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Keeping Up with Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Digital marketing has certainly changed over the years with small and large businesses having to keep up with the times. These days you have to do more than a simple newsletter once a month.


With so much competition, it is essential that you include social media marketing, video marketing, and email marketing in the mix. Of course, if you really want to keep up with the times AI marketing and voice recognition should be included in your marketing toolbox as well.

Digital Marketing in 2020

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog you will remember that voice recognition marketing, voice search marketing, and AI, or artificial intelligence marketing while quite new are still excellent places to put your ad dollars.

By 2021, marketers predict that more than 70 percent of American households will have a voice recognition device in their home or office. Getting in on the ground floor with voice recognition marketing is easy when you work with digital marketers in Knoxville.

Voice Recognition and Digital Marketing

People speak differently than they type or text. If you are considering a voice recognition marketing strategy, it’s imperative that you write, as you would speak. Think how a person would say a question instead of how they would write it. For example, if you are an emergency dentist your keywords for voice recognition marketing would be, “Alexa, find me an emergency dentist now.” If you were typing the request you would type, “Emergency Dentist in my area.”

Before you start your voice recognition marketing campaign, ask your device a few questions about your industry. This will give you some ideas when you write your script.

Digital and Video Marketing

While video marketing is anything but new, it is changing. With the advent of live platforms, there is no end to what you can do with video marketing for your business. Knoxweb and Video Grabber go hand in hand creating thought provoking eye-catching videos that really get the message across.

With Knoxweb and Video Grabbers you can create question and answer format videos or how to videos. Explainer videos are a breeze when you hire the team from Knoxweb for video marketing in 2020.

Digital and Email Marketing

One of the oldest forms of digital marketing is also one of the best and still very relevant. Email marketing, when done correctly, can turn your subscribers into paying customers as long as you prey to their wants and needs.

Having a catchy subject line is the first step. Once you come up with a great subject line, continue the buzz with a video, or picture. This will entice subscribers to click further for more information.

Using an email marketing company such as mail chimp helps the process. Don’t forget to ask clients and customers for email addresses for email and monthly newsletters.

Conventional Marketing in the Digital Age

While the Yellow Pages no longer exist, other forms of conventional marketing do and are still relevant in today’s society. Depending on your business, good old-fashioned postcards work great and can be used to tie in the rest of your advertising efforts. Include your website and maybe even a snippet from your blog to get readers to go one-step further when compiling your postcards.

Coupons and incentives are another way to market your business the conventional way. Mail out coupons or have online users download and print. People really do like to do things the way they used to sometimes.

Social Media Marketing

Knoxweb cannot express the importance of social media marketing for your business. Research shows the more people are apt to buy something on Facebook than they are from a regular online ad they find on Google.

When you put together a thought provoking social media marketing campaign for your business, be sure to target your market. Most social media platforms have tools that allow you to target your demographic including sex, age, location, and interests.

If you would like more information regarding digital marketing, would like to build a new website or have a great idea for a mobile app, call and talk to a team member from Knoxweb today. Knoxweb has been in business since 1996 and understands digital marketing.

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