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If you remember reading the Knoxweb blog, you’ll also recall that your website is the first thing people notice when they start researching your company.

responsive_website_KnoxvilleIf yours isn’t up to par there’s a good chance you will never see that potential client or customer again. First impressions are everything when it comes to your brand.

Knoxweb has been designing websites since the beginning and although mobile websites weren’t even considered in 1996 Knoxweb has continued with the times.

Knoxweb Always Ahead of the Times

The team continues to design the latest and greatest in mobile responsive websites learning all there is to know about web design and development.

A good team never stops learning. With continued education and the best technicians in the business you can’t go wrong when you work with the qualified experts from Knoxweb.

User Access is Essential

Having access is the key to a successful advertising campaign. If people have a tough time seeing your website on a mobile device you will lose business.

Don’t be tricked into believing your entire website is responsive if people still have to squeeze and pinch after linking to something other than the home page.

Firstly, these types of websites are misleading. Secondly they aggravate users to the point of no return. You’ll lose so many users if they are unable to read your content.

Responsive for All Devices

Responsive landing pages are great, but if the rest of your site isn’t up to par, you’ll leave your customers frustrated.

Pages that are not uniform are also slow to load. A slow loading website is at the top of the list when it comes to user frustration. Don’t be that company that has great products but a terrible website.

Keep in mind that while some of your loyal clients may persist with your slow to load antiquated website most will eventually find a comparable product and leave you and your company for good.

Why Responsive is Best

There is a difference when it comes to responsive websites. Those DIY responsive websites just continue to scroll with no rhyme or reason. Even though they are easy to read, there are no breaks. It’s just line after line of text.

Just like websites designed for PC use, mobile responsive websites need headers and other things to break up the content. Continuous text, although readable, is just as annoying as pinching and squeezing.

Knoxweb Adds the Important Elements

Just like mobile apps for business, responsive mobile websites need to be simple and easy to use. You want your website to be crisp and clear, but you also want to add elements that your users will love.

Knoxweb designs and develops mobile responsive websites that include the elements you need without being convoluted. Best of all, they can produce your videos. Knoxweb can’t stress the importance of  video for your overall marketing campaign.

Less tabs for ease of use is essential. While elements are important you don’t want too many. For example, smaller screens and big thumbs don’t mix.

If you have too many tabs at the top of your responsive website those larger than life fingers may not be able to see your products or services.

Less is Always More with Responsive Websites

Back in the day websites with bells and whistles were all the rage. Fast forward to 2021 and users could care less.

What most people want is a website that answers questions and queries that concern your products and services. Most don’t want to deal with extra features that slow down their wearable or tablet.

Knoxweb understands the balance between too much and too little and with hundreds of clients that will agree, you’ll not find a better mobile responsive website developer than the team from Knoxweb.

Mobile Apps to Complete the Package

When you work with Knoxweb you can also have a mobile app designed and developed. Having both created and built at the same time makes things more cohesive.

When you release your mobile responsive website and mobile app at the same time you will have double the marketing power with both conventional and digital marketing.

Talk to Knoxweb about building your mobile app. You’ll be amazed at how powerful applications are, especially when you combine them with other marketing methods.

Knoxweb for All of your Needs

Mobile apps and websites are just the beginning. You can also count on Knoxweb to produce your videos and handle your online marketing needs.

The team can even design your logo and essential signage for your business. There is no end to what Knoxweb can do for your brand.

If you would like to learn more about a mobile responsive website, a mobile application or anything else digital, call or send a direct message and talk to Knoxweb today.