on the World Wide Web. If you are blog writing for business on a consistent basis, your company will begin to pop up on the search engines, on facebook and other social media sites, and even on other business blogs. Blog writing for business is one of the best ways to get your name out there, and best of all, when you work with Knoxweb, it won’t cost you a fortune.

Blog writing for business is different from a personal blog. Blog writing for business is not a hobby, nor is it the number one source of income for your business. Blog writing for business is just another way to market your products and services much like email marketing, direct mail marketing and social media marketing. Blog writing for business will drive traffic to your website, which in return will increase your bottom line.

According to Knoxweb, blog writing for business is an incredibly valuable marketing tool. If you want your website to attract customers and clients, you will need something that drives traffic to it. Unless someone knows who you are or has a business card, they probably won’t type your business name into the search bar. The best way for someone to find your business and website is with blog writing for business.

Knoxweb explains that the more pages you have on your website, the better chance you will have when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and page ranking. However, throwing up web pages just for the heck of it can actually hurt your chances. Blogging for business is the perfect solution as each time you add a new post to your site, there is a new page, and because it is all listed under your blog; your website will not seem cluttered.

Every time you post a new blog, a new page is created giving you another opportunity to improve your SEO. If you are a cosmetic dentist, blog writing for business will increase your rank when someone types in best cosmetic dentist in any town, USA.

When you incorporate blog writing for business into your marketing scheme and you want to attract your local market, Knoxweb recommends that you add the location into your blog post. That means when someone types in air conditioning repair service Knoxville, your name will start to rank higher. Keep adding more blogs, which means more pages, and you have a very good chance of hitting the top of the search engines without paying for ads.

For more information regarding blog writing for business, schedule a no obligation consultation with the experts from Knoxweb today.