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Email Marketing for Your Online Business Strategy

email marketing

Email marketing should be in your 2017 advertising plan, as it is just as important now as it ever was.

According to Knoxweb when you have a good email marketing strategy you can combine it with your newsletters, social media marketing, and even direct marketing.

Email marketing isn’t about spamming everyone on your contact list, and never should be. Spamming clients and potential customers can hurt your business, especially when it comes to your reputation.

According to recent statistics, email is used by over 2.5 billion people all across the globe with that number expected to rise to 2.8 billion by 2017. Email is still as popular as it used to be with people all over the planet sending roughly 195 billion emails every day with 109 billion being business email.

Knoxweb explains that email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers in a personal way, and in fact, is more successful than social media. Email marketing works the best when you personalize it and tailor make it to your clients and customers. Covering topics like sales, victories and changes to your company are some of the best ways to reach your clients via email. Below are a few more reasons that you should consider incorporating email into your marketing strategy if you aren’t doing so already.

Social Media

Social media is extremely important when it comes to your online marketing strategy, and is a great channel to use for interaction along with strengthening relationships with your customers and clients. However, when it comes to converting folks to members, supporters, or customers, email marketing is the only way to go, especially when you consider the all-important goal of conversion.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is inexpensive, fast, and easy. Email marketing allows you to reach a larger number of consumers that costs next to nothing per email. If you own a small business and have a small marketing budget, email marketing is the better choice. Radio, direct mail and television advertising cost money and can easily put you over your marketing budget.


When you market your business with email you can segment your users into groups and lists giving each list an email message that is specifically targeted towards them. This will resonate with your clientele while providing your audience with something they can value.

Writing posts on social media is still a great idea, but you are addressing your entire audience as a whole. When you use email marketing, you can address your users individually by name. You can split up topics for certain lists, which can arrive in personal inboxes. According to Asedra, a research marketing company, emails that have subject lines that are addressed to the recipient are 22.2 percent more likely to be viewed, and that statistic was back in 2012.

Incorporating email marketing into your business plan for 2017 really is the way to go, but if you are unsure, give the email marketing experts from Knoxweb a call. You can schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb who can come up with the best internet marketing strategy for your business or organization. Call and make an appointment today.