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Google is Pushing Hard for SSL Connections… is Your Website Ready?

A few months ago, Google officially announced that it would consider Secure Socket Layers – more commonly known as SSL connections – as a search signal. Such a move fit perfectly with the search engine’s known appreciation for user experience. Long used by banks and online retailers, SSL connections are fast and encrypt any transfers of information (like passwords and credit card numbers) that take place between the website and a visitor.

This shift essentially told marketers that upgrading to SSL functionality would help them improve their search engine visibility, and bring more buyers to their doorstep as a result. That was incentive enough for a lot of businesses to make the plunge, but now there is an even more important reason to act.


As we speak, Google’s engineers are in the process of upgrading the popular Chrome browser, which is estimated to have more than one billion users worldwide. Currently, it indicates SSL connections with a small blue “secure” marking. It’s visible, but easy to miss if you aren’t looking for.

At some point in the next few days, we are going to see changes that take this concept a little further. Namely, that websites asking for passwords and submissions without SSL connectivity are going to be marked as “insecure,” and could be meted with a warning prompt. Whereas marketers with secure hosting were being rewarded before, those who haven’t upgraded are going to be punished now.

That’s a subtle shift, but one that is likely to affect web traffic and lead generation in big ways. After all, those who aren’t in the online marketing industry might not pay a lot of attention to small colored boxes, but they will perk up if they are warned that particular website isn’t as safe as it could be. Just as importantly, it probably won’t be long before Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and other browsers follow suit.


If you’ve been waiting to add SSL connections to your small business website, or haven’t heeded our warnings in the past, now is the time to act. Luckily, there are a couple of easy and affordable ways to bring your site up to speed.

The first is to log into your web hosting account and upgrade your subscription package. You may have to pay a slightly higher fee, as SSL connectivity may not be available on the lowest tier of pricing. However, by improving your hosting package, you’ll also get a more reliable website.

A better way to integrate SSL to your website is by contacting us to discuss our SSL upgrade option.  It’s a simple and cost-effective way to get the functionality you need while staying away from viruses, scams, and the other undesirable web “neighbors” you find on common shared hosting plans.

In 2017, there’s no excuse for going without SSL connections. Google demands it, and so are customers. Why not contact us today and see how easy it is to make an improvement that could bring you new business every week?

A New Business Blog for the New Year


If you have a business blog that hasn’t been active for quite some time, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with the business blog experts from Knoxweb.

Knoxweb explains that one of the worst things that you can do is start a business blog, be diligent with a few entries, only to let it go because of other obligations. Knoxweb has a team of expert business blog writers who will take the burden out of daily, twice weekly, weekly, or monthly business blog posts.

Unless you have extra time on your hands, you will not be able to keep up with your business blog, but Knoxweb will. The team of business blog writers from Knoxweb are the experts when it comes to a business blog and will make sure that it is kept up to date with anything and everything there is to do with your company or organization.

One of the best things about a business blog is Search Engine Optimization. Known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is used to help people find what they are looking for on the net. If you know anything about Google, you will understand that there are a few things that can help or hurt your company when it comes to the World Wide Web.

Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo reward businesses and organizations that add fresh content. New and fresh content is a big plus when it comes to Google’s algorithms and can certainly help your business.

When you have an updated business blog, you will notice your rank move upwards on Google, especially if you opt for a twice weekly or weekly blog. Schedule an appointment with the business blog experts from Knoxweb who can help you grow your business with a professional business blog that is educational, informative, and sometimes entertaining depending on what it is that you want to promote on your business blog.

The team from Knoxweb understands grammar and business blog writing and are native English speakers and writers. Unlike some of those content farms that you will find all over the world, the business blog team from Knoxweb only hires people who understand prose and know how to write a business blog that will get you and your business the attention that it deserves.

Your blog is meant to give your company a presence on the web while informing potential clients and current customer’s insight into what your business is about, what you are selling, and what’s new. Your new business blog is also a great way to boost your social media profiles, as Knoxweb will make sure that your business blog is optimized so that it can be seen over all of the social media sites that you choose.

When the professional business blog writers from Knoxweb write a post for your business blog it will be posted on all of your social media website profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and other social media sites that help boost your business.

This year take stock in your company and schedule a no obligation consultation with the business blog writers from Knoxville. You will be amazed at how much your online presence will improve just by an informative business blog. Call or click and schedule your business blog consultation with Knoxweb today.

How A Business Blog Can Work for You


Business blogs are great and can do wonders for your company or organization, but just make sure that you stick to business and keep out your personal stuff. A business blog is quite different from a personal blog, and according to Knoxweb can really help you increase your bottom line. In most cases, the audience of your business blog will be much different from the subscribers to your personal blog.

A personal blog is literally your own sacred space on the World Wide Web. A personal blog is used to tell anyone who will listen what you believe in, your ideas, tips, hobbies, recipes, and personal stories that relate to everyday life. A business blog is much the same, as you have your own special place on the internet, but it is used to present your company on the web.

Knoxweb explains that the idea behind a business blog is humanize your business. A business blog shows the world what you are like and will help you engage customers and potential clients.

For both personal and business blogs, you will need to have well thought out ideas before you start pounding on your keyboard. Starting a blog just to follow a trend could land you and your business in hot water. Make sure that you have intent and purpose before you start writing your business blog.

One of the most important things to remember about a business blog is your audience. If you own a restaurant, your business blog should talk about food, any special events coming up in the future, or any new items on your menu. If you own a storefront that sells products on the internet, you will want your business blog to focus on items that you want to sell.

The entire purpose of a business blog is to show your readers that you have a personal touch while engaging your followers at the same time.

Unlike a monologue, you will want your business blog to encourage readers to share and comment on their thoughts and ideas. Besides making your discussion more interactive, it is a way to encourage users to share ideas on what they would like to read about in your business blog.

A business blog attracts a more specialized audience, a niche audience that may be slightly pickier when it comes to the content in your business blog. A business blog needs to be more focused containing useful and valuable content that your readers can learn something from. Although your business blog is a form of advertising, it is important that you are not too promotional. You want to let your audience know the benefits of your products and services without trying to sound too salesy.

When you work with the team of professional business blog writers from Knoxweb everything will be taken into consideration including the content of your business blog that you want your customers and potential clients to know about.

A business blog really can help your business, but unless you have the time to write a bi-weekly, weekly, or even monthly business blog, it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy when it comes to a business blog that will actually work for your business or organization.

If you would like more information regarding a business blog, schedule an appointment with Knoxweb today.

A Mobile Friendly Website is More Crucial than Ever

KnoxwebWhen it comes to the internet, a mobile friendly website is essential, especially if you want your website to be visible in a Google search.

The biggest concern that Google has is consumer usability, and because more people are using their mobile devices to access businesses and organizations, a mobile friendly website is imperative when it comes to making it on the coveted first page of a Google search.

Back in February when Google announced its intentions to reward people who had a mobile friendly website, most people didn’t take much notice. After all, Google had changed its analytics in the past and it really didn’t affect too many people, but when Mobilegeddon became real in April, businesses and organizations that had not implemented a mobile friendly website into their online presence were surprised that their company had dropped a few pages in the rankings.

These days a mobile friendly website is crucial, and if your website still needs to be pinched, scrolled or is impossible to read on a tablet or Smartphone, you need to call the professionals from Knoxweb who can convert your existing website into a mobile friendly website, or build you a new mobile friendly website.

Knoxweb has been around since 1996 and is continually keeping up with the constant changes that seem to be occurring on the World Wide Web. Knoxweb knows how much damage not having a mobile friendly website can do to a company or organization and wants to make sure that the people who visit your website can do so from any device.

When you schedule a no obligation consultation with the professional web design and web development team for a mobile friendly website everything will be discussed to ensure that you get the most mobile friendly website possible. Every organization or business is catered for whether you are a service organization that needs to have a monthly calendar available, or an eatery that needs to post hours and a menu.

Times are certainly changing when it comes to the internet with Google being at the head of the class when it comes to search engines. Other search engines are following suit, but when it comes to a tablet or Smartphone, most people use Google to find what they need. Information sourced on a mobile device can include everything from theater times to the latest mobile apps.

Having a mobile friendly website is more affordable than you think thanks to Knoxweb. Knoxweb prides itself on customer service, and price is all part of the package.

Once your new mobile friendly website is completed, Knoxweb will make sure that you have the tools you need to keep your new mobile friendly website up to date and can even provide you with training when it comes to learning how to add pictures, content or video to your new mobile friendly website.

A mobile friendly website isn’t just a luxury anymore it is a necessity. Call and schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb today for a mobile friendly website that will get results. Call or click today.

These Days a Content Management System is Essential


These days a Content Management System is essential, especially if you want to add images, text, a blog, or any other information to your website. When you have a Content Management System built into your website with the help of Knoxweb, you do not have to depend on your webmaster to make essential changes.

An up to date website is not only good for business, but also good for your online presence. When you add daily or weekly updates to your website, Google pays attention. As long as you have a Mobile Friendly Website that is easy to use with continual updates, you will see a better ranking when it comes to an online search.

Before CMS existed, or a Content Management System, website owners had to rely on static pages that were eventually uploaded from the server to get websites published. Even today, there are companies and organizations living in the dark ages that continue to update their websites this way, which in itself is mind boggling, as there are serious limitations when it comes to uploading content the old-fashioned way.

If you have a website that does not have a Content Management System, schedule an appointment with Knoxweb who can help you make the changes needed to get your website up to date with an easy to use Content Management System.


According to Knoxweb, one of the best things about a Content Management System is the ability to have multiple editors who can add content to your website. Giving your staff the ability to edit the website frees up your time and means that you do not have to depend on your webmaster to add content, pictures, video, or any other information that should have been added yesterday. Multiple editors are the best way to provide limited but focused access to your website when changes need to be made. With a Content Management System, you do not have to worry about opening up your entire website either.

Another advantage of a Content Management System is eliminating the need to create brand new web pages from scratch. With a Content Management System, you can reuse your templates making as many new web pages as you like using the correct functionality and layout on each new page.

When you have Knoxweb design, a Content Management System for your website you can focus on your content by separating the website design from the website content. Your Content Management System allows you and your marketing team to focus on unique and thought provoking content that will drive traffic to your website while improving your Search Engine Optimization. When you remove the technical and design skills from the bigger picture, your website will become much more efficient.

Because of Content Management System templates and other various features that include reusable files, it is easy to make changes that will affect your entire website without having to update each page. With a Content Management System, you can make changes to your logo, your phone number or header image at the same time thanks to a Content Management System.


When you use a good Content Management System provided by Knoxweb, your updates will happen quicker because it is code free and non-technical.

If you would like more information regarding a new Content Management System from Knoxweb, call or click today.

Can Business Blog Writing Hurt Your Bottom Line?


Business blog writing can have a tremendous impact on your business and organization, but according to Knoxweb, writing a business blog incorrectly can actually cause more harm than good.

Business blog writing can certainly do wonders for your business model, but unless it is done the right way, it could hurt your brand.

Knoxweb explains, there are a many marketing strategies that can help you build an audience and market your company without blogging, and while blogging is great for some companies, for others it is not the ideal solution.

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is if business blog writing outweighs the cost. Although business blog writing isn’t that expensive, there are costs involved that include the blog set up and time that it would cost to keep it maintained. Most companies do not have enough staff or a budget to pay for consistent writing that is unique.

The second thing you want to ask yourself when it comes to business blog writing is if you have enough blog ideas to get you through. You may have a few great blog topics that will see you through the year, but what about three years from now.

Now with all of that said, your risk of actually getting it wrong is small, however some people do worry about writing a bad business blog and there just may be an even bigger risk of writing it wrong instead of not writing it at all.


One of the worst things that you do when writing a business blog is saying something that could be damaging to your company or organization. Writing something damaging is even worse than saying it in person because news on the World Wide Web travels fast and unfortunately once it is said on the net, it’s very difficult to get rid of. If you have staff that can sometimes be controversial, or can say things that are not politically correct, keep them away from your business blog. Make sure that you check your business blog writing before you go live for accuracy, legalities, and intellectual property. If pictures are being used, make sure that you use a copyright free website, such as Pixabay, or pay a monthly fee to a website like Shutterstock. It is also advisable that you avoid dark humor or anything that may be perceived as snarky when it comes to business blog writing.

If you do have a business blog, Knoxweb recommends that you respond to comments. If there is some type of issue that has been building because of a previous business blog post and you do not address it, your business will be perceived as being evasive.

Knoxweb recommends that you don’t over prioritize your business blog writing. Remember, your business blog is just one part of your marketing strategy. Never rely on your business blog alone. It’s important that you use it in conjunction with the rest of your marketing tactics.

Unless you are a business blog writing professional who has nothing else to do be careful not to let it distract from your other tasks. Business blog writing may seem like fun, but wasting hour’s blogging can be detrimental to your business.


Never abandon a blog that is becoming popular. Although it may not be as damaging as some would like you to believe, it can still be a mistake, especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of people who have subscribed to your business blog.

Business blog writing is time consuming and best left to the professionals. If you would like more information regarding business blog writing for your company or organization, schedule an appointment with Knoxweb today.

Web Marketing in Knoxville that Works


When you work with Knoxweb for Web Marketing in Knoxville, you can be assured of the best possible results whether you are redesigning your old website to make it more mobile friendly, or want to start from scratch with a completely new design to coincide with your new Web Marketing in Knoxville strategy.

Web Marketing can be difficult, but not when you collaborate with the professional team of web developers and web designers from Knoxweb. Since 1996, Knoxweb has been helping people just like you improve their bottom line with effective Web Marketing in Knoxville.

Web Marketing in Knoxville refers to marketing and advertising on the World Wide Web. Some methods for Web Marketing in Knoxville include social media marketing, email marketing and sales leads from other websites that are linked to your business website.

Before the internet was introduced, most companies relied on direct mail, cold calling, or the yellow pages to drive traffic to their business in order to sell products and services. Although some companies are still living in the dark ages, Knoxweb will tell you that those forms of marketing and advertising no longer work the way they used to.
These days it is imperative that you incorporate a good Web Marketing in Knoxville plan that will help your business grow.

Web Marketing in Knoxville is advertising that is driven by a PC, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone and is a computer driven version of old school, traditional marketing. Web Marketing in Knoxville involves promotion along with a good marketing strategy that will get you noticed in the sea of your competition on the World Wide Web.

Affiliate Web Marketing is used to drive traffic to your website with the use of partners or affiliates using advertising and links. The affiliate web marketer will receive rewards for helping bring users to your website. The usual reward is income that differs from company to company.


Just as the old way of traditional marketing worked to gain interest in the target market, Web Marketing in Knoxville works by attracting customers that you target depending on your products or services.

Web Marketing in Knoxville activities are designed to support and fit your business model. For example, articles and blogs work hand in hand with your social media marketing efforts and Search Engine Optimization. Blogs and articles also work for business and corporate websites who wish to give expert advice on certain subjects to draw attention to their brand.

Other Web Marketing strategies in Knoxville that Knoxweb may incorporate into your overall marketing plan include a customer forum for your e-commerce catalog that enables potential shoppers to read comments and reviews regarding a purchase that a customer may be considering. If a user reads a positive review, he or she will be more inclined to make a purchase.

When it comes to Web Marketing in Knoxville, it is essential that you work with a professional Web Marketing in Knoxville team who is constantly keeping up with the Web Marketing in Knoxville trends.

If you would like to take your business to the next level with Web Marketing strategies that actually work, schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb today. After all, wouldn’t you rather work with a company that has the expertise and experience that you don’t?

Call and schedule your appointment with Knoxweb for Web Marketing in Knoxville today.

Are you considering a Content Management System?


If you have been considering a Content Management System for your business, talk to the professional team of Content Management System experts from Knoxweb.

A Content Management System, or CMS is a product that is professionally installed allowing you to manage your own website from anywhere in the world. With a Content Management System from Knoxweb, you can add pictures, pages and any other details that you would like on your website without having to constantly be in touch with your web master or the company that built your website. With a Content Management System, you do not have to store your information on your computer and upload each time because everything is stored within your Content Management System.

When you have a Content Management System, all you have to do is log in with your unique user name and password if you want to add new content to your website or modify your existing content. With a Content Management System, your website is instantly updated to reflect any changes that you have made.

When Knoxweb sets you up with a Content Management System, you can even schedule blog posts and pages to post ahead of time. If you have a sale coming up or a special event, you can write about it and schedule it to post whenever you like.

There are several advantages of a Content Management System. Not only can you have multiple administrators or editors maintain the content online without getting in the way of each other, but you can also have a separation between the actual web design and the articles. This means that you can put more effort into the without worrying about you or your web master copying each page. A Content Management System will automatically update your links and menus between the pages based on the list that is created by Knoxweb. This prevents breaks on your website if you are renaming your website pages.

Over the past few years, several Content Management Systems have hit the market making it difficult to make the right choice for your particular needs, and that is where Knoxweb comes in.

When you schedule a consultation with Knoxweb for a new Content Management System for your business or organization, the CMS will be based on what your needs are. If you are an entertainment or news website, your Content Management System may be different from an online store or an educational website. It is imperative that you let Knoxweb know what it is that you want your website to do before the team of professionals can select the best Content Management System for you and your company.

Before you meet with Knoxweb for a Content Management System make a list of what you want your website to do now and in the future. When you have a list, the team from Knoxweb can compare it to the list of features on the various Content Management Systems and the third party plug-ins that are also available. In some cases, you may not require a Content Management System.

Knoxweb will design a Content Management System or website that allows for extensibility, and most importantly, growth. It is imperative to have a CMS or website that has the ability to extend and grow as technology changes.

If you would like more information regarding a new or rebuilt Content Management System, or a new website for your business, schedule an appointment with Knoxweb today.

You Can’t Ignore Blog Writing for Business


If you haven’t heard about blog writing, you must be kidding yourself. Blog writing for business is the best way to improve your Search Engine Optimization whether you are a small business, a large company looking for new leads, an organization that wants to spread the word, or an individual who wants to market a new product.

Blog writing for business is used by Knoxweb as a marketing tactic. When you hire Knoxweb for blog writing for business you will improve your online presence.

A blog post is something that is posted on your website to attract attention. Unlike white papers and long form articles, blog writing for business is short form content.

When you incorporate blog writing for business into your website, your posts should be about something that is related to your business. For example, a plumber would post blogs related to plumbing and perhaps tips that would be useful to customers. A restaurant might blog about new menu items, events that are coming up or even their own recipes for sharing. Blog writing for business should always be about matters that relate to whatever it is that your business does.

Your online presence is imperative if you want to be found on the World Wide Web. If you are blog writing for business on a consistent basis, your company will begin to pop up on the search engines, on facebook and other social media sites, and even on other business blogs. Blog writing for business is one of the best ways to get your name out there, and best of all, when you work with Knoxweb, it won’t cost you a fortune.

Blog writing for business is different from a personal blog. Blog writing for business is not a hobby, nor is it the number one source of income for your business. Blog writing for business is just another way to market your products and services much like email marketing, direct mail marketing and social media marketing. Blog writing for business will drive traffic to your website, which in return will increase your bottom line.

According to Knoxweb, blog writing for business is an incredibly valuable marketing tool. If you want your website to attract customers and clients, you will need something that drives traffic to it. Unless someone knows who you are or has a business card, they probably won’t type your business name into the search bar. The best way for someone to find your business and website is with blog writing for business.

Knoxweb explains that the more pages you have on your website, the better chance you will have when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and page ranking. However, throwing up web pages just for the heck of it can actually hurt your chances. Blogging for business is the perfect solution as each time you add a new post to your site, there is a new page, and because it is all listed under your blog; your website will not seem cluttered.

Every time you post a new blog, a new page is created giving you another opportunity to improve your SEO. If you are a cosmetic dentist, blog writing for business will increase your rank when someone types in best cosmetic dentist in any town, USA.

When you incorporate blog writing for business into your marketing scheme and you want to attract your local market, Knoxweb recommends that you add the location into your blog post. That means when someone types in air conditioning repair service Knoxville, your name will start to rank higher. Keep adding more blogs, which means more pages, and you have a very good chance of hitting the top of the search engines without paying for ads.

For more information regarding blog writing for business, schedule a no obligation consultation with the experts from Knoxweb today.

Can Blogging Help Your Business Grow?

Knoxville Internet

If you have been considering adding blogging to your website, schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb who can help you come up with a plan to add clear, unique and concise content to your website.

There are hundreds of articles on the World Wide Web about blogging with some suggesting it is the magic pill when it comes to web traffic, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Blogs have gained a good reputation and can increase your Search Engine Optimization ranking, but it is imperative that you and your company understand why a blog can help, what it actually does and why, when not optimized properly, could actually hurt your business or organization.

Most people ask Knoxweb what a blog is, well to put it simply, a blog is a collection of articles that appear on your website in order. That means that the newest blogs will show up first. When it comes to blogging the key phrase is, “Nothing more than a collection of articles.”

Blogs are not some magical potion that will put you at the top of the search engine lists. Blogs need to be informative, unique, and clear so that people searching for products and services want to actually read what you have to say.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is complicated, and with that being said, there are two things that can happen when it comes to blogging. Knoxweb explains that other SEO companies will tell you that blogging helps with Search Engine Optimization because it is a million times easier than telling companies and organizations why it actually does.

Blogs should be updated on a regular basis, but unfortunately most small businesses do not have the resources to hire a full time blogger nor do they have the time to blog themselves.

Regular blogs will give Google and the other search engines more content. That content needs to be indexed meaning that your company or organization will show up when people are searching for your particular product or service. Just like fishing, the wider the net, the more prospects you will catch.

Although there are plenty of Content Management Systems out there, most businesses use WordPress when it comes to blogging because it does things behind the scenes that will help your SEO.

Most people do not understand Search Engine Optimization, but Knoxweb does. Knoxweb is always on the forefront of changes to algorithms, especially when it comes to blogging and can help you set up a WordPress site that will attract more clients and potential customers.

The WordPress experts from Knoxweb will adjust your Meta tags including the title, description, and keywords in your blog. Knoxweb can also add links to other pages on your website making it easy for clients and customers to purchase your products and services. WordPress also has plug-ins that Knoxweb can add to your site to improve its functionality.

Now for the reality check. If you want to add a blog to your website, you must understand that it will not magically make you the most popular business or organization in your location, but when done right, it can help you increase your customer base.

Blogging really can help your business, but only if it is handled correctly. Contact the professional team from Knoxweb today to find out if blogging is right for your business.