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Digital Marketing Strategies for a New Chapter

Spring is the perfect time to rethink you digital marketing strategies. From new social media marketing ideas to video marketing, blogs and a monthly email newsletter, a new season means fresh and new ideas that are sure to increase your bottom line.

Times are tough and that means it’s time to put more effort into your digital marketing strategies with Knoxweb.


According to Knoxweb, you can make subtle or drastic changes to your digital marketing strategies, and best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Take Your Audience By Storm

Knoxweb has been on it for nearly 25 years. Back in 1996, the internet was in its infancy and something most web design companies in Knoxville knew nothing about.

At the end of the last century, people had never heard of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or even Myspace. Fast forward to 2020 and nearly everyone on the planet is using some type of social media for their digital marketing strategies. Just look at the popularity of Tik Tok and you’ll see how quickly the world has changed, especially when it comes to social media.

Add it All or Add a Little

Of course, you don’t have to go, “all in,” adding every type of digital marketing strategy in the world, but it does pay to include some additional online advertising tools for marketing.

From video marketing with Video Grabbers to email newsletters and blogs, online advertising is surpassing conventional marketing in 2020. Both small and large businesses thrive when they advertise their brand on the internet.

How Digital Marketing Has Changed

Back in the early days of digital marketing, it really was the Wild West. There was no Google and there weren’t any rules. Companies would use tactics that in this day and age could get you banned from the search engines.

Things like keyword stuffing and link building were the norm and while keywords and link building are still important, these tools are nothing like they used to be. These days the team from Knoxweb knows the importance of writing for the reader AND the search engine. If you know anything about marketing, you’ll know that it’s all about the content.

Digital Marketing in 2020

One of the strongest and most successful ways to market your brand in 2020 is on social media. If you haven’t quite mastered the art of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, talk to the team from Knoxweb. Social media can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure where to put your digital marketing efforts. Another surefire way to boost your online profile is with video marketing.

Video Marketing in Knoxville

Knoxweb and Video Grabber are ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing with video. With the right script and storyboard, your fans and followers will like, comment and share every one of your videos.

In today’s world, it is easy to create videos for your business. Whatever your industry, video grabber and Knoxweb are here to help producing explainer, how to and Q and A videos. The possibilities are endless and so are the platforms. With Facebook Watch and YouTube, it’s possible to produce videos that are cost effective and popular.

People Love the Net for Digital Marketing

Everyone knows how popular the internet is. So much so, that it is surpassing television and radio advertising.

If you don’t have a strong campaign to back up your products and services, you aren’t going to capture your market. It takes a strong campaign to get ahead of the competition. Without digital marketing, your campaign won’t be strong enough to hold its own, especially in this day and age.

Digital Marketing is a Numbers Game

Numbers play a huge role in every part of life, but especially when it comes to digital marketing. If you and your business aren’t getting the numbers that you so desperately need to keep your company running, it’s time to call the experts. Knoxweb is ready to get to work creating a digital marketing campaign that works. Best of all, digital marketing in Knoxville is more affordable than you think.

If you would like more information regarding digital marketing for your business, call and schedule a conference call with the team from Knoxweb. You won’t find a better place to start.

Call and talk to a team member from Knoxweb today.