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Do you Need a Responsive or Adaptive Mobile Website?


You may be happy with your Mobile Website, but if your customers and clients are having to grab a pair of glasses, or worse yet, pinch and scroll to purchase something or read your content, that smile may not last for long.

A real Mobile Website will give the user a pleasant experience while offering information they want and need. If you have people who are frustrated when they land on your website only to find a so-called Mobile Website that isn’t doing what it is supposed to do, those sales, reservations or appointments, will end up with your competition.

Knoxweb has been doing business since 1996 and knows how to convert your existing website into a Mobile Website that is easy to use. However, these days designing a Mobile Website is much more than creating a website that works on mobile phones and tablets.

Schedule an appointment with Knoxweb who can take your current site and make it viewable on all devices including PC’s, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and TV’s. That’s right, even televisions.

By future proofing, you can be assured that your website is not only Mobile Friendly, but will also work on giant flat screen television sets as well.

KnoxwebEvery business, whether it is a hair salon, diner or online store needs to be able to adapt in order to reach its consumers, regardless of the screen size.

Knoxweb explains that there are two strategies when it comes to building websites that will display well on every device. Those two strategies are known as adaptive and response, with a responsive Mobile Website being the best option for small businesses.

It is vital that you adjust your website for today’s World Wide Web users. It’s a fact that over a billion people use their mobile devices to access the internet, and if your company does not have a Mobile Website, you will be left behind.

An adaptive website is the high end when it comes to web design. Large companies who heavily invest in web design in order to reach and target a worldwide online audience use adaptive designs. A good example would be American Airlines that use an adaptive Mobile Website that has the capacity to identify and detect the device the user is surfing on before generating a web page that will match the capabilities of the device.

A more affordable solution for small businesses is a responsive Mobile Website design that uses a technology known as Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS. With a responsive Mobile Website design your site will auto adjust to properly display on all mobile devices, with the exception of old cell phones.

If you have been delaying investing in the future when it comes to your online presence it is important that you rethink your marketing strategy and put Mobile Website design at the top of your list.

KnoxwebOnce you have decided on the next step it is important to think about great content, especially when it comes to a Mobile Website. Put your contact info with links to directions and maps front and center and you will see an increase in your viewing audience.

Schedule an appointment today with the highly skilled team of Mobile Web designers who can come up with a plan that will boost your SEO and your client base. Call Knoxweb today.