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Fun Holidays You Probably Weren’t Aware Of

Halloween is nearly here with people all over the globe celebrating All Hallows Eve. However, Halloween isn’t the only holiday that occurs every October. In fact all year round the planet celebrates weird and fun holidays.



In celebration of Halloween, Knoxweb would like the opportunity to share some other fun holidays that you probably weren’t even aware of.


All Saints Day November 1

Hot on the heels of Halloween is All Saints Day. Called Hallomas, All Saints Day used to be held in May, but was changed to November 1 to downplay All Hallow’s Eve. While leaders of the Christian church wanted to ban Halloween completely, they felt it was just too popular thinking it would eventually die off.

National Sandwich Day November 3 Fun Holidays

Created by John Montagu, who was the Earl of Sandwich, the favorite lunch item was invented while he was gambling. The Earl put a slice of meat between a couple of slices of bread allowing him to stay at the table longer. Enjoy your favorite sandwich or try something different to celebrate National Sandwich Day.

Check Your Blood Pressure Day November 4

Sharing the spot with King Tut, and other fun holidays, National Check your Blood Pressure Day gives people the opportunity to check their blood pressure. Many pharmacies offer the service free. You can also schedule an appointment with your doctor or invest in a home blood pressure machine.

National Cook Something Bold Day November 8

Created by Wellcat.com, Cook Something Bold Day encourages people to jump out of their comfort zone and prepare something daring and bold, something they would not normally cook. Firstly, it is the perfect time to fill up your home with warm and tasty smells. Secondly, it just tastes good.

Veterans Day November 11

While it certainly can’t be considered a wacky holiday, Veterans Day must be mentioned, as it is the day when people all over America celebrate and honor veterans who have served in the army, navy, air force and marines. Because Veterans Day is a Federal Holiday, it is normally celebrated on the exact day unless it falls on a Sunday. If that is the case, Veterans Day is celebrated on the following Monday.

National Fast Food Day November 16 for Fun Holidays

Since the first fast food restaurant appeared in the early 1950s, Americans have enjoyed fast food for decades. Knoxweb explains that it is easy to participate, as there are dozens of fast food restaurants available. To fully participate put your diet on hold for a day and enjoy every meal at a fast food eatery. As a result, fun holidays are exciting and filling.

National Cashew Day November 23

Always celebrated on November 23rd, National Cashew Day is a great way to indulge. Bring a bag of salted or unsalted cashews to the office and share with the rest of your team. Try a new recipe using cashews and don’t forget to share your fun on social media.

Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November

Falling on the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving certainly isn’t wacky. Celebrated between the Native American Indians and the Pilgrims Thanksgiving was a three day feast. Today the holiday is the biggest eating day of the year and certainly one of the most popular.

Celebrate all the Fun Holidays

Celebrating weird, fun, and wacky holidays is a great way to personalize your business and add value to your brand. Share the fun with your customers and you just might see a better return at the end of the year.

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