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How Email Marketing can Work for your Business

Thanks to the power of the World Wide Web, more people are turning to email marketing as an alternative to expensive direct mail marketing. Knoxville Internet understands the power of the internet and can help you understand how Email Marketing can boost your online presence and increase your bottom line.

Twenty years ago, most people did not have email addresses. Today, it is rare for clients and customers not to have a direct connection with an email address. Recent research has indicated that most people check their email at all hours of the day. Some folks even check their email and social media pages on mobile devices before crawling into bed.

With that being said, Email Marketing is one of the best tools you can use to maintain existing customer relationships while attracting new clients at the same time. Communicating via email or Social Media is the 21st century way of doing business. Email Marketing is a great way to let your customers and clients know about new products and sales. Email Marketing is also useful if you want to put out a newsletter.

According to Knoxville Internet, Email Marketing is less expensive than direct email in terms of money, resources, and of course, time. Telemarketing used to be the number one way to reach clients inexpensively, but not anymore. When permission based Email Marketing is done right Knoxville Internet will tell you that more than fifty-eight percent of people who receive your email will open it while fifty three percent claim that it actually affects buying decisions.

There are several benefits to Email Marketing. Not only is it less expensive and less time consuming than snail mail, but it can also be used for any type of business whether you have a bed and breakfast that is showcasing a new menu, or a retail store that is launching a new online shop. Email Marketing can also be used to tell clients about special events or to spread the word about promotions. Incorporating, “Online only,” sales and promotions into your Email Marketing campaign is also a great way to establish customer loyalty.

The internet is all about personalization, and in order to determine what your subscriber’s preferences are it is important to work with a company that understands website behavior and buying trends. Knoxville Internet will research your customer demographics and sales performances in order to tailor make an Email Marketing campaign for your business or organization.

According to Knoxville Internet, there are several Email Marketing tools that are used to create small and large campaigns. When you work with the professionals from Knoxville Internet, you can have routine tasks such as click through rates and delivery tracking automated making Email Marketing fast, easy, and efficient.

These days it is imperative that you understand that customers and service providers are becoming more aggressive when it comes to blocking spam. Unfortunately, even your legitimate Email Marketing campaign can be at risk if it is labeled as spam. Knoxville Internet can provide you with an Email Marketing Campaign combined with other business marketing tactics that will give you the leading edge when it comes to your business or organization. Remember, Email Marketing is only successful when combined with other advertising channels such as web advertising, online advertising, and telemarketing. Talk to Knoxville Internet about your Email Marketing campaign today.