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A Mobile Friendly Website for Your Business


If you think you have a Mobile Friendly Website, but have had complaints from clients and customers about how user friendly it actually is, talk to the team from Knoxweb who can determine what upgrades you need to make your site a Mobile Friendly Website.

Over the past few years, a Mobile Friendly Website has become necessary. Without it, you could be losing valuable clients, customers, and most importantly, sales. Without a Mobile Friendly Website, you are giving your users a chance to shop for products and services elsewhere.

Tablets and especially Smartphone’s are everywhere. People use their mobile devices for entertainment, research, shopping, news, information and to kill time, and if you do not have a Mobile Friendly Website, you will notice a difference in your bottom line.

According to Google and Knoxweb, use of mobile devices is growing more than eight times faster than when the internet was first introduced to the masses. What is even more interesting is that eighty five percent of people living in the United States are never more than three or four feet from their Smartphone.

Your potential clients and customers rely on a Mobile Friendly Website because they are always carrying their Smartphone’s in order to make instant decisions before taking action. This type of customer behavior is reason enough to contact Knoxweb for a new Mobile Friendly Website. It is imperative that you are where your clients and potential customers need you to be whether it is on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or PC. It’s all about quick access and with a Mobile Friendly Website, your users can fill out a contact form to leave messages, get your address and phone number and find out when you are open for business. With a Mobile Friendly Website, you can also offer your clients coupons and specials. If you own a restaurant, it is vital that you have a Mobile Friendly Website so you can offer diners menu options and pricing.

With a Mobile Friendly Website, you can leverage your traffic on the internet. Having a Mobile Friendly Website makes your business accessible to the ever-growing mobile audience. In a recent survey, many consumers are using their mobile devices to book hotels and flights and to make restaurant reservations. If you do not have a Mobile Friendly Website, your customers will go elsewhere to reserve that plane ticket to Hawaii.

Knoxweb explains that because every Smartphone and tablet has a browser, your business, or organization can reach an audience regardless of where the mobile device is used.

One of the best things about a Mobile Friendly Website is that you can reach any audience regardless of the Smartphone or tablet brand. With Smartphone and tablet browser capabilities, your users can locate you instantly from where they are located.

Making it easy for users to read your content is imperative and one of the biggest reasons to call Knoxweb for a quote on a Mobile Friendly Website. Websites that have been designed for laptops or desktops are not compatible with Smartphone’s and tablets. Users have to pinch and zoom in order to read the content on your website.

Chances are your competition already has a Mobile Friendly Website, and if you don’t you will lose your customers and your mobile presence. In most cases, people who surf the net on a mobile device will rarely go back to give your company a second chance.

The best news about a Mobile Friendly Website is that you do not have to start all over. Talk to Knoxweb who can create a Mobile Friendly Website from your current website.

Schedule your no obligation consultation with Knoxweb for a Mobile Friendly Website today.