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Piecing the Search Engine Optimization Puzzle Together

search engine optimization

It seems as if Search Engine Optimization, or SEO to those in the know, seems to be changing every few months, as Google’s algorithms get more refined. Google’s main objective has always been to create a search engine that makes it easy for people to find a product or service.

According to Knoxweb, things have really changed since Google implemented some of its algorithms back in April of 2015. If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you will know that Googlegeddon changed everything, and if you weren’t mobile friendly, you would be penalized, and that was and still is certainly the case.

These days you would have to be a mind reader to know what will come next in the world of algorithms and Search Engine Optimization. However, Knoxweb is continually keeping up with what’s going on in the world of SEO and can give you a few clues as to what is happening in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

Content is still king with marketers realizing the importance of aligning the content for customers and clients needs while using mobile optimization for much better results. According to, the SEO process using unique and original content is what is driving the traffic for both paid and organic sources.

Recent studies indicate that 50 percent of all searches on mobile devices are conducted with people hoping to find theater times, menu choices or to make a doctor or dental appointment. Knoxweb explains that of those searching for local results, 61 percent will make a purchase, schedule a checkup, or make a dinner reservation.

Although rankings on the search engines will change from time to time, which is quite normal, it is important that you talk to Knoxweb about developing, designing and building your website the right way. If your website is not mobile friendly and you want to rank better on the search engines, you must be either mobile friendly or mobile responsive.

Hit the Top with Great Content

Once your site is built, it is vital that you post new content on a regular basis, as it will help boost your rank and drive more traffic to the pages on your website. If you are unsure how to post new content, or don’t have the time to commit, Knoxweb can train you or someone from your business or organization to do the job. If you would rather hire a content writer, talk to Knoxweb who can write daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, or quarterly blogs or articles for your website.

Social Media

Knoxweb knew that social media content would gain prominence on the search engines, and that has certainly been the case. Recent surveys indicate that over 76 percent of marketers are using social media to help boost and support Search Engine Optimization. Knoxweb can optimize your social media accounts along with your website and blogs so that your content gets more exposure on the World Wide Web.


Videos are still leading the pack when it comes to SEO. Videos can up your SERPS, Search Engine Results Page, ranking and will boost your ranking by as much as 62 percent organically. Video searches also receive a 41 percent better click through rate as opposed to plain text content. The more videos you have, the easier it will be to catch Google’s attention in the search engines. Knoxweb can help you with your video marketing strategy, call or click for an appointment.

Mobile Optimization

You have to be living in the dark ages to know how crucial mobile optimization is to you and your business. Your potential clients and customers are no longer sitting in front of a desktop to find your company. Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops and phone watches allow people to browse anywhere on the planet with an internet connection. Mobile optimization is now the norm instead of the exception and if you haven’t become mobile friendly, you are missing out.

Want to know more about Search Engine Optimization, including mobile optimization? Talk to the team that knows SEO and schedule an appointment for an SEO makeover with Knoxweb today.

A Poor Business Blog Can Hurt Your Brand


If you have attempted a Business Blog, you know how difficult it can be, especially if you have other tasks that need to be taken care of as well. Worse yet is handing the job off to a staff member who doesn’t even have time to keep up with his or her regular tasks.

Most people think that writing a Business Blog is a piece of cake, but as Knoxweb explains, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You may think that composing a weekly or monthly blog for your business or organization is easy, but if you listen to the professionals, it isn’t.

The professional Business Blog writers from Knoxweb understand what it takes to write a thoughtful, unique, and interesting piece of content that will not only educate your readers, but also boost your Search Engine Optimization. Unless you have the time to research the best keywords for your business or organization, your blog will never be read, and worse yet, may never be found.

The majority of people can write, but most are not skilled when it comes to writing a Business Blog. Think of it this way, you may be able to ski down the hill or play 18 holes of golf, but that doesn’t mean you should enter the Olympic trials or join the Masters Pro Circuit.

The copy that you show the world when it comes to your business or organization is too important to do yourself or hand off to a staff member. Even worse is hiring a company offshore that does not understand anything about the English language. Even if you are a good writer when it comes to poetry or fictional writing, a business blog is an entirely different story.

Unfortunately, people who write their own Business Blog are probably not getting the message across to clients and potential customers, and what’s even worse is that you are probably doing harm to your brand.

The best Business Blog will be written with an objective viewpoint. If you own a business or run an organization you will not be objective, after all, you love your business and it really is your baby. Being too close to the subject at hand could actually harm your business or organization. Hiring a professional from Knoxweb for your Blog assures that your blog is written objectively.

A good Business Blog will sell your products and services in a subtle, yet persuasive way. There really is a fine line when it comes to a Business Blog that is unique and authentic. No reader wants to have copy that is pushy or canned. Being subtle is your best bet when it comes to a Business Blog.

When you work with the team from Knoxweb, your Business Blog will give your readers copy that they are actually interested in reading. The writers from Knoxweb understand what components are needed to create a Business Blog that is both informative and entertaining.

Remember, content is key with your brand being rooted in messages and words. If you are spending cash on your website design, but you, a staff member, or a writing farm from overseas is providing you with poorly written copy, you are not just wasting money and time, but damaging your brand as well.

Knoxweb explains that the content that you use for your business or organization can either hurt or help your brand. Don’t take that chance with your Business Blog. Call and schedule a no obligation consultation with the team of Business Blog writers from Knoxweb today.

Web Design in Knoxville Tips


Your Web Design in Knoxville needs to be user friendly, and if it isn’t, you may be sifting through page after page of search engine results just to find your business or organization. If you own a business that has lots of competition in your area, it will be even more difficult to find your company based on your less than friendly Web Design in Knoxville.

Knoxweb advises that you test your Web Design in Knoxville. Think of a subject that you would like to find out more about. Do a Google search and click on the link that you believe has the information that you are searching for. Once there check to make sure that the information that you are looking for easy to find. If you have to navigate through the entire Web Design in Knoxville before you find the answers to your questions, you could be in trouble. If you can find what you are looking for easily and quickly it means that the website is well designed with the user in mind. These days people what to go to a website that is easy to handle.

Your Web Design in Knoxville is imperative as it affects how fast your users can find out what they are searching for. If it is frustrating and difficult your visitor will leave your website in search of something that is easier to use. What’s worse is that those lost opportunities may never come back again.

According to Knoxweb, there are some things to think about when it comes to your Web Design in Knoxville.


Obviously, your website has to be appealing, but it is also just as important to keep your users happy. Your Web Design in Knoxville should lead the user’s eye to the important items followed by the secondary items. A good Web Design in Knoxville team such as Knoxweb often uses typography and space along with colors and images that are used as calls to action.


A good Web Design in Knoxville has everything in its logical place. This makes it easy for your visitors to find what they want and need. Knoxweb will make sure that your website is consistent and logical with every page having a purpose. You only have a few seconds to make that impression and if your website is disorganized you will lose business and potential customers.


You need to have a website that appeals to people, something that will catch the eye. The possibilities are endless and can include YouTube videos, which will also help with your SEO, slideshows, or photo galleries.

The design of your site is what makes visitors stay or go. Your Web Design in Knoxville needs to create a sense of trust allowing people to find what they want and need, quick and fast.

Obviously, there is much more to Web Design in Knoxville, such as cross platform capabilities, mobile friendliness and coding standards, but those are things that your website visitors will not see.

If you would like more information regarding your Web Design in Knoxville, call and schedule a no obligation Web Design in Knoxville consultation with the experts from Knoxweb today.

Boost Your Mobile Website Performance


If your mobile website performance leaves little to be desired, call or click and schedule a no obligation mobile website performance consultation with the professional team of web design and web developers from Knoxweb.

Bad search engine placement is a huge problem as most people use their mobile device to go online. However, there are some reasons that your website is not showing up on the search engines.

Sometimes it can take seven days or more for a search engine such as Google or Bing to find your website. Once the search engines have crawled your website, it could take an additional two weeks to be pushed out on to the index. It used to be easy to submit your website to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, but because there are millions of requests that feature just doesn’t work anymore. The best way to speed up the process is to talk to Knoxweb about creating links.

Another reason that you may not be getting the results you want or need from your Mobile Website is that you are not properly optimized for crawling on the search engines. After your site has been submitted to the search engines, a spider is sent to the site so that it can crawl your Mobile Website for content.

Unlike a visitor, crawlers scan your Mobile Website for relevant content, keyword saturation, Meta content and other factors. Knoxweb understands search engines and what needs to be done to boost your Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

The professional content writers from Knoxweb make sure that your content includes search terms that are relevant to Google, Bing and other search engines that can help with Mobile Website Performance.

Once the search engines have indexed your site and your content includes relevant keywords that are targeted the Mobile Website will start to display in the search results, however, that does not always mean you will be landing on the first page.

These days more than ever quality content is king. Your content needs to be unique and logical with keywords that are woven into your web pages. Of course, your copy needs to be rich when it comes to keywords, but the reader needs to make sense of your content. Your website should never sacrifice textual flow.

According to Knoxweb, another reason that your Mobile Website performance isn’t up to scratch is because of too much Flash. Flash Animation looks great on a laptop or a desktop, but unfortunately does not work on a mobile device. On top of that, search engines have a difficult time understanding it. That means if your Mobile Website has been embedded with Flash elements, including text and links you may be invisible to search engine spiders. Pages that have been heavily animated with Flash will not give you the results that you want or need.

If your site hasn’t been optimized properly for SEO you will not see a good return. Knoxweb are experts when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and can help you get a better search engine results.

When it comes to the search engines, it is best left to the professionals, especially when it comes to a properly optimized Mobile Website and your Mobile Website Performance. Call or click and talk to Knoxweb who can help you boost your ratings. Call or click now.

Do you Have a Good Mobile Website?


When it comes to a good mobile website, you can count on Knoxweb to help you create a good mobile website that will increase your traffic. The difference between an okay mobile website and a great mobile website is all about design, content, and user friendliness.

Knoxweb are the mobile website experts and understand what it takes to optimize your website for mobile devices. Since 1996, Knoxweb has kept up to date with the continual World Wide Web changes.

If you have a website that has not been optimized for mobile devices, you will have noticed a drop in your search engine ranking. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t take kindly to businesses and organizations that haven’t optimized their website for mobile devices. If users have to pinch, zoom and slide to see your content, Google will penalize you.

Even large corporations have been slow to make the change, which can be frustrating. You can only imagine how angry some people get if they have to go to a website that isn’t mobile friendly. Thankfully, you don’t have to be like the big guys when you call and schedule an appointment with Knoxweb for a new or redesigned mobile website.

When you call Knoxweb for a no obligation consultation for a good mobile website you can be assured that all of your wants and needs will be met. Your new mobile website will be optimized for all devices making it easy to find your business or organization online.

Knoxweb knows what you need when it comes to a good mobile website, and if you are a local business, you are only hurting yourself if you do not call Knoxweb for a no obligation mobile website consultation.

Local businesses depend on the World Wide Web for traffic. If you have a local restaurant or a retail store, capturing visitors and locals will help you increase your sales.

When people require local services, the first course of action is usually Google. If you are in the car or on the go, you will probably search using a good mobile website. If your business pops up and it isn’t user friendly, those people will go to the next business or organization on the list.

Mobile phones and tablets have changed the way people discover and locate local information and with more than 10 billion searches across the globe, it is imperative that your business or organization has a good mobile website that is user friendly. If that isn’t enough to convince you, Knoxweb explains that over half of local searches start without a specific company or organization in mind. That means that folks are looking for products and services focusing on businesses that are close to their current location.

Knoxweb will tell you that there are more than two billion local searches on Google every month and that isn’t even including Bing and Yahoo. Although Google is the largest search engine, some estimates say that Yahoo has more than 100 million visitors every month, and don’t forget about the Yellow Pages online and Yelp.

If you haven’t been getting the web traffic that you need it could have something to do with your website. Call or click and schedule a good mobile website consultation with the professionals from Knoxweb today.

A Web Development Company you can Trust


If you have been less than impressed with your Web Development team, call and schedule an appointment with Knoxweb who can analyze your website in order to come up with a Web Development plan that will get you back on track. A professional Web Development company really is more affordable than you think, especially in the long run.

Whether you are using a company to handle your Web Development needs, or have been doing it yourself, there is quite a bit of time involved. Some Web Design companies have a tough time keeping your site up to date, and if you are doing it yourself, you know that can be incredibly time consuming as well. Spending time trying to get your Web Development company to do something, or attempting to do it yourself could affect your sales.

Of course, you can always go with a do it yourself package, but most do not have all of the tools that you need to complete the job. Those do it yourself development packages entice you with a cheap package, but usually charge you extra to customize and optimize your website. Before you dive into what you think is a good Web Development do it yourself package, it is best to make sure that you understand exactly what you are getting and what kind of limitations you will have.

Knoxweb has been around since 1996 and has the tools and the experience to help you increase sales. When you use a professional Web Development company, such as Knoxweb, you can sit back and relax knowing that all of your Web Design needs will be looked after. Once your new website is up and running, you will enjoy a higher return on your investment because you decided to work with a professional Web Development team.

The Web Development team from Knoxweb understands what keeps your visitors from leaving your site. This takes advanced Web Development skills, research, and additional training. Knoxweb is continually training its staff by attending workshops and seminars to learn the latest Web Development techniques.

When it comes to Web Design, there are several factors that you need to consider with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization being one of them. SEO is critical when it comes to the success of your business or organization on the World Wide Web. Knoxweb has the expertise to design a website that not only looks good, but also performs well on the search engines. Unfortunately, those templated websites that seemed so affordable do not fare well on Google, Bing or any of the other search engines for that matter. When you buy a template, you are stuck with that particular format, which is barely adequate to say the least, and optimization, you can forget about that as well.

A professional Web Design company, such as Knoxweb, knows how to structure your website so that it is friendly for all devices. If you know anything about Web Development, you will know that Google is now punishing companies and organizations that have not optimized their website for the mobile world.

If you are tired of spending hours trying to find your business or organization on the web, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with the team of Web Development experts from Knoxweb today.

What’s the Fuss About Blog Writing?


If you have been wondering what all the fuss is about Blog Writing, call and schedule an appointment with the Blog Writing experts from Knoxweb who can help you understand what Blog Writing is all about.

Knoxweb explains that the primary function of Blog Writing is to attract more customers and clients to your website. These days Blog Writing is crucial when it comes to both your website and your social media profiles.

The primary thing you need to remember when it comes to Blog Writing is your audience. Although your Blog Writing is meant to generate leads while boosting your web traffic, it is crucial that you remain true to your business. Knoxweb understands Blog Writing and has the expertise to get your message across without sounding to, “Salesy.”

The majority of people who read your blog are not interested in sales messages. To get your message across, the professional Blog Writing team from Knoxweb will never think like a salesman, but will create a blog for your business and organization that can help build trust and authority.

Unfortunately, some business owners believe that it is easy to start Blog Writing. After all, it is just putting together a few words on a page, right. Wrong. Knoxweb will tell you that hiring a professional for your business Blog Writing is probably one of the smartest decisions that you can make when it comes to your business or organization.

When you hire a professional from Knoxweb for Blog Writing, you can expect your company and your industry to be well researched. The Blog Writing team from Knoxweb knows how to craft an interesting story in each post that will attract the attention that your company or organization wants and needs. Knoxweb will create quality content that is relatable and engaging.

Quality content is not only valued by your customers and clients, but also valued by the search engines. Google loves fresh content and when you hire a professional from Knoxweb for Blog Writing, you can expect your audience to grow while boosting your search engine ranking.

Most people know that keywords and phrases are important when it comes to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, but unless you know how to create a title and a blog post using the appropriate keywords, you will lose readers. Skilled blog writers understand the complicated world of SEO and will make sure that everything that goes on your blog page is unique and fresh. Good Blog Writing will motivate your readers with a blog that sounds natural, and although keywords are being used, the article or post will make sense.

You may have already assigned a staff member to do your Blog Writing for you, but who will be doing his or her job while your new blog writer is researching and writing content? Focusing on a business blog could interfere with other duties affecting customer deadlines and your bottom line. Hiring a professional from Knoxweb for Blog Writing saves you and your staff time and money.

If you would like more information regarding professional Blog Writing from Knoxweb, call or click and schedule a no obligation Blog Writing consultation today.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization for 2016


If your ranking has slowly been diminishing on Google, Bing and other search engines, it could have something to do with your SEO. Search Engine Optimization plays a huge roll in your page ranking and could ultimately affect your bottom line.

According to Knoxweb, much has changed when it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization and unless you are an SEO expert, you could lose business.

These days search engines are getting smarter and are looking for other words in addition to keywords. Those other words are what the reader would expect to come next in the blog or article. For example using the words, apps, time, watch, Apple, and iPhone in the body of your copy will send signals to Google and other search engines telling the user that it is a good article and relevant to what they are searching for.

Knoxweb explains that about 75 percent of search engine queries are three to five words. This means that the writer needs to write the headline of the blog or article accordingly. Search engines have learned that people usually type in one, two, three, four, or even five words to get the answers that they are looking for. Knoxweb’s content creators are aware of this and use this same strategy for SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

A recent study conducted by Moz Inc in August of 2015 indicated that the most important SEO or Search Engine Optimization factor for this year is mobile-friendliness. If your website has been optimized for mobile devices, it can have a huge impact.

These days search engines are looking to see how people are interacting and relating to your website. Today it really is about post-click activity and intention.

When it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it is important to focus on the user’s experience. Believe it or not, Google makes about 500 changes to its algorithms every year. All of those changes are for the user. Google wants to make sure that when someone is searching for something they will get the results that they are looking for within the first or second page.

Knoxweb explains that original content is more important than ever. The more original your content, the better your SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The more appealing the content, whether it be a video, an image or something written in long form, the better your SEO or Search Engine Optimization results will be.

Size really does matter when it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Two or three years ago, shorter articles were okay, but nowadays, longer articles are king ranking higher in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Not only are people reading longer articles and blogs, but they are also sharing them on social media giving you even better SEO or Search Engine Optimization results.

When it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, the most important thing these days is to optimize your content for mobile devices. People are reading articles, blogs and news on their tablets and Smartphone’s so it is important that your content is searchable.

If you would like more information regarding SEO or Search Engine Optimization for 2016, call or click and schedule an appointment with the experts from Knoxweb today.

A Mobile App Can Boost Sales


If you have been thinking about creating a Mobile App for your business, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with the team of expert Mobile App developers from Knoxweb. Knoxweb has the expertise, the experience and the know how to design a Mobile App that is perfect for your business or organization.

A custom Mobile App for your company can literally change your figures overnight, and if your Mobile App goes viral, your business or organization may have to go public!

A Mobile App for your business is the best way to boost product and services sales and can open doors that would normally remain shut tight.

According to Knoxweb, a Mobile App can help you with customer engagement, service, and support. Thanks to the expertise from Knoxweb, you can be assured that your new Mobile App will be created in the right way so that you can turn those recent customers that you engaged with into paying clients. A good example of a Mobile App that really works is the iFood Assistant from Kraft. With more than 2000 recipes, using Kraft products and lists along with coupons and interactive deals Kraft shares the app on social media increasing sales.

Customer Support and Service

A well-designed Mobile App makes things more efficient and much simpler, especially when it comes to contacting your business or organization. A good Mobile App offers tools that make life much easier when it comes to your products and services. Just another reason to contact Knoxweb for a no obligation Mobile App consultation. Banks are a great example when it comes to a Mobile App as the majority of them, including Chase and Wells Fargo allow customers to deposit checks using their iPhone or Smartphone.


Coupons have always been popular, but thanks to digital technology and a well-made Mobile App, you can monetize your business. A good Mobile App adds a layer of push notifications for location based coupons. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Mobile App that people can access if they are a block or even a mile from your store? Because of your location, anyone who is close will be able to have access to coupons via a text message notification. This gives potential customers a good reason to walk into your store.

If you have an online store, Knoxweb highly recommends a Mobile App so that people can do the things that used to only be possible from a PC or Laptop. Shopping on the go is becoming increasingly popular and if your online retail business offers customers an on the go option, you will increase sales.

When you schedule a no obligation Mobile App consultation with Knoxweb, everything will be discussed in order to enhance your online profile. The professionals from Knoxweb have the inside scoop when it comes to creative ways to capture your customer’s attention. The Mobile App team from Knoxweb can offer your business or organization unique ideas that will make life easier for your customer, and after all, isn’t that what it is all about?

If you would like more information regarding a Mobile App for your business or organization, call or click and schedule a no obligation Mobile App consultation with Knoxweb today.

User Friendly Web Design is Imperative

When it comes to Web Design, Knoxweb in the Great Smoky Mountains cannot be beat. Schedule an appointment with Knoxweb for a no obligation Web Design so that your business or organization can have a better presence on the net.

Much has changed since the dawn of the internet back in the early 90’s. Google came onboard and literally took over the World Wide Web, and when that happened, the world of search engines was turned upside down.

Google has changed its algorithms more times than you can remember, but their reasons were not selfish. According to Knoxweb, Google keeps improving its algorithms in order to make searching fast and easy, but when it comes to Web Design; Knoxweb has some inside information as to why Google is really changing its algorithms on a regular basis.

User experience and happiness is the main reason that Google is changing its algorithms. The latest change occurred back in February of 2015 when Google announced its intentions to favor those with a mobile Web Design, while penalizing businesses, organizations and individuals whose website was difficult to read on a tablet or Smartphone. Although some people didn’t think that the new algorithm would happen, it did in April of 2015.

Fast forward to 2016 and people who did not make changes to their Web Design making it compatible with mobile devices discovered that their high Google ranking was gradually slipping from the first to the last page.

Since the beginning, the internet has constantly evolved and changed and will continue as long as technology does.

When Google first hit the scene back in 2004, the way to increase your ranking was with SEO or Search Engine Optimization and that is still the case today. Google has always been the persons search engine and is constantly looking for ways to block corner cutting and spamming.

The best way to be in Google’s favor is to make sure that your Web Design is producing unique and regular content. If clients and potential customers find your Web Design interesting, informative, and beneficial, you will be rewarded.

When it comes to Web Design, content has always been king as it leads to better optimization, better branding, and better conversion.

Knoxweb explains that Google will continue to update its algorithms in order to make the search engine experience fast, easy, and more pleasurable for the user. So what is coming in 2016? Fact checking.

In the future, the largest search engine in the world will be checking your content, and not just via back links. Google is literally going to fact check your Web Design content using the new Knowledge-Based Trust score software that allows Google to fact check all online content. Of course, this shouldn’t come as any surprise.

So what’s the bottom line? User-friendly Web Design on your laptop, PC, tablet and Smartphone is crucial. If you aren’t friendly, Google won’t be either.

When it comes to smart and intelligent Web Design that is both user and informative, you can count on Knoxweb to create a Web Design for your business or organization.

Call or click and schedule a consultation for Web Design with Knoxweb who can help boost your SEO and improve your presence on the World Wide Web. Call or click today.