Facebook Live Tips That Will Get You Noticed

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a free program that allows you to get the message out to your potential clients and customers. With Facebook Live, you can get to know your clients on a personal level as you can respond to their comments in real time. Knoxweb can help you get started with a Facebook Live marketing strategy that will boost your earnings. It’s a quick and easy way increase your likes, comments, and shares. With Facebook Live, the possibilities are endless, but unless you have a sound strategy, your live video on Facebook could turn out to be a waste of time.

Below are 10 things to consider before you go live on Facebook.


You must have a goal before you go live on Facebook. Although influencers, the rich and famous, and large brands have the fan base and the pull to use the Facebook feature more casually, your business probably doesn’t have the luxury of going live at the opening of a film premiere.

If you aren’t a celebrity, it’s important to focus on what you want to achieve in your broadcast. Have a specific objective that will advertise your brands awareness. Although Facebook is a social media site and important for social engagement, social awareness should not be your primary goal.


Although spontaneity is what Facebook Live is all about, you should still have a script or an outline based on your videos intent. Organize your script into a storyboard. Organize and bullet what you want to talk about and what your goals are for your brand. Don’t go live just because the competition is.

It’s important that your script sell your brand, whether it is a how to video, or a product launch that you want to share. Being organized is crucial when it comes to going live on Facebook. Just remember to have some fun with it. Never fear going off the script if you are led that way with comments from viewers. After all, you are live and don’t want to look rehearsed.

Prepare your Pre-Show

It can be tough to get your viewers to all be at your broadcast all at the same time or even on time. Prepare a show to fill in the time, much as producers do for a live television show. Networks will bring in a comedian, actor, singer, or other entertainer to keep the audience occupied during commercial breaks.

Go live on Facebook about 15 minutes before your Facebook Live broadcast. That way, people will have a chance to find your broadcast. Facebook will notify your fans and followers giving everyone plenty of time to tune in and watch your, “Main event.”

Interaction is a Must

As mentioned above, one of the biggest advantages of going live on Facebook is interaction. With Facebook Live, you can talk to your fans and followers without coming face to face. Try your best to respond to people who are watching your live broadcast. Knoxweb explains that it is quite simple to respond and answer questions. If you engage with your audience, you have a better chance of converting your viewers into sales.

When you go live and fans start to jump onboard, recognize them by name. Of course, that will be impossible if hundreds are watching, but do your best. Some will continue to comment so make sure that you are addressing the new Dave and not the one you just said hello to.

Promote Your Facebook Live Video

When it comes to promotion, Knoxweb recommends that you promote your video. When you treat it as a special occasion users and potential viewers will take note. If this is something that you don’t do often, you must promote your Facebook Live Video.

You can Promote Your Live Video by

• Sending an email
• Posting on Social Media
• Advertise
• Go Live Beforehand with a, “Live commercial.”

Facebook Live is more than holding up a phone and filming. In the next Knoxweb Blog, you will learn more tips on how to go live on Facebook.