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Keyword Stemming Can Help your SEO

Keyword research is a basic search engine optimization practice enabling content creators to write posts that people are searching for. Keywords provide the foundation for content formulation.

While organic SEO is harder and harder to come by, keyword stemming can help. According to Knoxweb, it could have a very positive outcome for future analytics.

What is Keyword Stemming?

keyword_stemming_KnoxvilleKnoxweb, who has been in the web business since 1996. The team explains that keyword stemming is used to modify keywords with different variations. Those keywords use suffixes and/or prefixes. These suffixes and prefixes are combined with the root keyword. Content creators also add plurals to keywords for keyword stemming because adding an s means it will be seen as a completely different keyword.

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will remember that user intent is the key. Google’s goal has always been the user first. It has taken some time for the analytics to get there, but this enables Google to identify keywords to better help its users.

The more variations of the keyword you use in your content, the better chance you have of attracting Google and the other search engines.

Using Keyword Stemming for Your Business

Your web developer in Knoxville explains that stemming, when used correctly, allows your website content to be more readily available to the user. When you include variations from the original keyword, you are becoming valuable to the search engines. Keep in mind if you are not a professional, or at least adept at SEO, keyword stemming could hurt your web traffic. Knoxweb will tell you that the keyword variant must fit your overall content.

Below are a Few Things to Remember about Keyword Stemming

Does Your Stem fit your Content?

One of the first things to remember about stemming is to identify the best variant keyword for your original keyword. You want to make sure it fits the context of your blog post or article.

If you change the context using keyword stemming you are defeating the entire purpose. Improper keyword stemming causes inconsistent content that is at best confusing.

For example, “swim”and, “swimmer,” are two completely different things. One is talking about the sport while the other is talking about the person who is participating. Both of these examples will affect your content context.

Variation and Original Keyword Relationship

While the stemming examples above are related, there are instances that a suffix or prefix would completely alter the entire meaning of the original keyword. Remember, the goal of keyword stemming is to use variations that will win you the all-important organic traffic. Keyword stemming opens you and your business up to additional search engine opportunities while retaining the true meaning of the original keyword.

Keyword Stemming Works When Executed Properly

The most important aspect of keyword stemming is execution. The team from Knoxweb explains that thanks to Google it’s much easier to understand user intent. This allows the most popular search engine in the world to identify the user’s intent while leading them to the correct results in the search engine.

Is Keyword Stemming for You

According to Knoxweb, keyword stemming is a content marketing strategy. This tool has been available for some time, but didn’t work that well. Because Google’s  technology wasn’t up to speed it was made more difficult. Stemming is much easier now. However, it’s vital to have an optimized strategy before you write new content or re-purpose your old posts.

When done the right way stemming your keywords will improve your organic traffic while boosting your social media profile. Keep in mind keyword stemming works just as well when you include it in your social media posts.

Keywords Keyword Phrases and Now Keyword Stemming

Keywords, keyword phrases and now keyword stemming are all important for content marketing. Knoxweb explains that using these tools correctly could make all the difference in the world to your search engine optimization.

If you would like to learn more, call the experts from Knoxweb today.