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How Your Business Can Benefit the Most by Posting Shareable Facebook Content

First off, if you’re going to get any sort of return on your investment posting, shareable content must be a huge part of your marketing strategy.

The benefits of shareable content should be easy to access. By motivating your Facebook audience to share your content more people are going to know about your business. This engagement will almost always create a significant amount of traffic – this is what every business owner needs. After all, it costs you nothing and the social value it produces is substantial. Furthermore, the benefit will be even more meaningful if the message reaches your targeted audience.

Doing this right could also trigger a snowball effect, making your content go viral. This result is the ideal goal you want for your business. However, there is no foolproof formula on how to go viral on Facebook; it really comes down to the type of content being posted – certain types have higher chances of fame than others.

It’s important to understand why people are inclined to share certain content to begin with.

Why do People Share Content?

There are quite a few reasons, such as:

  • Education
  • Influence
  • To help others
  • Personal identity
  • To connect with people
  • Feelings of participation
  • Support

What Type of Content Goes Viral on Facebook?

We’ve established reasons why people share content online, now let’s look at what types of content are most appropriate for sparking a desired response (how to make your posts go viral).

Content that Gives

The giving should be special offers, discounts, limited-time sales or contests. As long as there is a benefit, they will happily share it with their friends. This sharing is especially true in the case of giveaways with progressive rewards.

Content that Advises

If you can provide helpful material that gives good advice, you’re onto a winner. Think about solving a problem, achieving something, or overcoming an obstacle. However, it does need to be related to your business to make an impact on your revenue.

Content that Warns

If there is any impending danger of any sorts, people will be highly motivated to share it to inform their friends.

Content that Entertains

Entertainment is a surefire way to success, especially if it clicks with a broad user profile. Funny anecdotes, pictures, and quotes are a great way to entertain your audience. The only thing to look out for is that the humor is not too offensive to a specific group of people since you don’t want to offend your followers.

Content that Motivates

Inspirational quotes and stories get people moving towards a particular goal in their lives, and carefully picked inspirational material can go a long way towards getting lots of shares.

Content that Amazes

Come up with amazing photos – it’s a great move. Fact listing is also excellent, as long as you keep it relevant.

Content that Unites

People are naturally inclined to form groups based on personal, religious, or other types of values and beliefs. That way, they feel like they belong to a group, which allows them to reinforce their standpoint.

But How Does Facebook Measure Engagement?

Facebook measures user engagement regarding shares, views, likes, clicks, reactions, number of people reached, so on and so forth. With the help of these metrics, Facebook can easily determine which types of content the users consider to be the most interesting.

User engagement is essential since it has a direct effect on how many people will see your photos. In other words, your reach depends on the user engagement of the content you post. In the end, a high user engagement on Facebook shows that you have a quality audience and that you tend to share content that matches their interests.

How to Come Up with Ideas

Getting ideas is much more comfortable than what you may be thinking; try this:

Follow the Facebook pages of your competitors, observe what works and replace it.

That’s it! Get an idea for what works and make it your own. Come up with quality content and link relevant pieces of content you found online. If the material meets the criteria outlined above and you believe it is something your audience would enjoy, just go with it.

Ask Others to Share Your Content

If you’re promoting a good cause there is no shame in asking for shares. In fact, people will be glad to oblige if showing your content is deemed as a good deed – it will also portray whoever shares it in a good light. Remember that most people who share content want the content to be helpful to the recipient.

By reading this blog, you’ve learned the most important reasons why people share Facebook content as well as the most shareable elements. Using this knowledge can increase your user engagement, promote your business, and increase sales. With this information, you’re in a better position to master Facebook and grow your business.