New Social Media Marketing Trends

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Ever since the advent of social media marketing, so-called experts have attempted to guess what is going to happen next. However, unless you are the powers that be at Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, you may have a tough time understanding what the best social media marketing techniques actually are.

According to Knoxweb, there are a few social media marketing trends that you may not be aware of.

Social Media Searches

Social media searches are very powerful, and when Pinterest announced the new visual search feature that allows users to click within the image to open a new search, social media marketing searches became even more popular. What that means is if you are looking a picture of a sofa and you want to see similar items, all you have to do is click on the sofa and you will be directed to similar searches. The internet is all about ease of use, and thanks to social media searches, you don’t have to leave the comfort of the site to find something similar.

Live Broadcasting

One of the biggest trends in social media marketing is, “Live social broadcasts,” and it’s not just the Pepsi’s and Budweiser’s of the world that are using the new user friendly feature. People understand reality and want to buy a brand that they can trust. In other words social media users want to know what is happening and why. With Facebooks new Live Broadcasts, small and large businesses and organizations can reach more people in 2016.

Video Sharing

Knoxweb explains that even if you aren’t ready to go the live broadcast just yet, videos are still vital when it comes to your social media marketing strategies. Although Knoxweb has detailed the importance of video, it is imperative that you incorporate it into your social media marketing plan.

  • Videos sharing increased by 43 percent in January of 2016
  • When you publish videos on your social media pages, you’ll see 62 percent more engagement that you will with your photos
  • Facebook announced at the beginning of this year that it sees about eight billion views every day from over 500 million people.

Short Compelling Videos

Short and to the point videos are important if you want to increase your exposure on the World Wide Web. Small and large businesses and organizations will benefit from compelling videos that exposure your brand and your company. According to Knoxweb, brands will see an increase in sales when videos are added to business social media pages.

Inbound Messages

Inbound messages are going up when it comes to social customer service. Brands that interact with inbound messages across all industries received 32 percent more messages than in 2015. However, one of the biggest problems that brands are having is answering those messages. About 82 percent of the messages never get a response. Knoxweb will tell you that staying connected with people who have sent your business or organization an inbound message is crucial for your social media marketing plan.

According to Knoxweb, social media is about staying connected, and if you aren’t, you will lose business.

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