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Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Digital marketing mistakes can be detrimental.


2019 is going to be a massive year as far as digital marketing goes. With content marketing being at the top of the list, it’s important that you and your team create content that is engaging and unique to avoid digital marketing mistakes.

According to Knoxweb, thought-provoking content is essential if you want to remain at the top of the search engines.

Good Content is Critical

Without good content, you are putting your business at risk. You must know your audience to attract your demographic.

Knoxweb recommends that you ask yourself the important questions before you map out your content strategies for 2019. Planning wisely, helps avoid digital marketing mistakes that could prove costly.

  • Below are questions to ask yourself before you forge ahead.
  • How well do you really know your audience?
  • Is your content building your brand?
  • Will your content gain trust?
  • Do you have a plan for sharing your content on social media?
  • Will your content attract users and potential buyers?
  • What format do your users prefer? Video, Blogs, Webinars, Video Blogs, Live Streams, Text, Infographics or Video?

Your content must be informative and helpful. Useful content that is actionable helps build strong relationships with your fans and followers.

Avoiding Digital Marketing Mistakes Takes Planning

Once you and your team have figured out the goals of your content marketing plan, it’s time to break down your strategies.

  1. Who – Know your Fans and Followers
  2. How – Find the Proper Channel
  3. Why – What is your Objective
  4. Where –Target your Location
  5. What – Come up with a Powerful Message
  6. When – Connecting at the Right Time

Copying Content is at the top of Digital Marketing Mistakes

Coping and pasting other users content is a huge mistake. By doing so, you are plagiarizing someone else’s work. If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know a professional content writer is the best way to create fresh content that is informative and entertaining.

Knoxweb will research your industry before writing a weekly or monthly blog. Every article is thoroughly researched. Your content is unique and authorized for use when you hire a professional blog writer from Knoxweb.

Digital Marketing Mistakes and Poorly Written Content

Your content may be unique but if it consists of sentences that don’t make sense and spelling and grammatical errors, you will be punished because Google frowns upon low quality content. Your website may look amazing, but if the content is poorly written you will be penalized.

Equally important is website content that makes sense as it builds brand trust. With helpful and useful content, you have a great chance of edging out the competition in the search engine results. Copying someone else’s work and creating poorly written content will never give you a high ranking on Google, ever.

Correcting Digital Marketing Mistakes

If your business performed poorly on the web, it probably had something to do with your content. When you correct your past digital marketing mistakes you are well on your way to a better presence in 2019, just remember, correcting those past digital marketing mistakes will not happen overnight.

Everything in life takes persistence and patience, because if you want a positive outcome, you must be prepared. Knoxweb can show you how to incorporate wise digital marketing strategies into your overall plan. Once those strategies are implemented, you will begin to see a better result on Google and the other search engines.

The Right Content for Marketing

Knowing what’s right and wrong for your business is imperative. Knoxweb understands what content works and what doesn’t to avoid digital marketing mistakes.

Below are Types of Content Marketing to Avoid Digital Marketing Mistakes

  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • How To Guidebooks and Videos
  • Q & A’s
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Whitepapers

When you connect with an influencer in your industry, you are building trust because influencers play a huge role in spreading the information online to people in your demographic. As a result, when you ask influencers to share content on your page via blog posts, video chats or other types of digital content you are building your audience.

Start 2019 off on the right foot by avoiding digital marketing mistakes. Knoxweb are the leaders in the field and have the best defense against digital marketing mistakes. Call or click for more information today.