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New Advertising Strategies for the New Year

It’s almost the end of the year and that means taking stock of your advertising strategies. According to Knoxweb, taking stock means being honest about it as well.

While you may not want to relive your failures, remember that ad campaign that cost too much and earned you nothing, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revisit what did and didn’t work.

Don’t Relive Bad Advertising Strategies

Whether you sunk most of your advertising budget into social media marketing, or put it all into text message and email marketing, reviewing your stats is the best way to plan for the coming year.

Knoxweb, who has been doing web business since 1996, can help with advertising strategies and ideas that will take you through the New Year and beyond.

Fresh Advertising Strategies You’ll Love

1. Keep Up with the Times

Keeping up with the times is essential. While you don’t have to become an expert when it comes to all things technology, it does pay to stay abreast of what’s going on when it comes to the web and anything else that has to do with advertising.

For example, if you are not producing both E-newsletters and conventional newsletters you could be missing the boat. In today’s climate you can’t have one without the either.

While there are still tried and true conventional newsletter readers, not everyone wants to pick up a brochure from your place of business.

Other ways to keep up with the times include mobile apps for business. If you are on the fence about a mobile app for business, call and set up an appointment with Knoxweb.

When it comes to all things tech, you won’t do better than the best web development team in Knoxville.

2. Advertising and Staying Social with Media

Social media isn’t going away. In fact, it’s only going to become more predominant in the coming years. Look at what TikTok has done in just a short time and you’ll quickly realize that social media marketing is essential for any business.

The best way to analyze your social media marketing efforts is to go back and check your stats. Look at old posts and see what kind of reaction you have been getting.

Some posts will fare better than others. For example, if videos and pictures are getting the lion’s share of likes, comments and shares, continue with more of the same.

Another way to check social media marketing stats is to ask your audience. Find out what fans and followers like on your social pages and go from there.

Going to the source is imperative when it comes to improving social media marketing.

3. New Ways to Advertise

While voice search marketing and AI marketing isn’t as new as you may think not all companies have started advertising on AI and VS. Voice search marketing and artificial intelligence marketing is untapped and something to consider moving forward in the New Year.

Start slow and work on crafting content for AI and Voice Search. Include voice search and IA keyword phrases in your website content as well as this helps with overall search engine optimization.

Other ways to move forward with advertising include text marketing. Text messages are twice as likely to get opened, even if they come from a business. In fact, marketers see better results and a higher click through rate when it comes to text message marketing over email marketing. Text messages are excellent, especially if you are promoting a sale or specials.

Knoxweb for 21st Century Results

When you review your overall marketing strategies, go over what works and what doesn’t and get honest with yourself. When you do, you’ll have the best luck when it comes to marketing your strategies in the coming year.

You must be upfront about ideas that didn’t work as that opens up the floor allowing room for discussion and great ideas.

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