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Instagram For Your Business


Instagram is hot, and if you have been following the Knoxweb blog, you will know this social media site is the fastest growing on the planet, however, it is important to understand why.

Although some businesses and organizations may not benefit from Instagram, there are a few reasons that you may want to consider using it as a marketing tool for your business.

Launched back in October of 2010, it certainly isn’t new. The platform has been tried and tested and is growing rapidly. If growth is something to consider, Instagram will be around for some time and could help boost your client base.

If your target market is kids, teens and young adults, it is a must. Although there are plenty of platforms where the kids like to hang out, Instagram is big because parents and grandparents are not usually on it as much as they are on Facebook. It really is the younger generations that find the next best social media sites making them popular so that everyone else jumps aboard. Just look what happened with Facebook. Facebook started as a site for younger generations, but now everyone seems to have a profile.

With Instagram instead of posting something long-winded, you can post a picture showing your friends and family exactly what you are up to. Pictures make everything easier. Photos convey more than words ever could. Photos can convey reality, thoughts, sentiments, ideas and emotions, which can sometimes be lost in text.

Think about what posts you stop and look at more frequently. Chances are the text with the photos makes you stop, like, or comment. If your entire feed is photos, which it is on Instagram, you are making more people aware of your business or organization.

People love connecting with other people and Instagram is a wonderful way to portray your company and your brand. Spontaneous pictures of your company, staff, or pictures of you on your day off are a powerful way to connect and build your business.

Knoxweb explains that the new video function is very marketer friendly because not only do you connect with pictures, but also you can actually communicate with your audience. With the new video function on Instagram, you can show videos of your company and even have them play in your Instagram feed automatically.

Although there is still no cost involved to join the fastest growing social media site, ads are not far away. Rumor has it that Instagram will soon start offering businesses and organizations ads, which will probably be like Twitter or Facebooks promoted posts.

Knoxweb explains that you can also drive traffic to your website using Instagram . Although it isn’t as easy as it is on Google +, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it is possible. Hopefully the powers that be will be adding hyperlinks in the future as currently you can post your website in the comments, but it will not link to your website. With that being said, you can post the link to your website in the bio on your profile.

If you would like more information regarding Instagram or social media marketing, call or click and speak to an Instagram guru from Knoxweb today.