Four Text Messaging Tips for Business

Text messaging is the best way to notify clients and potential customers of upcoming specials and current events.

text messaging

With SMS marketing, you can text coupons to people who are actually interested in what you have to sell. Sharing your products and services via text will give you a better ROI while offering a more personalized interaction with users.

Everyone Reads Text Messages

According to Knoxweb, 99 percent of people open text messages. While email marketing will still garner a response, you will not reach the audience you had hoped for as most emails go unopened or directly into the junk email folder.

Text messaging has been around for a few years, but it is only now that businesses are beginning to realize how important text messaging is for business. Text message marketing from Knoxweb is a powerful tool that is especially relevant in today’s advertising climate.

Incorporate Text Messaging Into Social Media Marketing

Smart social media marketing means optimization. Knoxweb explains that offering special coupons or offers to people who sign up is a great way to increase your followers and your fans. Once you have their phone number you can continue to offer additional specials to people who sign up more people for your text messaging campaign.

Below are Four Text Messaging Rules that you Should be Aware of:

No Spamming

Sending a text message is one of the best ways to share your products and services with more people. While text messaging is the way of the future, be careful not to bombard your readers with an onslaught of unnecessary text messages. Not only is it annoying, it can also be illegal according to TCPA guidelines.

Keep Your Text Messages Straight to the Point

Sending a blank email with only something in the subject line is a sure way to lose that subscriber. Make sure you include a link to point them in the right direction and always make your point clear. While people will open your text, they probably won’t read it if it is lengthy and off subject.

Watch the Abbreviations

NP, LOL, and OMG may be okay in a personal text message but they won’t make your business look professional. If you are limited to characters or in a hurry, say your text aloud before sending. If it sounds unprofessional, consider something more appropriate.

Tone is Everything

Just like email how you text something sets the entire tone of the conversation. Never use all caps, which are perceived as yelling. Avoid negatives such as wrong or failure. Avoid one-word answers and passive aggressive sentences such as, “Do you understand what I’m saying?”, or, “Did you get that?”

Text messaging should be included in your overall marketing campaign. When you include text messages with your email and social media marketing campaign you will see a boost in sales. You can even use text messaging in your direct mail marketing to entice your not so technically inclined potential customers to sign up for your text messaging campaign.

When it comes to text messaging marketing, the possibilities are endless. Knoxweb has been in the digital world since 1996 and can help you include a smart text messaging strategy in your overall marketing campaign.

Text messaging is the future of communication. Call and talk to Knoxweb who can show you how to use text messaging for your business. It really will make a difference to your customer base.

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