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Snapchat for your Business or Organization


When Snapchat beat out Twitter in April analysts were not surprised. The mobile app has about 26 million users in the U.S. with about 77 percent of students using the social media site on a daily basis. According to recent research, college students who use the app are more likely to buy a product or service if a coupon was received on Snapchat.

If you’re not familiar with the mobile app, you really should be. Knoxweb explains that Snapchat is a photo messaging app where users can take short videos and photos that are viewable for about 10 seconds, after that the content is gone forever.

Recently, the mobile app has added chat, live text, and video calls. This means that younger audiences are using the app more often.

It really is a massive audience for potential clients and customers, but how do you get started? According to Knoxweb there are a few marketing strategies that you can use.

Special Events

If you having a trade show, charity event or a grand opening, the mobile app can help as it gives your audiences direct access to your event regardless of where they are located.

The NBA used Snapchat during draft picks, the finals, and the All-Star games. Fans were able to get a closer look and become personal with the players of the All-Star game back in 2014.

Unveil New Products

Some brands are still worried that social media can be downright self-destructive leading to problems with user engagement, however, with your competition jumping in, it’s time to get on the bandwagon with launches that use Snapchat and other apps like it. With Snapchat, you can start teasing your users with pictures and videos of new products. Because the images only last 10 seconds, you can expect quite a buzz around your new product or service.

Open the Curtains

Snapchat also allows you to engage with your community on a deeper level. With Snapchat, you can go behind the scenes, have fun, and show off your brand and your company. With the drawing tools on the mobile app, you can show off your corporate culture and your personality. Snapchat is a great way to show fans how different you are from the competition.

If you really want to mix things up, rotate the control of the Snapchat account to your trusted staff and let them have at it for a couple of days. This adds flavor and variety that your users will love. However, it is important that you set guidelines and trust the employees who you are handing over the Snapchat reigns to.

Keep it Casual

It doesn’t get much more casual than Snapchat. Your fans don’t want to hear about the daily goings on of your corporation, they want fun and action. However, it is still important that you maintain a bit of professionalism. Snapchat users are younger with the average age being 12 to 34. That means your content needs to be for a general audience.

Keep it Short

Of course, you want to tell a story, but your videos, pictures, and text need to be short and to the point. Your audience is searching for quick content that is easy to digest. Give them what they want and they will love you and your business.

If you would like more information about Snapchat or any other social media site, call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with the social media gurus from Knoxweb today.