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Artificial Intelligence is It Right for Your Business?

Artificial Intelligence is firing up the tech world and beyond with machines that think like you do.

With artificial intelligence, small and large businesses can increase production and the all-important bottom line.

artificial intelligenceKnoxweb explains that everything in the universe is converting to AI depending on machines for everything from medical equipment and video games to air conditioning, traffic lights, and cameras. If you have a home security system, you know that it is running on a Smart System. You probably rely on AI to set your system when you leave the house. As a result, you feel comfortable using AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It may sound like something from a science fiction film, but today machines are sensing what is around them understanding conversations. Those conversations make it easy for computers to make the same decisions that you would. Alexia is certainly listening to what you have to say and is converting your conversation into a million different answers, well, maybe not a million, but hopefully enough to satisfy the user.

With topics such as human factors, design, processing, and natural language, AI understands the information that has been encoded into the computer.

AI is Everywhere you Are

From programming your pressure cooker to turning off your lights and opening your garage door when you pull into the driveway AI runs your life and you probably have no idea how much so.

From the search engines at Google to the autonomous weapons used by Watson, the goal of AI researchers is to create an AI that is more general. Just like the search engines, artificial intelligence is used to make life easier. The future of AI is to outperform the human race at almost every task.

An IA Machine Explained

Using computer vision, computers are instructed to understand scenes and images using image mapping, image tracking, and image recognition. From surveillance and security to military operations and medicine, AI is the future. Even filmmakers are using AI to make movie magic. As a result, you are seeing artificial intelligence in action.

Just like a calculator, an artificial intelligence machine solves problems. Those problems are solved and programmed by people. You won’t find Siri solving the world’s issues, but hopefully you’ll get that curried chicken recipe. AI machines listen and answer with programs that control behaviors.

Numerous AI Applications

With numerous applications for AI, financial institutions, including your local bank and credit union rely on artificial intelligence software to provide accurate data analysis. That data helps humans make predictions for stocks and commodities trading, all without the interference of a human.

When you watch your local weather person forecasting the weather or getting ready to board an airplane, AI is ready to go to work. Although the two technologies differ, they work hand in hand in places where it is much too dangerous for humans to venture.

Major Advances in the 1990s with Artificial Intelligence

According to Knoxweb, major advancements with AI are continuous. This includes speech recognition, case based reasoning, translation, data mining, scheduling and uncertain reasoning. This means that artificial intelligence is growing.

Ask Knoxweb how you can include artificial intelligence into your marketing and production.

What Artificial Intelligence Means for the Future

Although the future of AI and what it means for the human race and the planet is debatable, some say it will influence the job market. Myths abound that Super intelligence is inevitable by 2100.

Stephen Hawking warned the rise of robots would be dangerous for humankind, that event is probably decades away, if ever. However, knowing the positives and negatives of AI for your business is the only way to make the decision. Firstly you’ll know if it right for you, secondly, you’ll have the help you  need to make it happen.

If you would like more information regarding AI, call or click and talk to Knoxweb. Knoxweb sorts through the pros and cons of artificial intelligence for your business.

Call or click for a no obligation AI consultation with Knoxweb today. You’ll be happy you did and so will your business.

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Is Your Mobile Responsive Website Working?

mobile responsive website

You may have the best mobile responsive website in the world, but if you are on the back pages of Google, you may be wondering why you spent all of that money. If you dug into your profit, but aren’t seeing results, you need to call Knoxweb.

Knoxweb are the mobile responsive website experts and can help you get the results you deserve, especially after paying a fortune for your new mobile friendly website.

Search Engine Optimization

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know how important good SEO tactics are to your overall marketing plan. If your content is the same as it was a year ago, chances are the only people visiting your website are current clients and customers.

Growing your business online takes optimization. When you properly optimize your mobile friendly website, you will be reaching more people who are interested in your products and services. However, unless you are publishing unique and fresh content, Google and the other search engines will see you as a dead site relegating you to the back pages of the search engines.


One of the best ways to keep your name ahead of the competition is with a weekly or monthly blog. With regular blog posts, you can attract the attention of the search engines. Those spiders love fresh and unique content that is both informative and educational. With properly optimized blog posts from Knoxweb, the search engines will index your site giving you a good chance at reaching the top of the page organically.

Social Media

Knoxweb cannot stress the importance of social media marketing. These days your business will suffer if you aren’t on Facebook or Tweeting at least once a day. If your mobile responsive website doesn’t have social media exposure, your expensive investment could end up as a loss at the end of the year. Posting, tweeting and adding videos to your social media pages will help people find your brand.

Video Grabber

Knoxweb has helped thousands of companies expand their online presence with video marketing. Video marketing is the only way to keep people interested in your products and services. According to recent research, more people will watch video than read text. Adding video to your posts will entice people to click through and see what your company has to offer. Video is King as far as Google is concerned and when you add videos that are properly optimized to your email marketing campaign you will see a bigger profit.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still very relevant, and will continue to be so throughout 2018. When you incorporate your overall marketing strategy with a sound email marketing campaign, you will begin to see a climb in your ranking.

Knoxweb can show you how to add video to your email marketing campaign. When you add video, your subscribers and those on your email list can watch you in action whether you are presenting your product, or staying behind the scenes. When you add a video to your newsletter or email marketing campaign, or your blog, you will see a boost in your click through rates.

If you are still wondering why your expensive mobile responsive website isn’t doing what the developers promised, call or click and talk to Knoxweb who can turn your dead in the water website into a popular place where you will see an increase in sales.

For more information regarding social media marketing, professional blog writing, SEO, Email Marketing or web development, call or click and talk to Knoxweb about revamping or rebuilding your mobile responsive website. It really can make a difference to your online presence.

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