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Digital Marketing for 2021 and Beyond

It’s the middle of 2021 and if you are not implementing new modes of advertising into your overall digital marketing strategies you are missing out.

While conventional marketing is still viable, it’s important that you add new digital marketing tools to your box.

According to Knoxweb, who has been making miracles happen on the internet since 1995, using conventional and digital marketing strategies together will improve your online presence and your bottom line.

Digital Marketing and Conventional Advertising

1. Word of Mouth Advertising

Everyone knows that word of mouth advertising still works. However, when you implement new forms of this type of marketing you will see amazing results.

Social media is much like word of mouth in that people who like your products and services, will usually like, comment and share. Carrying on a conversation with people on your pages shows you care. This is also an excellent way for people to share your brand. It’s digital word of mouth advertising at its best.

2. Email Marketing

While some marketers claim email is no longer viable, Knoxweb tends to disagree. If you follow the blog, you will remember that email, when combined with today’s marketing tools is an excellent way to gauge your customers, and potential ones.

Be sure to create educational or entertaining emails and don’t ever try to sell your subscribers something. Don’t forget to personalize your email messages; otherwise you will probably end up in the trash file.

3. Social Media Marketing

While social media became a thing in the 90’s, it wasn’t until Facebook and YouTube took the world by storm that social media marketing became a viable funnel for both organic and paid advertising.

As previously mentioned, having a great following on your Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages is excellent for word of mouth advertising. Again, you are using what you have to build your online audience. Make sure you are consistent with your posting and Tweets and don’t forget to engage with fans and followers.

4. Mobile Responsive Website

Having a mobile responsive website that fits all screens is crucial in today’s marketing landscape. If you don’t have a website that is user friendly, you’ll lose potential clients.

Most people, unless they really want what you have to sell won’t pinch the screen to read prices or any other information. A mobile responsive website adapts to tablets, phones, wearables and PCs. Talk to Knoxweb about a mobile responsive website for your business.

5. Tapping the Voice Search Market

If you aren’t writing your content for Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google you are missing out on business. Voice search is huge with more and more people relying on Alexa and Siri to get them where they want to go.

AI is loved by young and old with households all across America having at least one device. When crafting content for voice search marketing, be sure it is conversational. Create text in natural language and think about how you talk to your device and go from there.

6. Local SEO for Marketing

If you haven’t checked out what comes up when you search your business on Google do it now. It’s also imperative that you claim your business listing on Google. Be sure your information is correct and up to date especially when it comes your local area.

If you have recently moved and haven’t had the opportunity to update your contact information people won’t be able to find you. Your location data needs to be spot on if you want to stay in business.

7. Video Marketing

One of the most important tools to add to your box is video marketing. Most people would rather watch a short video about products and services than read about it.

With that being said make sure you add a description to your clips as there are a few folks that would rather read than watch. Knoxweb and Video Grabber is the easy way to get your name on the net with well-produced videos that you won’t find anywhere else.

8. Direct Mail

This age old advertising tool is still extremely viable in the 21st century. People love to receive coupons, postcards or newsletters, especially if they have enjoyed these items monthly.

Direct mail is an excellent for digital marketing. It’s also a wonderful way to reward existing customers and people who have just discovered your business. Send out a monthly newsletter or postcards to welcome new subscribers. People love to be rewarded for buying something.

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