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What You Might Not Know about Mobile Apps for business


If you have been hearing more about Mobile Apps for business, but aren’t sure if you need one or if your company could benefit from a Mobile App talk to the team of professional web developers and mobile app developers from Knoxweb who can help explain the pros and cons of professionally built Mobile Apps for business.

Small and large companies to help make it easier for people on the go to access your products and services use a mobile app. Knoxweb understands the importance of a solid mobile strategy and Mobile Apps for business may be part of that marketing scheme.

In a recent study it was determined that Apps are becoming more important than websites as most people are spending more time on a computer, and that includes Smartphone’s and tablets, than any other medium including television. The same study found that people in the United States are spending five + hours on digital with over three hours on a mobile device. Incredibly, that figure was up by 575% from 2010 to 2013. You can only imagine how many Mobile Apps for business have been accessed since that time.

In other research, App analytics conducted by the analytics firm Flurry tracked over 300,000 apps and discovered that the average amount of time spent every day on a Smartphone or tablet was two hours and thirty-eight minutes. Flurry also discovered that more than 80% of that time was spent on Mobile Apps for business.

When you talk to Knoxweb about Mobile Apps, your wants and needs will be discussed along with your goals when it comes to the digital world. Some companies choose to design Mobile Apps for business that provide some sort of service for clients and customers while other companies have Mobile Apps for business built that give people opportunities to win free food, movie tickets, coupons and other free stuff just for downloading certain Mobile Apps for business.

When Knoxweb designs your Mobile Apps for business, you can let your customers know about a service or offer just by using the Mobile Apps for business notification feature. Using the notification feature, you will quickly discover that Mobile Apps for business are about ten times more effective than traditional email marketing.

With your Mobile Apps for business location feature, you can direct your potential customers to your nearest store regardless of where they are located at any given time.

If you want your customers to see your products in action, they can use your Mobile Apps for business video, shopping or product list enticing them to buy whatever product or service you are selling right on the spot.

There is nothing more important than positive feedback. If your Mobile Apps for business has a discussion or chat room or a fan wall, you can get feedback from your customers that will help you build a stronger relationship in order to build your brand identity and your client base.

Mobile Apps for business designed by Knoxweb will also enable your customers to phone the right person using the one-touch call and Mobile Apps for business directory feature.

If you would like more information regarding Mobile Apps for business, schedule an appointment with the Mobile Apps for business experts from Knoxweb today.