Local Link Building for Your Business

Local link building is a viable way to attract more clients and customers.

Local Link BuildingKnoxweb explains that local link building is constantly improving so that users can find what they are looking for. Local Search Engine Optimization is valuable to businesses that are looking to establish local organic search engine viability.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, “Build all links” was the mantra if you wanted to succeed. Fast forward to today and it is quite clear that link quality, not quatity is what will get you web traffic.

What is Local Link Building?

Local links come from the local area. For example, a doctor in Las Vegas Nevada may have local links from the LV paper, the college or other businesses located within the city. Using local links helps people in the local area find your business or organization.

Where Do I get Quality Links?

Local Events and Charities

If you sponsor a concert series, little league team, a sports team from your local high school or sponsor local charities, ask for links. Because most of these organizations receive news coverage and have websites you will see results. This leads to high quality links. Instead of that plaque they give you every year, ask for a link.

Your High School or College for Local Link Building

Your alma mater just may want to feature you and your business in their directory. If you are somewhat of a success, consider offering the institution a college scholarship in exchange for a link.

News Site Links

If a news site has mentioned your business or organization ask for a link. Reach out to the writer and ask to make minor adjustments, just be careful with the word, attribution.


When done right, a local scholarship is a great way to increase company awareness. This is a great way to obtain those edu. back links that can be incredibly valuable.

Press Release

Writing press releases and linking to other quality businesses and organizations is an excellent way to get your name out there. Local outreach is the key. Advertise a local writing contest and give an award for the best essay. Ask Knoxweb to create a landing page on your website explaining the contest, eligibility, rules, the timeline, and most importantly, the award.

Promote your Blog Local Link Building

Promote your blog with local and relevant content. Target the discussion forums and city pages for blog promotion. Make sure the information is useful to readers. You want posts that are informative, educational, and entertaining. Avoid posts that are advertorial, or you will be called out by the moderator.

Facebook Ads

Although Local Link Building isn’t guaranteed with Facebook ads, they can be an excellent way to attract your target market. If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know that Facebook ads allow you to attract your demographic. Facebook ads also stay on the site even after your campaign as run its course.


You can build authority and pick up quality back links with a newsletter. Consider compiling the content you already have into an eBook. Blog posts and interesting content will give you a starting point for an e-book that will attract the links that you want and need.


Every local business does business with other businesses. Restaurants, contractors, plumbers and builders all work with other companies. Ask one of your suppliers for a testimonial and link it back to the site. Ask the company to do the same for your brand. Establishing goodwill with local businesses is one of the best ways to increase sales using Local Link Building.

If you would like more information regarding Local Link Building, call and talk to the professionals from Knoxweb. As a result, it will make a difference to your online presence.

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